Faber says Tablets Coming, Perhaps After His Term In Office

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Faber says Tablets Coming, Perhaps After His Term In Office - 10/08/20 10:22 AM

Minister of Education Patrick Faber says he's doing everything in his power to procure the long-awaited and very necessary electronic devices vital to distance learning.

This morning he reiterated that the devices, which remain in high demand worldwide, will be arriving in batches.

Hon. Patrick Faber, UDP Leader-Elect
"I took the time to ensure that all things are being dealt with. That naturally has caused us to slow the process in a way and so now we are just at the point where we will procure the devices. It is my hope that the devices will start arriving very soon as they arrive in batches we will distribute to the students in our secondary schools across the country. Let me assure Belizeans that there is no kind of coincide with our election of course but it will not be distributed by politicians. It will not be distributed politically. In fact as I've said to my colleagues in the opposition that these tablets will be distributed as per the results of 2 surveys that were done, not by the ministry of education, at the ministry's request, but via the schools to ask students about the availability of the devices to them."

Faber says the tablets will arrive in 2 - 6 weeks.

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