Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro

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Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/28/21 03:57 PM

[Linked Image]The Police Department is today reeling from the murder of Superintendent Henry Jemmott who was executed just after 2:00 this morning on Ambergris Caye.

Reports are that Jemmoth received a single gunshot wound to his head and his body was found on the beach. Sources say that there might have been a witness to the crime and that a woman has been taken into police custody for questioning.

Superintendent Jemmoth was the former officer commanding the island before he was moved to San Ignacio and then to Belize City.

We are actively seeking further details on this incident.

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This Morning, at approximately 2am, the lifeless body of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmot was found by a dock in San Pedro. He had apparently suffered a gunshot wound to the head. One female has been detained. Details are sketchy at this point however we will keep you posted as information becomes available. We will post on our Facebook page. Listen for live updates throughout the day on reef Radio 92.3FM

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/28/21 06:19 PM

Jasmine Aschroft Detained

Jasmine Ashcroft is detained for questioning in connection with death of Supt Henry Jemmott.

Of the death: "It seems rather personal and not an attack on police"

"Jemmott had personal issues and he needed time off to address those issues. They were alone on the pier"

The Compol also indicated that Jemmott was killed with his own service weapon.

Channel 7


*Person of interest in the death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott identified as Jasmine Hartin Ashcroft*

In a live press conference Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams disclosed the identity of the person currently being held for questioning in reference to the death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott to be island businesswoman, Jasmine Hartin Ashcroft. According to reports, Jemmott was found with a single gunshot wound to the head on the beach south of San Pedro Town. ComPol Williams also confirmed that Jemmott was in San Pedro from earlier this week after requesting personal leave. Police are investigating all angles in this case. ComPol Williams also stated that Hartin Ashcroft was not initially cooperating and requested the presence of her lawyers before she would speak to the police.

In honor of his service, the San Pedro Police Department has flown the Belize Police Department flag at half-mast. This is a developing story and The San Pedro will have more information as it becomes available.

San Pedro Sun

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/28/21 10:17 PM

Jasmine Ashcroft has been detained for questioning in connection to the shooting death of Supt. of Police Henry Jemmott.

Police Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed that since her detention last night Ashcroft has refused to cooperate with the investigation and has requested that she needed to communicate with her team of lawyers before engaging with the police. Williams said that this has raised some "red flags," but that since it is her right Ashcroft has been granted her request.

Williams told the media that just after 12:30 a.m Jemmott and Ashcroft were socializing on a pier on the island when a single gunshot was heard. That shot alerted a security guard who rushed to the area and found Ashcroft fully clothed and pacing on the pier with bloodstains on her clothing and hands. The security guard quickly informed the police who proceeded to the area and found Jemmott's body floating in the sea nearby with a single gunshot wound behind his right ear. Jemmott was taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Williams described the relationship between Ashcroft and the deceased as friends and confirmed that they appeared to have been alone on the pier when the incident occurred.

Jemmott's service-issued revolver which was found on the scene was taken in as evidence. A medical professional has been called in to determine the proximity and trajectory of the bullets to determine if it was a self-inflicted wound or if the bullet was fired by someone else.

Williams said that earlier this week Jemmott had requested time off from his job due to personal reasons.

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Jasmine Ashcroft Detained Pending Investigation In Henry Jemmott Shooting

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams has confirmed that Jasmine Ashcroft, a San Pedro resident and daughter-in-law of Michael Ashcroft, has been detained pending the investigation into the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

Williams confirmed that Jemmott and Ashcroft were reportedly socializing on the dock near the beach when he was shot dead. Williams says that contrary to myriad comments on social media, police do not believe law enforcement personnel are under attack and rather, the situation seems to have been an isolated personal situation.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the Ambergris Today


Jasmine and Jemmoth were the Only Ones on the Pier

The commissioner of police confirmed that superintendent Jemmoth and Jasmine Hartin were socializing at 12:30 this morning, against curfew regulations on a pier when he was fatally shot in the head with his service weapon. His body was retrieved from the waters right next to the pier. Jasmine Hartin is the partner of Andrew Ashcroft, the son of Lord Michael Ashcroft, and the principle behind the recently opened Alaia resort.

Jasmine Hartin remains in police custody where the commissioner says she is not cooperating and has requested the presence of counsel. This morning, Ashcroft Alliance attorney, Godfrey Smith, was seen at the police station. Police are currently treating the matter as a death investigation.

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/29/21 01:01 AM

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Superintendent Henry Jemmott fatally shot in San Pedro Town; island businesswoman detained for questioning

As of press time, Hartin has not been charged with a crime but remains in police custody. ComPol Williams gave details of the happenings leading to Jemmott’s demise. According to the official report, just after 12:30AM, Jemmott and Hartin were socializing on a pier in San Pedro Town when a single gunshot was heard. A security guard from a nearby resort rushed to the dock and observed Hartin on the dock. ComPol said that Hartin appeared to have blood on her arms and clothing after the security guard called the police. A gun was retrieved from the pier, which police confirmed was Jemmott’s issued service weapon. Jemmott’s lifeless body was observed floating in the sea near the pier and later retrieved. According to ComPol, he had an apparent gunshot wound behind his right ear. The body was taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A post-mortem has been scheduled, and results are expected to shed light on the mystery of the incident. ComPol said the examination would reveal the proximity and trajectory to determine the distance from where the shot was fired. This will tell investigators if Jemmott could have shot himself or if someone in his proximity caused the fatal injury. ComPol said that the senior police officer was on time off on the island to solve some personal issues. “I was not aware he was out on San Pedro until I got the call last night that he had died,” said Williams. “It’s a sad situation, and it is something that we as a department will have to find a way to deal with and will as best as we can,” ComPol said. “The police have spoken to several persons living near the area of the incident and will use such information in their investigation.” Williams described the relationship between Hartin and Jemmott as friends, but the reason why they were together out after curfew is still unknown. ComPol added that if the evidence shows that Hartin caused his death, police will follow such evidence.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/29/21 01:02 AM

Video from Channel 5:
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/29/21 10:25 AM

Senior Cop Killed, Family Says Homicide; Ashcroft's Daughter In Law Detained

He was one of the best known cops in Belize, but tonight 42-year-old Superintendent of Police Henry Jemmott is dead. He was fatally shot with his own gun last night on a San Pedro pier; and the news at this hour is that - according to the family - a post mortem has confirmed the headshot was he result of a homicide - not an accident, not a suicide.

The only suspect remains in custody at his hour at the San Pedro police station: she is Jasmine Hartin, the common law wife of Andrew Ashcroft and the daughter-in-law of lord Micheal Ashcroft.

Reports tonight are that Hartin was found on that pier splattered in the officer's blood and that she suggested to first responders that the bullett might have come from a passing boat.

Indeed, it's a mystery for which the intrigue is escalating tonight.

Police are just at the start of their investigation with details of this shocking incident still emerging. I flew to San Pedro this morning to find out more.

I'm standing in front of the Mata Rocks hotel pier, just south of downtown San Pedro and adjacent to the newly opened Alaia resort. It was here this morning just after 1:00, during curfew hours, that superintendent Henry Jemmott was fatally shot, reportedly with his own weapon. A woman who has one of the most prominent names on the island is at the police station where she is being questioned about this shooting death.

And while we got no glimpse of her this morning we did spot her attorney Godfrey Smith, he hailed a taxi to the station door to avoid our cameras.

And by mid-day the commissioner of police that the prominent socialite in question and Smith's client was none other than Mrs. Jasmine Hartin Ashcroft. The daughter in-law of the Lord Michael Ashcroft, the billionaire businessman whose dealings have largely shaped Belize's post independence history.

The question now is how we got here, a prominent, well known and well loved police officer, father of five, and man in a committed relationship socializing after curfew hours with a woman who also had a partner, Andrew Ashcroft with whom she has two children.

And then that officer winding up dead under circumstances both mysterious and violent.

We know that Jemmott had asked for time off to address some personal issues and since dead men tell no tales it will now be difficult to ascertain how deep those issues went and whether they had anything at all to do with Jasmin Hartin

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"Currently we have Ms. Jasmine Ashcroft in custody and she is being investigated in respect to the shooting death of Mr. Jemmott. It seems rather personal and not an attack. From what we know is that they are friends. From what we have been made to understand they were drinking. From investigation they were alone on the pier and yes they were both fully clothed. We have to look at the investigation with an open mind, but so far we have not had any indication to suggest that there was any third actor. From what I gathered, from a statement I read, the first person who arrived on the scene after the incident occurred have said that she was somewhat in a emotional state walking herself on the pier. We believe that she is to some extent affected by it. When she was detained last night she was not cooperating. She have requested that she needed to have her attorney present in order for her to say what she needs to say and it a part of her rights by virtue of the constitution, but again, that raises some red flag. The situation is such that it do requires an explanation from her. In the absence of an explanation then she would have to be treated as the killer and we will proceed accordingly. If we get an explanation from her we might then be forced to send the matter to the DPP for her decision on it, so we will see how we go from there."

But ahead of all that, the noble cop will have to be buried and this morning, it was his older sister Marie who took up the unfortunate task of being his body back to the mainland.

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Sister of the deceased
"They only know that he got shot, there was a female there and he was found in the water, that's all the family knows so far."

Jules Vasquez:
"Did you know anything of his relationship with Jasmine Hartin?"

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Sister of the deceased
"No, no relationship at all. I did not know about that person, but I know if the family would call him out, definitely he would come out for issues or something like that, so, I don't know what happened?"

Jules Vasquez:
"One of the things they must look at was that it may have been a self-inflicted injury, right? That's one of the things investigators say they must look at. It was his weapon, he may have shot himself in the head. When you hear that, what is your reaction?"

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Sister of the deceased
"I would say bull my brother would never kill himself. My brother had a passion for life, he look forward for his children, his 5 children and his finance and me and the other family members."

Jules Vasquez:
"Do you think he may have been accidentally shot?"

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Sister of the deceased
"Well, I cannot say that, I will leave that to the investigators and I ask that God open their hearts and minds as they do this investigation, so that the truth may fall in place. What happened, we don't know, I don't know. So we are depending on the police investigation to set the record straight for us. I believe he was killed."

Jules Vasquez:
"You don't believe it was accidental, you don't believe it was self-inflicted."

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Sister of the deceased
"I believe he was killed. The investigation can tell me otherwise, but I believe he was killed. He was already in his room when we spoke. Why was he out there, why was he - I don't know."

And while the family may believe that Jemmott was killed many are already voicing the opinion that , given the circumstances and the prominent family at the center of things, nothing will come of this investigation:

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"I can emphatically state that I have not received any call or calls from anybody above me, directing that we deal with the matter in one way or the other. As the commissioner it is my duty to brief the prime minister and to brief my minister. I briefed both of them this morning on the matter and both of them said that we must investigate the matter and the chips may fall where they may. While I don't need the political director to tell me how to do my job, I am comforted to know that both the prime minister and our minister support the fact that we must investigate the death of our fallen brother and if anyone is responsible that that person be dealt with to the strictest extent of the law to ensure that justice is served at the end."

Still, Jemmott's actual family, as well as his police department family, can only hope that the cop, who today was honored, with a flag at half-mast will get what he managed to give to so many families during his career on the force: a passionate commitment to justice:

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Sister of the deceased
"A loving brother, son, and father. He had passion for whatever he do. He is a true friend. No matter what he was going through on his job, with his family or whatever, he had that ability to still have a humor and smile."

Notably, the Ashcroft Alliance has made it known that Andrew Ashcroft and Jasmine are not married. Her name is Jasmine Hartin. That is indeed the case, but the Marriott website says, "along with her husband Andrew Ashcroft Jasmin has played an integral role in shaping the vision for Alaia Belize from the very beginning." She is the mother of his two children.

She remains in custody tonight and will probably be locked up for the weekend. She is still not volunteering any information to the police. Reliable reports say she is suggesting that the shot which hit Jemmoth behind the ear may have been fired from a passing boat.

Jemmott Had Called It A Night

His family does not buy that - and his sister says she believes that after he had called it a night - he was lured to the pier. Here's what she told us about her call with him at 10:00 last night:

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Sister of the deceased
"Even last night, the last time I spoke to him was 10pm and I told him to don't go out and he said no I am not going anywhere because I am tired, I just from fishing with Mr. Pani and so I am going to sleep. So when I got the news, I thought it was in the hotel."

Jules Vasquez
"Do you know where he was staying and was he socializing last night?"

Marie Jemmott Tzul
"When he spoke to me, he was in his hotel room."

Jules Vasquez
"Which hotel?"

Marie Jemmott Tzul
"Really I do not remember the hotel at this point and I don't want to say anything that is untrue."

Jules Vasquez
"I know he went fishing yesterday, but what else has been doing later that evening?"

Marie Jemmott Tzul
"He was socializing I think with Mr. Pani and some other friend. I think he mentioned a name Pacheco or Patch or something like that, so they were drinking and having a good time. My brother loved life, he loved life. He had passion for his work. He did his work with integrity and that's the way he loved his family as well. My brother loved people, he would have a barbeque at home and sending the pictures or posting them up and invite friends and stuff like that - that's my brother."

The post mortem his sister shared with us this evening says Jemmoth died of a massive brain haemorrhage due to gunshot wounds to the head." She says the doctor concluded it was homicide. We await word from police.

A Policeman With Passion - They Called Him "King"

But what we have heard the Commissioner say, is that he is determined to get justice for the outstanding, career officer. But, Superintendent Jemmott was no pushover, even the COMPOL freely admits that many times Jemmott challenged him - and that's the passion his sister spoke about. He said he is saddened greatly at the loss of the man who his friends called "King":

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"It is extremely sad for all of us. Personally, I knew Mr. Jemmott, I know him well. There are times that we do not see eye to eye on certain issues, we clashed at times, but at the end of the day we both have the best interest of this department at heart. As a leader I am not the type who, contrary to what my friend Jules might say that people must be yes sir, to me. I like challenges, because challenges do make you better as a leader and Mr. Jemmott was one of those persons who really and truly at times challenge me. But despite that, we have maintained very cordial respect for each other and I have always admired his style of work and that was the reason why I had put him in Belize City. As a matter of fact when I transferred him to Belize City I said to me, because he had gone before the interview board last year and we had passed the interview to promoted to senior superintendent and so I said to him if you go to Belize City and you do well I will ensure your promotion to senior superintendent and so it was something that we was looking forward to, but that comes to an end."

A release from the police department says, quote,

"You have left us suddenly, King, but your dedication to the Government of Belize, the Belize Police Department, and the people of Belize will never be forgotten...sleep on OFFICER for we will all meet again one day."

Can Armada Of Alliance Attorneys Rattle The Police?

But for Jemmott to truly sleep in peace, the department he dedicated his life's work to must ensure that they get to the bottom of what actually happened this morning on that pier.

And, with the scale of the personalities involved - and the family background of the only suspect, questions about extraneous pressures being brought to bear on the police naturally arise.

The question is, will, or can strings be pulled to make this all go away? Or can the usual armada of Ashcroft Alliance attorneys create a legal minefield for public prosecutors to get through? Here's what the COMPOL had to say about that:

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"There is no such thing as legal pressure you know. Some people have a misconception that attorneys can tell the police what to do or how to do their work. That's not the case. Attorneys represent you either before arrest or after arrest at court. The police duty is to ensure that we afford the accused person an opportunity to consul and as long as we do that the attorneys cannot tell us where to detain someone, not to put someone here, not to do this, or not to do that. The attorney can advise his/her client not to cooperate with the investigation. At the end of the day 2 person on a pier, one dead. If you have nothing to say then we will know what to do."

COMPOL On Jasmine and Lord Ashcroft’s Gym

And, of course, the other issue that may raise some eyebrows is Lord Ashcroft's friendship with the police department and the Commissioner specifically.

He recently proved to be a generous patron of the police with the donation of a fully equipped gym back in December.

Commissioner Williams stressed that Lord Ashcroft is not the one in custody:

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"It was Mr. Ashcroft who donated a gym to us not Jasmine I have absolutely no regret entering into that agreement with Mr. Ashcroft for that gym because I believe that it was something that the police really needed and he was generous enough to offer us the opportunity to get a gym. Mr. Ashcroft has done nothing wrong. The police are not investigating him, his daughter-in-law is a separate entity than he is and so there should be absolutely no reason why the police should be hesitant to do a proper investigation and as a matter a fact, even if it were that we had to investigate Mr. Ashcroft after he had given us a gym it's our duty by law to do so and we would still do the investigation."

So, to wrap up: police continue with an investigation into what surely is the crime of the young decade: a respected senior officer dead, and the only suspect is the daughter in law of the richest man in the land. Again, it is expected that Jasmin Hartin will be held at the San Pedro police station through the weekend - while police continue to gather evidence. We will continue following the case very closely - and you can find regular weekend updates on our facebook page.

Channel 7

Senior Police Officer Fatally Shot in San Pedro

All of Belize was abuzz today at the news a well known top cop had been found dead in San Pedro. News Five’s Duane Moody was sent to the scene early today and Andrea Polanco attended the briefing at Headquarters in Belmopan as police take on the duty of investigating the death of one of their own.

Duane Moody [Stand Up]

“He was once the coastal executive officer of the Belize Police Department stationed here at the San Pedro Police Station on Ambergris Caye. But in the wee hours of today, Superintendent Henry Jemmott was fatally shot to the head while socialising in front of a beach resort south of the town.”

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“Mister Jemmott and a female, one Jasmine, were socialising on a pier somewhere in San Pedro; this was after 12:30 a.m. thereabouts, which would be during curfew time when one single gunshot was heard. Upon investigating, police found the female on a pier and she had what appeared to be blood on her arms and on her clothing.  And inside the waters, right near the pier, police recovered the lifeless body of Mister Jemmoth, with one apparent gunshot wound behind the right ear.”

The news of Jemmott’s demise sent shockwaves across the island as well as within the police department. The Superintendent of Police was recently posted in Belize City and had asked for some time off to deal with personal issues.

Chester Williams

“Mister Jemmott had worked in various aspects of policing and was recently the officer commanding San Ignacio Police Formation. And in May of this year, he was transferred to Belize City to take over command of precinct two.  Mister Jemmott had some personal issues and he had requested time off from Mister Rosado to address those issues. I myself was not aware that he was out on San Pedro until I got the call last night that he had died.”

An intense investigation is being carried out by the department as today, CIB Commander for the Eastern Division, Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, was on the island today leading the investigation. The sister of the deceased flew out to San Pedro today, anxiously awaiting answers. Jemmoth’s service weapon was recovered from the scene.

Chester Williams

“Doctor Estradabran will be conducting an inspection as well as a post-mortem on the body today and that inspection/post-mortem should tell us a lot in terms of proximity and trajectory which will assist investigators in determining the distance from which the shot was fired as well as whether or not Mister Jemmott could have caused his own injury or it was caused by someone in his close proximity. I know that some people on social media are saying that we need to be more drastic because there is an attack on law enforcement personnel, but may I say that from our investigation so far, it seems rather personal and not an attack on law enforcement. Our investigation in respect to that matter will continue and we are going to see where the evidence is going to lead us.”

Andrea Polanco

“Have you been able to determine if they are friends, they’re associates, their business partners?”

Chester Williams

“From what we know is that they are friends.”

Andrea Polanco

“Are investigators following his movements in those days leading up to his death last night?”

Chester Williams

“Well I think that one thing we have found out is that he had gone fishing. I think it was on Wednesday. He spoke to one of his squad brothers, Mister Rivero, and according to Mister Rivero, Jemmott was boasting about his fishing trip and the fishes that he caught. So it is evident that he might have gone out at sea fishing on Wednesday.”

San Pedro Mayor Wally Nunez told News Five that he knew Jemmott well.

Wally Nunez, Mayor, San Pedro

“It is very unfortunate; our island suffers from news like that because we depend on the tourists and it is very unfortunate to hear the news this morning. I personally knew Mister Jemmott when he was officer in charge here on the island; I was a councillor back then in 2012. He was a very good friend of mine and so this news really shocked me this morning. The San Pedro Town Council is offering the full support to the Police Department further the investigation. We don’t know exactly what transpired and we are hoping to get to the bottom of this.”

One person, a woman who is well-known on the island, is in police custody pending the outcome of the investigation.

Chester Williams

“She is being investigated in respect to the shooting death of Mister Jemmott.  I think that her attorneys are out on the island and should be meeting with her and we will see from there if we get any cooperation from her.  Someone is responsible for his death; we owe it to him to ensure that we investigate properly and bring that person or those persons to justice. I can emphatically state that I have not received any calls from anybody above me directing that we deal with the matter in one way or the other. As the commissioner, it is my duty to brief the Prime Minister and my minister. I briefed both of them this morning on the matter and both of them said that we must investigate this matter and the chips may fall where they may.”

Andrea Polanco

“Sir, have authorities considered accidental?”

Chester Williams

“That’s an avenue we are also looking at. We have to look at every possibility.”

Duane Moody for News Five.

The commissioner confirmed that the firearm used was Lemmott’s service weapon.

Channel 5

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/30/21 10:20 AM

Jasmine Hartin remains in police custody after senior cop is killed

Well-known island businesswoman Jasmine Hartin, partner of entrepreneur/developer Andrew Ashcroft, remains in police custody following the fatal shooting death of Superintendent of Police Henry Jemmott. 42-year-old Jemmott was apparently shot in the head with his own gun while socializing with Hartin.

Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams said at a press briefing that Hartin was not cooperating and requested her attorney before speaking. According to ComPol, Hartin must provide an explanation; failing to do so means she has to be “treated as the killer.” Williams added that police might have to send the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions for further instructions depending on Hartin’s level of cooperation. The report shared in the briefing also indicated no explanation as to why they were on the pier so late despite the 10PM COVID-19 curfew. ComPol also made clear that there will be no special treatment of Hartin, given her relationship with the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft. She has two children with Andrew, the Lord’s youngest son.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/30/21 09:43 PM


San Pedro Police has reportedly released and re-detained Jasmine Hartin-the prime suspect in the shooting death of Supt. Henry Jemmott. Hartin was apparently released and re-arrested sometime last night as police were obligated to after 48 hours. Police now have an additional 48 hours to continue investigating and either lay charges or release her.


According to reliable information, the investigation into the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott is wrapping up and charges are expected to be levied soon. The prime suspect, Jasmine Hartin, is said to be cooperating. Hartin will also be charged for possession of cocaine and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow at the San Pedro Magistrate Court.

San Pedro Sun
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/31/21 10:24 AM

Accused: "Jemmott Shooting Death Was Accidental"

Jasmine Hartin is expected to be charged tomorrow in San Pedro Magistrate’s court. Sources suggest she will be charged for manslaughter in what she has characterized as the accidental shooting of Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

Reliable sources say she describes giving the Superintendent a shoulder massage on the Mata Rocks pier when he asked her to hand him his service Glock pistol. In handing it to him, her account is that it accidentally went off and shot him in the back of the head. At that point he fell on her, and in struggling to get out from under him, she pushed him off, and his lifeless body fell from the pier into the water. Sources say a security guard who was the first to respond saw when he fell into the water, and when he got onto the pier he found her pacing back and forth with blood splattered all over her clothing.

The Commissioner described her at that time as being: "In an emotional state." while others have said that she was disorientated.

Hartin is about to finish 72 hours in custody and according to reports has now cooperated with police in giving a statement. We expect that she will be arraigned tomorrow.


DPP Will Decide.
Latest information to 7News is that, the investigation file examining the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott has been passed on to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl Lynn Vidal. She will now decide what charge will be brought against Jasmine Hartin for his death. Reports say Hartin has told police in a statement that it was an accidental shooting.

Social media followers point out that Hartin may have been experienced in firearms as evidenced by this picture taken 9 years ago which was lifted from her Facebook account.

The 32-year-old Canadian mother of two is expected to be represented by senior counsel Godfrey Smith, but he is thought to be only the “local representative” for her actual attorney who is expected to be a British Queens Counsel, according to reports.

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Channel 7
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/31/21 04:55 PM

Hartin's Arraignment Pending

Jasmine Hartin’s arraignment has yet to begin. Police are waiting for the Director of Public Prosecutions to instruct them on what charge should be brought for the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemott.

In a statement to police, Hartin has characterized it as an accidental shooting. Because of this explanation it is expected that the charge may be manslaughter.

Regardless of the charge, Police are expected to object to bail, though it is a bailable offence, and Hartin's attorney Godfrey Smith would press the court for it. If the charge is manslaughter that is an indictable offence and and no plea would be taken at the lower Court.

Hartin’s charge is expected today or tomorrow, depending on the requirements of the DPP.

Meanwhile she remains in custody.

[Linked Image]

Channel 7


The Regular police press briefing is not live by none of the media house that would stream it live. I wonder why? It was expected that the nation would have been update on death investigation of Superintendent of Police Henry Jemmott. Meanwhile the local and international press are camping at the San Pedro Police Station, which also houses the Magistrate Court, to see what charges will be made against the main suspect Jasmine Hartin, common-law of Andrew Ashcroft, the son of British Billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.

Jorge Aldana

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/31/21 07:23 PM


As media reps wait for the arraignment of Jasmine Hartin who has been detained since Friday for the shooting death of Supt. Henry Jemmott, they are removed from the compound! We had originally been removed from a waiting area on the second floor and told we could wait near the steps of the building, but minutes ago we were further removed from the area to across the street.

Channel 5

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 05/31/21 10:29 PM


Credible sources into the investigation of the fatal shooting of Supt. Henry Jemmott have informed that the DPP Cheryl Lynn Vidal, has instructed that Jasmine Hartin, be charged for 'Manslaughter' in connection with the homicide of Supt. Henry Jemmott.

Hartin is expected to appear in San Pedro Magistrate Court sometime this evening, where she will be arraigned on the single charge of manslaughter.

Ambergris Today
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/01/21 10:05 AM

Jasmine Hartin has been denied bail and is going to be remanded to prison.

The Magistrate Christine Perrera deliberated and concluded that she has no jurisdiction, while also noting the prevalence of crime currently.

Police had objected to bail because she is a flight risk.

So, Michael Ashcroft’s daughter in law and the mother of his grandchildren is expected to be taken from San Pedro to Belize City tomorrow for remand to prison. It would now be up to her attorneys to apply for Supreme Court bail. Manslaughter by negligence is a bailable offence.

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Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith at the conclusion of today’s arraignment told the media that his client Jasmine Hartin was denied bail. She remains in police custody, pending remand to the Central prison in Hattieville.

Her attorney, Godfrey Smith, said they will petition the Supreme Court to override San Pedro Magistrate Court’s bail denial.

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Hartin will be transferred to Belize City on Tuesday to be remanded to the Central Prison in Hattieville. If Supreme Court bail is granted, she will be released from custody until her adjournment date. Hartin will have to hand over all travel documents, and will likely have to report to the police station on a weekly basis.

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/01/21 10:31 AM

Jasmin Hartin Arraigned For Manslaughter By Negligence

Tonight - at this hour, Jasmine Hartin - the daughter in law of Michael Ashcroft is in the San Pedro Magistrate's Court awaiting a decision on bail from San Pedro Magistrate Christina Perrera.

Hartin is presently in the courtroom with her attorney Godfrey Smith awaiting this decision - according to sources. In San Pedro the media is not allowed into the courtroom because of COVID regulations.

But Cherisse Hasall has been the ground in San Pedro since the early morning and here's her report of the day's activities:

More than three days of detention ended for Jasmin Hartin today. She was arraigned this afternoon in the San Pedro Magistrate's Court on a single charge of manslaughter by negligence. That charge means that the Director of Public Prosecutions decided that - based on the evidence - it was an accidental shooting that led to Superintendent Henry Jemmott's death.

The arraignment came at the end of a long day for the media. It all started bright and early this morning when the press corps gathered in front of the upstairs courtroom in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the accused.

But it seems that despite last week's protestations by the commissioner that Hartin would be dealt with just like any other offender, it was just the opposite today.

That's because the media was initially removed out of the building by law enforcement, made to sit on these back steps. And later removed from the compound altogether; the reason cited was COVID safety measures.

Indeed, the cops seemed to go to great lengths to protect her from the glare of the medals lenses, even shutting the police station and courtroom windows to keep our cameras from catching even a glimpse of the Canadian who's made San Pedro her home.

And just when it seemed like any hope of arraignment was dwindling Hartin's attorney Godfrey Smith emerged from a taxi and strode with purpose into the upstairs courtroom.

And up until 5:08 pm, that's where he and presumably his client remained: battling through an arraignment that was long in coming, and is also taking long to wrap up.

And, Cherisse remains on the spot in San Pedro tonight - and we'll have updates - if any - as the news progresses.

So, manslaughter by negligence is an eminently bailable offence and police don't usually object to bail. But, in this case they did - because Hartin is a Canadian, and, thus, a flight risk. The 32 year old is also the mother of two - the grandchildren of Michael Ashcroft.

COMPOL: No Evidence To Support Murder Charge For Hartin

So, today's arraignment comes after a weekend of a few notable developments. First, police briefly considered charging Hartin for cocaine possession on Saturday night, but it seems, after that, she started to cooperate with the cops and gave a statement where she said she shot Jemmoth accidentally.

Today in Belmopan, the Commissioner of Police discussed the WEEKEND developments - while staying away from what was disclosed in the statement - but made clear, there's no evidence to support a murder charge:

"Last week, you mentioned that Miss Jasmin Hartin wasn't cooperating with police. Has she given police any valuable information for this matter to move forward?"

Chester Williams
"Yes, she provided a statement under caution."

"Sir, do police have a clear indication of what happened that night in terms of the sequence of events?"

Chester Williams
"We cannot say we have a clear understanding of what happened because we were not there. The only two persons who could have given that to us is the deceased and Miss Hartin."

"Miss Hartin has given her version of what she said transpired, and so, it's a matter now for the DPP to decide how we proceed."

"Sir, so you're not at liberty to share what she said transpired?"

Chester Williams
"No, I'm not going to go into the contents of her statement."

"The injury is not consistent with suicide, and the manner of death is homicide, which simply means the killing of a human being by another human being. That is homicide. The issue that will have to be determined then is whether it murder on manslaughter. Murder is murder is the intentional killing of human being by unlawful harm. And so, one of the things you have to prove for murder is that of intent. Manslaughter on the other had is where you actually killed someone, but you have some - you call it partial excuse or partial defense in law that reduce the murder to manslaughter."

"Would you be able to comment on the possibility of an accidental discharge of a pistol?"

Chester Williams
"I'm not going to comment on that at this time. We are going to give Mr. Jemoth the best funeral we possibly can. While yes, we're under financial constraints, I do not know that this should impede us from giving him a funeral that he rightly deserved, having served this country at the level he did, and for the number of years. And so, the funeral will be held in Dangriga. It has been tentatively set for June 12th."

Breaking news at this hour is that bail has been denied for Jasmine Hartin. That just happened at San Pedro MAgistrate's Court.

More on that later. And while the police department prepares for the funeral of a beloved senior officer - many of his peers are expressing their displeasure with the charge. They say that a Glock 9 MILIMETRE pistol - like the one Jemmoth carried - has a trigger safety built into it - so an accidental discharge is almost impossible. There are, of course, other misgivings, naturally arising from that fact that one of Belize's super rich residents, A Canadian, has killed a career cop born in Dangriga. But, the fact is the DPP decided on manslaughter by negligence - which rarely carries a prison sentence and - even if there is a conviction - usually ends with a fine. It is far more likely to end in a fine if the accused takes a guilty plea - which sources suggest may be the legal strategy employed by Hartin's legal team. She took no plea today, since it is an indictable offence - but when the case does go to the Supreme Court in maybe a year from now.

"Jasmine Hartin: From The Marriott Alaia to the 'Hattieville Ramada'

And, to update on our top story, Jasmine Hartin has been denied bail and is going to be remanded to prison.

The Magistrate Christine Perrera deliberated and concluded that she has no jurisdiction, while also noting the prevalence of crime currently.

Police had objected to bail because she is a flight risk.

So, Michael Ashcroft's daughter in law and the mother of his grandchildren is expected to be taken from San Pedro to Belize City tomorrow for remand to prison. It would now be up to her attorneys to apply for Supreme Court bail. Manslaughter by negligence is a bailable offence.

Here is a brief interview with her attorney Godfrey Smith from a few moments ago:

Godfrey Smith, Attorney for Jasmine Hartin
"We are not going to give a statement today, but we are going to arrange to have a statement to tomorrow. We will aim for in the afternoon."

"Is there any way you could confirm anything today?"

Godfrey Smith, Attorney for Jasmine Hartin
"The charge is manslaughter by negligence, bail has been denied, we appeal to the supreme court as is normal. We will talk to the press tomorrow."

That was Cherisse Halsall just a few minutes ago with Godfrey Smith, Hartin's Attorney. More on this major, developing story as the news progresses.

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/02/21 10:13 AM

Jasmin Hartin Sleeps In Her Majesty’s Prison

Tonight, 32 year old Jasmin Hartin's sudden fall from grace has never been more pronounced. She has gone from the .01% ultra rich of the San Pedro's expatriate community to a prisoner on remand at the Kolbe Central Prison.

The woman accused of accidentally shooting and killing Superintendent Henry Jemmoth was arraigned yesterday - and though feverish attempts were made to secure bail for her today, they were unsuccessful.

So, tonight - she's at Kolbe - and Cherisse Halsall has been on San Pedro following the case closely since yesterday. Here's her report on all that happened today:

It was yet another waiting game at the San Pedro police station this morning as island socialite turned accused prisoner Jasmine Hartin, who yesterday was denied bail, was set to be transferred to the Kolbe Foundation's Belize Central prison.

And while her attorney Godfrey Smith had promised to deliver a briefing, he wasn't on the island today - he was in the city filing for Supreme court bail - in the hopes of sparing the 32 year old Canadian from spending a night at the Hattieville Ramada.

And while there was no sign of movement this morning, by noon Officer Commanding San Pedro Superintendent Christopher Noble was spearheading the erection of a memorial dedicated to his fallen brother Supt Henry Jemmott.

The memorial placed lovingly in front of the police station where Jemott himself had been San Pedro's longest serving OC was a homage to the well loved officer and a reminder to Jasmine Hartin that she took him away from them.

And shortly after that memorial went up, Attorney Hector Guerra arrived, quickly, filed some papers, and then departed in a hurry.

And by 2:15 when it was evident that there would be no Supreme Court bail hearing in the City, Hartin, clad in jeans and a hoodie and covering handcuffed wrists with what looked like a plate of takeout, finally emerged from the San Pedro Police station, to be whisked off lagoon side for a police contacted boat named the Seaductress.

It was bound for Belize City, docking nearly 2 hours later at Barracks pier on Marine Parade.

That's where our mainland team saw Hartin, who had likely been allowed to remove her cuffs while en route, cuffed once again and placed in blue police van. That van then sped off toward her final destination.

The Kolbe Foundation, where Prison C.E.O. Virgillo Murrillo told us that the 32-year-old who will be dealt with like any other untried prisoner will become the only caucsian among 1041 inmates.

And by day's end, the word from the Commissioner of Police to the media was that Jasmine Hartin had been safely delivered to the women's section of Her Majesty's prison where she remains pending a supreme court bail hearing.

Jemott’s Fishing Buddy Cries For Justice

So, Hartin is at the Kolbe foundation tonight among her fellow female inmates, most of whom are minor offenders and illegal immigrants. But while the Prison CEO has stressed fair treatment for the partner of Andrew Ashcroft, many are hoping for her charge of manslaughter to result in a conviction.

Among them, Fransico Arceo or "Pawny" as he's known on the island. He's the fisherman who took Superintendent Jemmott out on his boat in what would become the last hours of his life.

Today he's told us that he's extremely saddened by the situation and prays that justice should prevail.

Francisco "Pawny" Arceo, Spent last day with Jemmott
"Yes. he is my very best friend, I fishing with him. I went fishing with him that same day. We fish for the full day and its not easy for me right now, because I am hurted."

"Sir, if you could share with us what type of spirits was Mr. Jemmott in that last day that he spent with you?"

Francisco "Pawny" Arceo
"Very happy. As all the time he been with me, talking jokes, I even take most of the big police officers - like play games, jokes and we did everything in the boat - happy. He caught fish more than ever. He hooked as much fish as he wanted, not a drink of alcohol, nothing in his system."

"Sir, do you know anything about the nature of Mr. Jemmott's relationship with Ms. Hartin?"

Francisco "Pawny" Arceo
"No, my dear. That can't be by surprise, it's a big shock to me, because If I would have known - always make games out of it. A definitely no. I don't even know them. I don't know her - never. I just ask where he was staying and he says I'm staying at Grand Colony and that's all I know about him."

"The commissioner of police has said that Mr. Jemmott did ask for time off because he was having some personal issues. Did he share any of those with you?"

Francisco "Pawny" Arceo
"No, I'm surprised, he never did any of those things. I said how is your family and he said that everybody was doing good."

"What's the outcome that you would like to see from this situation?"

Francisco "Pawny" Arceo
"I feel very saddened. I've been hearing the news, I've been sticking my ears to all kind of news and I hope and just wish that its fake, but apparently it looks like at the end of the road things are not going to happen like how I was expecting to happen. For me, I'm not a judge, I'm not Jesus to crucify nobody, but if I kill somebody, kill me, because I kill - because I know what I did. This is not good, its nonsense. I would like to say that because I am powerful I could do what I want, no. Is there justice? For me, the way how it's going on I don't think there is justice. Let's do it the right way, make everybody happy. I love the police officers, the high and low rank police officers, so where are we putting our policemen, when these things there is no justice. Who are we, we have the evidence, what else do we need."

Jemmott’s Sister "Devastated" at Manslaughter Charge

And along that same line, Henry Jemott's sister also wants to see a murder charge. Speaking with us this evening via phone form Cayo where she is taking care of her deceased brother's five kids - she told us she was devastated to get the news - which she didn't get from police - but from a news media facebook post:

Voice of: Marie Jemmott Tzul, Sister of the deceased
"I would just say I am disappointed in the police department and that's not only my opinion but it's a consensus of my family, his friends and the general Belizean people. I had faith in all the police department. It's one of their own and I think in my honest opinion with due respect to them, I think they should have took that to court as murder and let the court decide. That's my humble and honest opinion. Its a big disrespect to my brother who have served for 23 years plus and if it was anybody in his shoes, if the tables were turned, he would have done the correct thing. Because why was the door closed and she was cooped up and all that. Come on, everybody else they march them through the street, put them in the vehicle and go along. So why the special treatment? That gives us more pain in our heat to see, because maybe it's a person of color, a person with money - that would have made us feel much better if they would have taken her as an ordinary person. Jasmine has taken away the family bread winner, his children. My little big brother."

The Glock’s Safety Trigger Prevents Misfiring

Darrell Tutsi Usher also spoke about the Glock Pistol which Jemmoth carried as his service weapon. That is the gun that killed him - supposedly from an accidental discharge. He said that is highly unlikely based on the gun's trigger safety:

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"A glock is not a weapon that can be fired accidentally. You really have to square your finger on the trigger and pull. It's not something that oops right. You have to put your finger there because of the 2 levels of safety."

Darrel Usher, Trained by Jemmott
"The glock have a safety in the trigger. So you have to like double click, 2 click you have to pull with the glock - that you have to intentionally squeeze, put pressure on that to make the glock go off."

COMPOL Says He Stands By DPP Decision

That call for justice is a sentiment being echoed by all Belizeans. And it's a becoming more than usually heavy weight on the police department.

And when we spoke to the commissioner via zoom this evening he told our Jules Vasquez that he's committed to a meticulous trying of this case but that ultimately he has put his faith in the decision of the Director of Public Prosecution.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"Well as I have said from day one that we were going to do our investigation as impartial as we possibly can and that there was going to be no special treatment afforded to her. Her social statue should not affect how she is to be treated or should not allow her to be treated different than any ordinary person who have committed a crime and so as the commissioner I ensured that I remained in constant dialogue with my commander out on the cayes telling them the need for us to deal with her as we deal with any ordinary person and contrary to what some may want to say that we have given her special treatment, she was sent to sleep here and sent to sleep there, which is total nonsense, but again, we live in a country where everybody seems to be opinionated and to some extent the opinion is one that not even they themselves could believe, so it's just the way of life. We just have to learn to live with it."

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"Now, we know that obviously there is no universal joy or universal approval for the charge, manslaughter by negligence, but you have said throughout its a decision for the DPP. Should the police have waited until they received a report from the weapons experts at the forensic department before a final decision was made on the charge and is such a report pending?"

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"That would have been a call for the DPP to make and I can tell you had that been done, she would had to be release from custody, because that report could not be done overnight, it requires intense ballistic testing and if it were that she was to be released from custody without a charge pending that report, then you could just imagine how Belizeans would have gone in uproar and so I support the decision made by the DPP, she is the expert in this field, I respect her as a persons and as a prosecutor her ability to do her job and I have every confidence in her."

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Charged with Manslaughter, Jasmine Hartin remanded to Belize Central Prison after shooting death of top cop

Tonight, June 1st, island socialite Jasmine Hartin is spending her first night at the Kolbe Foundation – Belize Central Prison. Hartin was remanded for the charge of Manslaughter by Negligence in the shooting death of 42-year-old Superintendent of Police Henry Jemmott. She will remain there awaiting her bail application to the Supreme Court. The incident has received international attention as Hartin is the partner of Andrew Ashcroft, son of billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft. Hartin and Andrew have two children and recently opened a luxurious beach resort in San Pedro Town.

After four nights in custody at the San Pedro Police department, the well-known businesswoman emerged from the San Pedro Police Station Tuesday afternoon escorted by police, wearing blue jeans, a red hoodie, and a black face mask. She carried a plastic bag, which concealed her handcuffs, and climbed onto the back of a golf cart. The accused tried to hide her face and remained silent as questions were hurled at her by the media crowd. A female police officer sat next to her, and she was whisked away to the San Pedro Sunset Boardwalk, where a private boat transported her to Belize City. From there, she was carried to the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville, where she remains until her court hearing for bail at the Supreme Court.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun

This is not justice.' Sister of Belize cop shot dead by Jasmine Hartin slams decision to charge the Canadian socialite with just manslaughter by negligence... click here for the story in the Daily Mail

Jasmine Hartin: Ashcroft son’s partner taken to Belize jail plagued by scorpions... click here for the story in the Times
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/03/21 10:43 AM

Did Firearms Expert Check Jemmott’s Gun?

And, coming back to the Jasmine Hartin - Henry Jemmoth manslaughter case, there are some questions about how the cops were able to charge before completing their ballistic testing.

Yesterday via zoom the commissioner told Jules Vasquez that while waiting for those results might seem the right thing to do, the long wait for results could have jeopardized the entire case.

Jules Vasquez:
"Should the police have waited until they received a report from the weapons experts at the forensics department, before a final decision was made on the charge, and is such a report pending?"

Chester Williams, Comissioner of Police
"That would have been a call for the DPP to make and I can tell you Jules, that had that been done she would have had to have been released from custody because that report will not be done overnight, it requires intense ballistic testings and if it was that she would be released from custody without a charge, pending that report then you could just imagine how Belizeans would have gone in an uproar."

Did Hartin Get Arrested With Cocaine?

And while Hartin has ultimately been charged for Manslaughter, there was buzz over the weekend about a possible cocaine charge, reportedly for possession of 0.4 grams.

It's yet another tidbit in the ongoing San Pedro saga that's been difficult to confirm but we put the question to the Commissioner yesterday. Here's his reply.

Jules Vasquez
"Now, sir much has been made over the days of this issue of a charge for possession of a small amount of controlled drugs, are you able to explain if this was ever a factor in how, if you all intended to bring this charge at any point?"

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"That is something that, I'm not too sure at this time where that small amount of drugs was found but it is something that will be looked at."

Jules Vasquez:
"So there may be subsequent charges for that?"

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"There could be, yes."

Channel 7

Supreme Court Bail Hearing for Jasmine Hartin Adjourned

Two days after she was charged with manslaughter by negligence in the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott in San Pedro, today Jasmine Hartin was back in the court. Her attorneys Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith and Hector Guerra appeared before Supreme Court Justice Herbert Lord while Hartin attended the bail application hearing via video link from the Belize Central Prison. But as quickly as the session started, it ended when Justice Lord adjourned the matter to next week. News Five’s Duane Moody was there and files this report.

Duane Moody, Reporting

The bail hearing before Justice Herbert Lord this afternoon for the manslaughter by negligence case for Jasmine Hartin was adjourned to next week Wednesday, June ninth following the objection to bail by the Director of Public Prosecution, because the petitioner, or the accused is considered a flight risk.

Duane Moody

“The objection was made because it is considered that Miss Hartin is a flight risk.”

Shanice Lovell, Crown Counsel

“Yes…and we are going to be working on submissions and then the judge will hear the matter thereafter.”


“That’s one Wednesday right the submissions will be heard?”

Shanice Lovell


“What submissions will you be making to the judge?”

Shanice Lovell
“It’s in relation to her flight risk status.”


“Do you consider her a serious flight risk?”

Shanice Lovell

“Yes we do.”

Hartin was not brought to the courtroom, but instead attended the session via virtual link from the central prison in Hattieville. When he addressed the court, Justice Herbert Lord said that he was tasked by the Chief Justice to preside over the case. The judge ordered for full submissions in writing on the objection as well as case laws –  be submitted by Friday, June fourth. Hartin’s legal team will then have to respond by June seventh before the bail hearing which will now be held at nine-thirty a.m., one week from today. When he exited the courtroom, Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith’s comments were brief.

Godfrey Smith, Attorney for Jasmine Hartin

“You all were in court; you all would have heard the judge, Justice Lord, express disapproval of the kind of media publicity he has seen attending this matter. Obviously, I have no intention of contributing to that. You would have heard what I’ve heard which is that the matter is adjourned. Why has it been adjourned, the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office filed a short statement, one sentence, saying we object to bail on the basis of flight risk with nothing further. The judge has said he wants full submissions, full developed arguments on that to be submitted by Friday. We are to respond on Monday and the matter will continue next week Wednesday. That is all I can say. Thank you very much….”

Justice Lord says that following the hearing, a decision will be handed down no later than June eleventh. Duane Moody for News Five.

Channel 5

Hartin remains locked up in Hattieville after Supreme Court denies bail

From a luxurious lifestyle to the Kolbe Foundation-Belize Central Prison in Hattieville, Canadian National Jasmine Hartin will remain incarcerated after her Supreme Court petition for bail on Wednesday, June 2nd was denied. Stating she is considered a flight risk, Justice Herbert Lord presided over the bail hearing, which is adjourned to Wednesday, June 9th.

Hartin was detained from Friday, and after being charged with the lesser charge of Manslaughter by Negligence, which is bailable, she was transported to Hattieville on Tuesday, June 1st. Although her attorney Godfrey Smith managed to get an expedited bail hearing before the Supreme Court in Belize City it was denied, and now Hartin will have to wait a couple more days before her next hearing. Hartin attended the court hearing virtually from the central prison. Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell represented the team from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). They objected to Hartin’s bail, insisting she was a flight risk. According to reports, the DPP’s office must provide a written submission with legal information supporting their objection to bail by the subsequent hearing. Meanwhile, Hartin’s legal team will be given time to submit a written response to such objection.

When Hartin was transported off the island on June 1st, a gentleman (who did not provide name) approached the press and shared his encounter with Hartin while in jail. He had been incarcerated for an alleged curfew breach when he saw police locking up a white woman. He said Hartin appeared to be under the influence of some substance and was disoriented. Afterward, he claims she cussed out the police officers because they did not allow her to smoke a cigarette. According to the jail inmate, she demanded preferential treatment as well. When he found out that Hartin was there for the shooting death of Jemmott, she was lauded. The jail mate said he praised her for being brave enough to kill a top cop, as many people did not like the fallen superintendent because he abused his power when in charge of policing the island. He is happy that Jemmott was killed. According to this individual, Hartin claimed she did not kill Jemmott, but someone in a passing boat shot him. These claims have not been confirmed.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/03/21 04:47 PM

Belize cop killed by Lord Ashcroft's daughter-in-law confided in friend that he was going on a date with someone whose name he would 'take to the grave' the night he met her

The prominent Belizean cop shot in the head by socialite Jasmine Hartin told a friend he was going on a date the night he was killed, can exclusively reveal.

Police superintendent Henry Jemmott also joked that he would take the identity of the woman 'to the grave' with him, when the curious pal probed him for more details on the afternoon of May 27.

Jemmott, 42, had also boasted that he was staying for free at the Grand Colony Villas - a luxury resort operated by Hartin's husband Andrew Ashcroft, the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft - in the swank coastal enclave of Ambergris Caye.

The resort is sandwiched between the gleaming new Alaia hotel, a recently-opened Ashcroft property, and the Mata Rocks hotel pier where Jemmott was found dead just a few hours after the conversation took place.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the Daily Mail


Cellmate of Lord Ashcroft's daughter-in-law says she was 'roughed up' by police after being arrested

An inmate at the San Pedro cell block, named only as Jose, told local media he was asleep when Hartin, who shares two children with Mr Ashcroft, was brought in by officers in the early hours of the morning.

'I noticed that she was really ****ed up. So I can't say if she was doing drugs or what but she was really, she was lost that night,' said.

'To be real with you what I saw in the morning, in the night that they brought her, really they were roughing her up because it was a cop that died. So to be real with you, what I saw it wasn't nice,' he added.

The inmate claimed Hartin's 'clothes were full of blood' and that she was swearing at police officers, asking them to give her a cigarette, but they refused, and then she demanded her medication.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the Daily Mail
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/06/21 11:10 AM

'He told me to practise loading his gun. Suddenly it went off. I had no idea there was still a bullet in the chamber': Accused Jasmine Hartin's dramatic account of what she says really happened on the moonlit pier in Belize

Sitting at the edge of the pier with the waves gently lapping at her toes, the warm Caribbean breeze blowing and a full moon overhead, it could not have been a more perfect night.

Beside her, an old friend laughed and reminisced as the wine and whisky flowed. But within a couple of hours, this peaceful scene would descend into a 'living nightmare'.

A single gunshot pierced the night air, followed by a scream – then a splash as a body entered the water.

And Jasmine Hartin's life would never be the same again.

Today, the horrific chain of events on the night the 32-year-old socialite accidentally shot dead her good friend, Belize police superintendent Henry Jemmott, can be revealed in detail for the first time.

Click Here for the rest of the story in the Daily Mail
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/06/21 07:58 PM

What a load of CARP!! 'Lord Ashcroft has devoted his life to Belize and the Belizean people,' one local said. 'This is so sad for him and his family.' He has devoted his life to getting rich off the Belizean people!
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/06/21 08:05 PM

Newspaper and article paid for and written by Ashcroft and his appointed cronies
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/08/21 10:35 AM

Did Police Leak Hartin Statement? If Not, Who Did?

Switching gears now...

Over the weekend new revelations in the Jasmine Hartin story came from an article in London's Mail on Sunday. The story details of the shooting death of Supt. Jemmott in quote, "Jasmine Hartin's own words".

And the opening paragraph says she has, quote, "told investigators in detail how she shot her friend by accident with his own gun".

This has led to suspicions that the magazine had somehow accessed portions of Hartin's initial caution statement.

It included quotes such as:
"Bullets found at the scene convinced prosecutors her claim she had been practicing unloading and loading Supt Jemmott's semi-automatic police- issue Glock 17 handgun were true;"

"Traffic police pulled over a 'highly intoxicated' Jemmott that day as he swerved around the island on a golf cart;"


"The superintendent was on holiday, sharing a hotel room with a man who once stood trial for murder;"

All this along with the reports that Hartin had a visitor while in prison quarantine who told the newspaper quote: 'She's holding up pretty well. Obviously, as a mother, her main concern is for her twins.'

But where would these details have come from?

Was it the police, Was it Hartin's family members? Or was it the Alliance's PR machine?

This morning when we asked ACP Myvette whether he believed that the caution statement could have been leaked by one of his officers looking for a "come up" from the international press, he made a point of clarifying that the police were far from the only people with access to Hartin's statement.

Cherisse Halsall:
"Sir, if I could venture a question that would have been for the commissioner, it's about police officers. An international paper the Daily Mail on Sunday had some very detailed descriptions of what they believe is Ms. Hartin's Caution statement. Now, my question to you would be your police are now under incredible pressure from International media who is willing pay for a lot of information to be leaked, are you worried about officers leaking things?"

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch
"In that regard, the matter was discussed at length and yes indeed that is a concern we must also take into consideration that not only the police officers had access to what was in that caution statement. Miss Hartin herself had access to family members and she spoke to people."

"Of course, she would have had access to the statement if she made the statement, she knew what she said, and her attorney had access to that too as well. So it is not necessarily just looking at police that only police had access to that information."

"But it is a possibility that this information was leaked. .."

ACP Joseph Myvett
"Yes we are looking at that and that is a concern but as I mentioned it is not only the police department that had access to that information."

"In terms of a caution statement that is recorded, that is kept with the investigator but you must also bear in mind that a caution statement is not only recorded being from the officer and that accused person. Caution statements are recorded in the presence of justice's of the peace and at times, most statements are also video recorded but yes we are aware of the information and an investigation has been launched in relation to that."

PM Knew Jasmine, Not Her Cop Companion

And while police investigate their own, we put the Jasmine Hartin question to the PM.

It's only right, after all everyone else in the country seems to have weighed in on the issue.

And this morning Hon. John Briceno told Cherisse Halsall that while he's met the socialite, he's only said hi and bye in passing - but at least remembered her name:

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize
"I think I need to start off with this is a, I mean a tragedy that has affected not only Jasmine but also Supt...?"

Cherisse Halsall:
"Henry Jemmott."

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize
"Jemmott, yes and um Supt. Jemmott had served his country for many many years and whilst I did not know him personally by all accounts I am told that he was a good officer, and I don't know any of the two individuals, I've met miss Jasmine maybe once or twice just hi. But by any way you look at it it's a tragedy for everyone, one family lost somebody and then another family is torn apart by having somebody locked up. As to the investigation that is going on, I do not follow that up as Prime Minister I should not get involved, I do believe that the police are doing as best as they possibly can and trying to be able to come up with what exactly happened and what is important at the end of the day that we have justice and as we say madam justice should be blind and just deal with the facts that are in front of us."

Cherisse Halsall:
"So Sir, just as a very quick follow up you say you're not allowed to, to a certain extent and you should not get involved, however, Mr. Ashcroft is an acquaintance have you discussed this case with either him, any of his attorneys, or his representatives?"

The Mail on Sunday's article also brought back initial claims that Jemmot's shooting death was a mishap that resulted from the moonlight firearm lessons that the superintendent was giving to Andrew Ashcroft's partner.

Channel 7

Was Jasmine Hartin’s Caution Statement Leaked?

Was Jasmine Hartin’s caution statement leaked to international media, who have been on the ground following the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott?  The Canadian national has been on remand since last Tuesday, awaiting a bail hearing, for the charge of manslaughter by negligence in the death of the senior cop.  On Friday, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions entered its submissions as to why the accused should not be given Supreme Court bail and today; Hartin’s attorneys filed their submissions ahead of Wednesday’s bail hearing before Justice Herbert Lord.  But over the weekend, detailed descriptions of what allegedly transpired in the early hours of May twenty-eighth were disclosed by an overseas media house. If true, how did they get access to Hartin’s caution statement? There are several means through which that could have happened, but at today’s press conference, Assistant Commissioner Joseph Myvett was asked if officers are being paid to leak information.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

“The matter was discussed at length and yes indeed that is a concern. However, we must also take into consideration that not only the police officers had access to what was in that caution statement. Miss Hartin herself had access to family members and she spoke to people.”


“So she had visitors this weekend?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“I would not be able to say it because she is at the Hattieville prison.”


“And she is in quarantine correct?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“I am not sure of that.”


“My question sir is do you receive visitors in quarantine in general?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“The fact of the matter is that police doesn’t put anyone in quarantine so that would not be a question for me.”


“But you were saying, sir, Miss Hartin had access to the statement?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“Of course she would have had access to the statement; if she made the statement, she knew what she said. And her attorney had access to that too as well. So it is not necessarily just looking at police – that only police had access to that information.”

Paul Lopez

“But it is a possibility that this information was leaked…”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“Yes we are looking at that and yes it is a concern, but as I mentioned, it is not only the police department that had access to that information.”

Paul Lopez

“What kind of conversation do you have with your officers when these proposals are made? How do they handle it?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“In terms of a caution statement that’s recorded, that is kept with the investigator. But you must also bear in mind that a caution statement is not only recorded being from the officer and that accused person. Caution statements are recorded in the presence of Justices of the Peace and at times, most times, caution statements are video recorded. But yes, we are aware of the information and an investigation has been launched in relation to that.”

Last week, both international and local media outlets gained access to a photograph of Hartin taken while she was in a cell at the San Pedro police station that was being offered for sale. Local media also revealed details of the shooting, similar to those presented in the caution statement, before she was transferred to the mainland.

British Newspaper Appears to Base Story on Jasmine Hartin’s Caution Statement

And while police investigate how Hartin’s caution statement could have been leaked and/or sold to the international press, one media outlet in the United Kingdom seems to have based their Sunday edition story on portions of it.  The Daily Mail reports that for the first time they can reveal details of the case or what they term, “her story” and that “Although she has not spoken directly to the Mail, this newspaper understands that she told police the gun went off and he [Superintendent Jemott] fell on top of her bleeding.”  The paper continues to say that she told police that as she was wriggling to free herself and see if he was okay, he “slipped into the water.”  According to the Mail, the thirty-two-year-old Canadian woman is reported to have told police that she and Jemmott had been drinking on the pier in San Pedro on the night in question and she had been practicing loading and unloading his gun.  She claims it went off accidentally after the magazine became stuck.  According to the Mail, she says she did not know there were any bullets in the chamber because she saw Superintendent Jemmott take some out and put them to the side. According to the Mail, the police officer who has been friends with Jasmine Hartin for years had suggested she get a gun following an incident at a party in Belmopan on May twenty-second when she says a man had become aggressive towards her. Hartin, who has two children with resort owner Andrew Ashcroft, has since been remanded to Hattieville Prison after her attorney’s bail application was rejected and an appeal was made to the Supreme Court.  A decision on that is expected later this week.  Because Jasmine Hartin is the mother of Sir Michael Ashcroft’s grandchildren, the case has gotten considerable international press coverage, particularly from newspapers in the United Kingdom such as the Daily Mail which has sent reporters to Belize for interviews, photographs, video footage and documents related to the case.

Channel 5

Posted By: Marty

Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/09/21 10:27 AM

Jasmin & Jemmott: Tears At the Water Taxi

Wednesday morning, Jasmine Hartin goes back to the Supreme Court with attorney Godfrey Smith to apply for bail. The 32 year old Canadian is accused of the negligent manslaughter of Superintendent Henry Jemmott - and the prosecution has objected to bail, contending that she is a flight risk. So tomorrow, Senior Crown Counsel, Shanice Lovell is expected to present submissions to back up that objection to bail.

The event is expected to be a media circus - attracting the same kind of intense media coverage that presiding Justice Herbert Lord had complained about at last week's hearing.

And, as we told you last night, that media scrutiny has now ventilated many details of what is believed to be Hartin's caution statement to police.

The British paper, known as The Mail on Sunday has laid out the entire details of the accident as she told it to police.

In the article, their meeting on the Matarocks pier in San Pedro on May 27th was depicted as, quote, "an innocent reunion with an old friend - one who sought only to protect her."

But, tonight 7News has video evidence which suggests that the two had been together a week earlier in Belize City - and - according to eyewitnesses - Jasmine Hartin wasn't acting as if she'd just met with an old friend or protector.

This surveillance video from San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi shows a minivan dropping a woman - sources tell us is Jasmin Hartin - at the water taxi at 5:53 am on May 22nd. The driver - who sources tell us is Jemmott - pulls up - asks an employee when the first boat to San Pedro is leaving. He tells the man in the van, presumably Jemmott - it's 8:00 am. Hartin exits the minivan and enters the terminal.

She enters and turned to sit on a bench next to the cargo area. Sources tell us that's where she started crying inconsolably, and she had to be comforted by employees in the area. Sources say she cried for some time after that.

What was the cause for her breakdown is unsure - but the report in the Daily Mail says that she had been at a party in Belmopan and Jemmott had to drive 50 miles to rescue her. When they met in San Pedro one week later, it's unclear whether the issue that prompted the crying had been ironed out.

Inmate Hartin, Alone, But For Her Own Protection

But, tonight Jemmott is dead and Hartin has been in custody or at prison for almost two weeks.

She's completing 8 days at the Kolbe Foundation's Belize Central Prison, It's been called one of the World's toughest prisons. And this week it became famous or rather infamous when it admitted its most high profile inmate to date.

It's a series of events that's left the prison's C.E.O Virgilio Murillo a man in much demand. Forced to field request after request from international media outlets who are desperate for even a glimpse of the blonde behind Kolbe's bars.

But Murillo has been unrelenting, telling local media yesterday that he's not about to let anyone in to scrutinize his prison now when the media has never wanted to do so before. And this morning via Zoom he spoke to Cherisse Halsall about the rights and privileges currently enjoyed by inmate Hartin and why every decision made with the prison walls is in the interest of her safety and well-being.

Cherisse Halsall:
"I'd like to start if possible with you telling us whatever you can, with whatever you feel comfortable discussing Miss Jasmine Hartin's first days at the Kolbe foundation?"

Virgillio Murillo, C.E.O., Kolbe Foundation
"Well, I cannot speak to that."

Cherisse Halsall:
"At all?"

Virgillio Murillo, C.E.O., Kolbe Foundation
"Absolutely, I'm not with her so I don't know what she's experiencing and I won't get into it. I won't try to figure out or speculate anything at all."

Cherisse Halsall:
"So there were some concerns over the weekend and we did hear, within the statement from ACP Myvette yesterday, he said Miss Hartin had access to family members. In your opinion does that mean, while she was at San Pedro or when she came to you."

Virgillio Murillo, C.E.O., Kolbe Foundation
"I don't know which one of us doesn't understand the English language. I saw an article in the Sun and I thought that the Sun had dispelled the rumor that she was visited by families, I understood it clearly that no families have come, I'm not too sure that it's a trick question, trying to see if we are lying or not, whatever you saw in the sun is accurate so let's confine ourselves to that please."

Cherisse Halsall:
"International media has largely focused on calling the Kolbe Foundation one of the World's worst prisons, now we as local media, we've been there. I have actually in the past few months been inside the female facility and in my opinion I can say, it's quite a nice place, just a few houses that these women are traversing between but nothing like what the perception of a jail cell would be. What's your reaction to your prison being called one of the worst in the world?"

Virgillio Murillo, C.E.O., Kolbe Foundation
"Cherisse, I don't pay attention to negativity, There's a good old saying that says if you think education is expensive, try ignorance and that is pretty much, that is all I can say about these international media houses, obviously they are very ignorant and I don't need to prove or disprove anything. You are locals and you know more or less what is going on with this prison you've been here more than once."

Cherisse Halsall:
"Now Sir, there are claims coming from within your prison about some special treatment, they say that Miss Hartin gets to recreate on her own, how would you answer that?"

Virgillio Murillo, C.E.O., Kolbe Foundation
"Anything that Miss Hartin gets in terms of rights and privileges that she's entitled to under international norms, please understand foremost, her safety is important. It's paramount, as a matter of fact, every prisoner convicted our remanded safety comes first, their safety is paramount. People don't come to prison to die, people come to prison to serve out a sentence given by the court and our job is to ensure that they are not killed, they are not harmed or what have you."

Cherisse Halsall:
"So, in fact, if Ms. Hartin is recreating by herself that would be to ensure that the other prisoners do her no harm?"

Virgillio Murillo, C.E.O., Kolbe Foundation
"I would imagine so. It just makes a hell of a lot of logical sense, doesn't it."

Cherisse Halsall:
"It does."

Cherisse Halsall:
"Now, Sir I think one of the last things I'll ask you tomorrow is the next bail hearing so of course there's a lot of questions swirling, it's COVID time, they can certainly do it virtually. Are there plans to bring her down to Belize City or will she stay right there as this bail hearing is heard?"

Virgillio Murillo, C.E.O., Kolbe Foundation
"I do not determine whether the prisoner is brought into the court in person or their trial or their trial is done virtually, that is a determination for the court. So I cannot speak to that, at the spur of the moment we will do what we have to do to get that person before the judge."

Murillo also told us that the prison isn't there to judge anyone but to ensure that whatever the judge issues in terms of a sentence, they are quote: "Alive and well and can stand up and face their charges."

Channel 7

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/09/21 09:27 PM

Jasmine Hartin Granted Bail

Jasmjne Hartin granted Bail in the amount of $30,000.00 BZD

Thirty-two-year-old Jasmine Hartin has been granted bail. Hartin was remanded to the Belize Central Prison on June 1st after being charged with manslaughter by negligence and denied bail at the magistrate level. Her attorney, Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith submitted for Supreme Court bail and today arguments were heard by Justice Herbert Lord.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions argued that Hartin who is Canadian is a flight risk. Smith successfully argued that she is not.

Bail was set at $30,000 plus one surety of the same amount.

As part of her bail conditions, Hartin is required to submit all travel documents, report to the every adjourned date and not leave Belize.



[Linked Image]
Attorney Godfrey Smith speaks with the media after the bail hearing.

Jasmine Hartin granted $30,000 Supreme Court bail

After hours of legal arguments heard at the Supreme Court in Belize City, Jasmine Hartin’s defense attorney secured bail for the Canadian national charged for Manslaughter by Negligence in the shooting death of police superintendent Henry Jemmott. Justice Herbert Lord granted bail for BZ$30,000 and one surety of the same amount.

Hartin is subject to certain conditions, such as surrendering her travel and other personal documents. She cannot leave the country without the permission of the Supreme Court and is to report to the police station in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District daily. Hartin will need to attend all her court hearings in San Pedro Town until the case is closed. She must also adhere to a curfew from 7PM to 6AM every day. Justice Lord warned that breach of any of these conditions would lead to the immediate detention of Hartin.

The decision to grant her bail came after Justice Lord listened to written and oral submissions prepared by Hartin’s defense attorney, Godfrey Smith. One of the main arguments brought up by the prosecution was that Hartin was a flight risk, but Smith managed to convince the Justice that his client has no intentions to flee the country as she has Belizean children and business ties to Belize.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/10/21 10:16 AM

Hartin Checks Out Of Kolbe!

After spending 8 days on remand at the Belize Central Prison, Jasmin Hartin, the wealthy socialite accused of killing Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott, was granted Supreme Court bail this afternoon. She is free on bail tonight after being released from the prison at 5:00 this evening.

For today's hearing, she appeared virtually before Justice Herbert Lord. He asked the prosecution and her defense attorneys to present extensive arguments as to why she should or should not be granted bail.

The DPP's Office had objected to bail on the grounds that Hartin is a flight risk. Today Senior Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell was the first to present arguments to back that up, and she submitted that if Hartin is released from prison, she is likely to flee the country in an attempt to escape from her prosecution for manslaughter by negligence.

Lovell told the court that Hartin is a Canadian, and that she has been residing in Belize through continuous extensions of her visitor's permit. As a matter of fact, the most recent extension to her permit expired 2 days ago.

The prosecutor also pointed out that - as disclosed in her statement - Hartin handled Jemmoth's police-issued firearm while under the influence, and without a proper gun license.

Senior Crown Counsel Lovell also made submissions in anticipation of the defense's response to the bail objection. In written arguments, Hartin and her legal team pointed out to the court that she is the mother of twins, 4-year-old boys who are Belizean. They argued that this is a strong tie to Belize and a counter to the prosecution's insistence that she will flee the country. In response, the crown counsel told the court that Hartin's children are actually dual citizens with Canadian passports and that they could leave the jurisdiction without any issues.

The crown counsel then focused on her wealth, and how that could enable her to flee. She submitted that Hartin is "a person of means, a person of vast resources". The prosecution reasoned that she can leave the country fairly easily.

Senior Crown Counsel Lovell submitted that in the best interest of the administration of justice, Hartin's bail application should be denied because, in the prosecution's opinion, no court-ordered bail conditions would lessen the risk of her fleeing the country.

Senior Crown Counsel Godfrey Smith replied to the objection on Hartin's behalf. He pointed out to the court that Hartin has a right to bail based on the presumption of innocence. The defense also added that the threshold for denying bail is stronger than simply a risk that she will flee. Smith told the court that the prosecution must adequately show that there is an "unacceptable risk" to bail that cannot be managed or mitigated by any court-ordered bail conditions. He told the court that it isn't allowed to simply speculate and conclude that she will flee.

Smith also invited the court to view her legal status in Belize from a different perspective. He submitted that the prosecution filed documents demonstrating that Hartin has dutifully complied with the requirements for a visitor's permit by receiving extensions for the last 7 years. He pointed out that by now, she should be able to apply for Belizean citizenship. He also asked the court to consider that she is of good character and that she has no previous charges or convictions in Belize or elsewhere. He also asked the judge to consider that Hartin did not flee the scene of the crime that night, and neither did she try to dispose of the weapon which inflicted the fatal injury.

He closed off by pointing out that Hartin has strong economic ties to Belize, and that the penalty for manslaughter by negligence is not so severe that a right-thinking person would become a fugitive for the rest of their life in avoidance of it.

After a brief adjournment, Justice Lord heard a rebuttal from the prosecution in response to Smith's submissions, and he later ruled that Hartin should be released on bail of $30,000 and one surety, or a cash deposit.

After the hearing, Smith granted the awaiting press an interview right outside the courtroom:

Godfrey Smith, SC - Attorney for Jasmin Hartin
"The Judge has granted bail."

"Explain to us, sir, the nature of the conditions that came with it. We understand that they're very strict."

Godfrey Smith, SC
"I didn't make note of all of them, but bail was set in the sum of 30 thousand Belize dollars plus a surety of the same, reportage to the police station once per day. A request has to be made of the court if there is a wish to travel. Obviously, the surrender of passport and all other documents, and all forms of identification, and another of other - curfew was one."

"In the end, the judge felt that there was not an unacceptable risk of flight, once the appropriate conditions could be put in place."

"Basically, the question of whether grant bail or not includes a whole list of factors: previous convictions, the character of the person, economic ties to the country, family ties, community ties, and so basically, the judge carefully went down the list and concluded that there was not an unacceptable risk of flight."

"What's the next step in terms of getting Miss Hartin from prison. We know that she spent 8 days there."

Godfrey Smith, SC
"Papers have to be signed. The order has to be finalized, and of course, the cash bail and the surety has to be signed up. So, we still have work to do to get that going."

"Will that be completed by the end of today?"

Godfrey Smith, SC
"That is the hope if you do not detain me much longer."

"When considering the judge's misgivings about the media attention surrounding this case, did you have any trepidation about entering that argument that she can't flee anywhere where the media can't follow?"

Godfrey Smith, SC
"Well, I think all I can say on that is for us, it made little sense to argue flight risk if she's under an international media microscope, for an offense for which the likely sentence may be a fine or a short term of imprisonment. It makes no sense to flee in such circumstances."

As you heard, the judge ordered Hartin to comply with 8 strict conditions to her bail. She must immediately surrender her passport and identification documents to the court. She cannot leave Belize without the express permission of the Supreme Court. She must abide by a curfew and stay at home between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. She also has to report to the San Ignacio Police Station daily. She must not contact any prosecution witnesses or attempt to impede or obstruct the investigation against her.. Finally, if she breaches any of these conditions, it will result in the immediate revocation of her bail.

Channel 7

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Re: Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott Murdered in San Pedro - 06/11/21 10:33 AM

Jasmine's Day One On the Outside

It's been a little more than 24-hours since Jasmine Hartin was released on bail from the Belize Central Prison.

And since then questions have abounded about Belize's most famous manslaughter suspect and how she's settling back into life on the outside.

Tonight Cherisse Halsall takes a look at those first 24 hours and we ask questions of our own about Hartin's bail, the conditions of that bail, and why the DPP chose manslaughter over murder:

The next chapter of Jasmine Hartin's life under the glare of public scrutiny has begun and it started yesterday afternoon when she left the Hattieville prison under an improvised shroud amidst the din of clicking camera shutters and the shout of a reporter, the first she's heard but certainly not the last.

From there she was whisked off presumably to San Ignacio where her attorney has indicated to police, she will remain while she is out on bail.

But she has to check into the police station every day.

And that started at 7:00 this morning where she checked in at the same police station where her friend turned victim Henry Jemmott was formerly the officer commanding.

The irony of this is magnified by the fact that Hartin is now resident in the same town that Jemmott called home.

Of course, we know that Hartin and Jemmott's friendship had some resonance in the west where on May 21st he is believed to have saved her from an uncomfortable or threatening situation at a party in Belmopan. Jemmott drove a reported 50 miles to go and pick her up where one of his friends says she was highly intoxicated and that he found her staggering out into the street.

That rescue ended here at the San Pedro Belize Express where he dropped her off a few minutes to 6:00. He's seen asking an employee entering the terminal what time is the first boat. She walks in to take a seat, and according to eyewitnesses cries inconsolably for over an hour.

What caused the crying? There are many theories but no one can say for sure.

And while the country makes guesses about the missing pieces of the puzzle in the case of Jasmine and Jemmott, another question on the mind of every Belizean is that charge of Manslaughter.

Was it fair? And would the average citizen to commit such a crime get the same treatment? We put that question to two attorneys, one the Minister of police and the other the former attorney general.

Hon. Kareem Musa - Minister of Home Affairs
"In a case of manslaughter by negligence, it is expected that you would get bail. I don't know of anyone who is currently behind bars for a case of manslaughter by negligence, if they apply to the supreme court they would be granted bail and of course, they look at all the factors, whether you're a flight risk and all of that, but like I said, I don't know of anybody who is currently on remand for manslaughter by negligence, it's a bailable offense."

Micheal Peyrefitte - Former Attorney General
"It would be dishonest of me not to at least say what I think in this case. I mean it's hard to from my experience, most people from who I have known to be in the system you injure somebody like that the charge is murder. So, it's a legitimate question to ask why is it in this case, the charge is not murder.

Jules Vasquez
"Suppose he had pulled the trigger "accidentally", quote, on her, do you think he would have been charged with manslaughter by negligence?"

Micheal Peyrefitte
"If he had shot her, if it had been the reverse, he would have been charged for triple murder. I mean, I mean, that's the thing it's a legitimate question."

Jules Vasquez
"So, you believe race and power are at play here?"

Micheal Peyrefitte - Former Attorney General
"Absolutely. I'm not saying that's what's at play but it is a legitimate question to ask."

As we've told you Hartin's bail was set at $30,000.00 and one surety.

The 8 conditions of that bail are: That she immediately surrender her passport and any other travel and identification documents to the Court Registrar until the conclusion of the case, That she does not leave the jurisdiction except with permission from the court via an application, That she attends each adjournment as set by the Magistrate in San Pedro until the matter is completed, that she abide by a curfew to be at her place of residence between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. daily until the matter is disposed of.

Additionally, she is to report to the San Ignacio police station once daily between 7 a.m. and 5 pm.; she is not to engage in any conduct to hinder, impede or otherwise obstruct the investigation. Any breach of the terms of the order will result in the immediate revocation of bail.

Channel 7

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