Retiree robbed and injured during a home invasion in San Pedro

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Retiree robbed and injured during a home invasion in San Pedro - 08/05/20 10:27 AM

Investigations continue into an aggravated burglary that reportedly occurred on Saturday, August 1st, in the San Pablo area of San Pedro Town. Police visited the residence of U.S. National, retired 75-year-old John Wallace, who was observed with a bloody face and body. He told police he was held up by an armed Hispanic male person who stole over $4,000 BZ that he had in his house.

According to the victimís report, around 2:30 PM on Saturday, while sitting on a chair inside his house in San Pablo, with his front door open, a male person of Hispanic descent showed up with what appeared to be a 9mm pistol. Wallace described the person tall, about 6 feet in height, slim build, wearing a grey T-shirt, black pants, black shoes, grey mask, and a white T-shirt tied over his head. He entered his house demanding money. Inside the house, the assailant took a knife from the kitchen, and a struggle ensued between him and Wallace. Wallace sustained small cut wounds to the left little finger and left ring finger; the culprit proceeded to kick him twice to his body and head, causing Wallace to fall to the floor.

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Re: Retiree robbed and injured during a home invasion in San Pedro - 08/05/20 10:47 AM

Aggravated Assault on San Pedro

San Pedro police are currently investigating a home invasion that occurred in the San Pablo area of the island. An armed thief broke into the home of a 75-year-old American retiree, assaulted him, and robbed him several thousand dollar cash, which was being stored in a safe.

At around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Johan Wallace, a retired US soldier, was sitting inside his home with his front door opened when a masked gunman barged in.

The deputy head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch shared more details about the aggravated burglary during yesterday's press conference. Here's what he had to say:

Island cops they believe the attacker was tracking the retirees visits to the Western Union office.

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