Assistant Police Commissioner Marco Vidal Hospitalized

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Assistant Police Commissioner Marco Vidal Hospitalized - 07/08/20 11:03 AM

[Linked Image]There is a report that Assistant Commissioner of Police, Marco Vidal, is being hospitalized at a private hospital in Belize City after preliminary reports indicate he experienced breathing difficulties and "stroke-like" symptoms.

The Head of Operations is said to have experienced the health difficulties after a late evening Police press conference on Tuesday, during which he and Police Commissioner, Chester Williams informed the nation of a State of Emergency imposed on the south side of Belize City. Vidal's laboured breathing was audible during today’s Press Conference. He rolled out the Southside State of Emergency at 3am this morning and had been in operations mode since then.

ACP Vidal, who has undergone advance tactical training abroad and who was once in charge of the Gang Suppression Unit, led a city-wide raid that began at pre-dawn hours on Monday as part of the State of Emergency that involved the rounding up of some 99 of Belize City's gang affiliates who were later whisked off to the Belize Central Prison for 30 days as part of the Police Department's crime prevention strategy following a spate of street violence.

We will have an update on Vidal's condition as the information becomes available.

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Re: Assistant Police Commissioner Marco Vidal Hospitalized - 07/09/20 10:20 AM

ACP Vidal Recovering From Stroke

Assistant Commissioner of Police, and head of police operations, Marco Vidal is in the hospital showing signs of improvement after having a serious stroke last night.

If you saw him at yesterday's Southside State of Emergency press conference you would have observed that his breathing was laboured, and his speech appeared slurred. Here's a clip:

As you heard, his breathing was laboured, and he appeared short of breath.

Well, right after that press conference, we're told Vidal's speech continued to be slurred and Commissioner Williams himself took him to Belize Medical Associates.

Commissioner Williams told us that when he was admitted, his blood pressure was very high, and he was diagnosed as suffering a significant stroke which caused bleeding in his brain.

He was urgently medicated and reports say that since then, he has shown signs of improvement and can move all his limbs, though - we are told - his speech remains somewhat slurred. Reports suggest that he is expected to make a recovery. We note that Vidal has reportedly suffered mild strokes before.

Vidal led yesterday morning's pre dawn raids across the city, and worked right through until evening when he was taken to the hospital.

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Re: Assistant Police Commissioner Marco Vidal Hospitalized - 07/10/20 11:04 AM

COMPOL Says ACP Vidal Showing Encouraging Signs After Stroke

And, the man that mother might want to blame was the police department's "tip of the spear" on this pre dawn operation. That's the operation's commander Assistant Commissioner Marco Vidal. He led the operation at 3:00 in the morning but by 6:00 in the evening, he was hospitalised with a serious stroke and a brain bleed. The 50 year old Vidal was audibly slurred when he spoke at a press conference on Tuesday evening, and the Commissioner himself took the senior cop to the hospital immediately after.

We got an update from COMPOL Williams today:

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police

"Mr. Vidal is a very determined individual. I'm sure that he's going to come back and he's going to be well and be able to function as a police officer. I was with him this morning and he's in very good spirit, he's walking around. In our briefing with the doctor yesterday, the doctor said that his condition has improved significantly and so, he's well on his way to recovery. In the meantime, I am going to oversee operations and I also have Mr. Broaster who is the national head of operations, so it will be between myself and Mr. Broaster in the interim and then we see how long Mr. Vidal is going to be off for. It is going to be for an extended period, then I might well look at finding someone to put there temporarily until he returns."

Vidal has reportedly had a mild stroke before.

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Re: Assistant Police Commissioner Marco Vidal Hospitalized - 07/15/20 07:04 PM

Assistant Commissioner of Police Marco Vidal has been released from the hospital and is at his home in Belmopan recovering from a hemorrhagic stroke which he suffered last Tuesday evening.

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