All COVID Patients at K.H.M.H. Unvaccinated

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All COVID Patients at K.H.M.H. Unvaccinated - 07/21/21 10:50 AM

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital has gone into full emergency mode and has suspended all its outpatient and referral clinics in order to focus on the current COVID outbreak. K.H.M.H. Chairman, Doctor Andre Sosa explained to News Five today that currently, the hospital has thirteen diagnosed COVID patients that it is treating and seven more who are under investigation. One of the patients is on a ventilator and three others are on supplemental oxygen. Notably, Sosa said that none of the persons hospitalized has taken the COVID vaccine. He added that the hospital has to be in a state of readiness with human resources and medicines in order to take on the demands that more COVID cases would present.

On the Phone: Dr. Andre Sosa, Chairman, K.H.M.H.

“We have a capacity of thirty-six COVID patients – that is both the diagnosed COVID patients and with the persons under investigation, so-called DUI’s – so we have at least three main areas where we can accommodate these patients. We presently have two of the areas in service and are ready to open a third area in the event that it is necessary. The Ministry of Health and Wellness has one hundred thousand vaccines available. So, there are lots of vaccines; there are sufficient vaccines for everyone and I would beg people to please go out and get vaccinated. We’re asking people now to get their second jab at eight weeks; don’t wait for the twelfth week because with one jab you’re not very well protected against the Delta variant.”

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Re: All COVID Patients at K.H.M.H. Unvaccinated - 07/22/21 10:49 AM

Unvaccinated Persons Burdening KHMH

Perhaps the most pressing reason to get vaxxed is the diminishing likelihood of hospitalization. Today the Minister of Health said that such an effort protects not just the citizens but the statewide healthcare system.
And this afternoon he explained just how the unvaccinated are taxing essential services at the KHMH.

Hon. Michel Chebat, Minister of Health

"All of our hospitals have what we call surge areas and so depending from hospital to hospital there's a limit on the amount of beds you have rearing from 10 to 30 beds depending where you are but what happens when the hospitals become overburdened with COVID cases then we have to stop giving the other services, the other medical services, because then the other wards have to be incorporated to attend to the patients who have COVID and so again it is a burden on our health system and I am again pleading to the Belizean public, please come out and get vaccinated, please observe the health measures, wear your mask, wash your hands observe the six feet distance this is to save your life and the lives of your families."

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