When San Pedro Prepared for the Visit of the Nuns

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When San Pedro Prepared for the Visit of the Nuns - 02/26/13 01:30 PM

After a long and arduous year of working for their community, the Sisters of Mercy or Nuns, as they are traditionally called, visited San Pedro during the month of May for their summer vacations. It was not announced, but the people of San Pedro knew about this yearly event and prepared for this magnanimous event. Just in case you think I am joking about preparations, no Iím not. The villagers cleaned the beach, parents cleaned in front of their yards, mothers trimmed and watered the plants in order to have beautiful roses and flowers for our visitors. Parents actually had some straight talk with the children asking them to be at their best behavior- respectful, well mannered and polite. Children collected all kinds of sea shells, and if possible the villagers gave the church a little touch of paint. A few women did the fullest honors by going to the Scout Room and giving it a total clean up.

Each child in San Pedro had his/her favorite Nun. Boys and girls in Belize City, who had them as teachers, had different opinions and feelings towards them. There was Sister Francine, my favorite because she even boxed with the kids like a Tomboy. There were Sisters Constantine, Margaret, Magdalena, Rosario,Teresita, Celine, Antonetta, Consuelo, Miriam, Leona Panton, Marilyn Panton, Victoria, Cecilia, Rose, and Christine. A favorite one of everyone was Sister Helen Blake because she was the daughter of Papa Blake and a Sanpedrana. Each child had his own memories of respective Nuns. There was the playful, serious, strict, friendly, humorous, and even bossy one. But collectively, the Nuns were seen as a venerable and holy group of women who came to San Pedro to spread love and who left melancholy with their departure YEARS AGO in San Pedro.

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