Two Clerks Charged for Misappropriating $35K in G.O.B. Funds

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Two Clerks Charged for Misappropriating $35K in G.O.B. Funds - 01/19/21 11:55 AM

Two former employees of the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Transformation were slapped with fifteen charges of theft for reportedly misappropriating more than thirty-five thousand dollars from government funds. Clerks Emany Sanchez and Steve Murray Junior were both arrested and charged over the weekend.  ACP Joseph Myvett says that the investigation continues into the ministry where it’s likely that others may face charges. Myvett tells us how the two employees managed to embezzle thousands of dollars.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

“Over the weekend, police arrested and charged two persons, twenty-nine-year-old clerk Emany Sanchez and thirty-nine-year-old second class clerk Steve Murray both formerly of the Ministry of Labour and Local Government. This is as a result of an ongoing investigation and audit that is conducted on the Labour Department where those persons were found to have misappropriated somewhere in the vicinity thirty-five thousand six hundred Belize dollars during several transactions. Apparently those transactions were that those monies were designated for other persons including works done and those monies were transferred to the accounts of different persons. It is still an ongoing investigation and we expect that others will be charged.”

Andrea Polanco

“Are you able to say from what time period or between what time periods those monies were misappropriated?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“It was between June 2019 to July 2020.”


“Sir, whose signature would appear on the purchase orders?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“One was a first class clerk and the other was a second class clerk so they would both submit these documents and their signature would be on it for the CEO or someone else to have approved.”

Andrea Polanco

“Sir, did they get direct access to that cash or did that go through some bank transaction?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“It was diverted through the smart stream system to their personal account.”

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