The Mennonite History in Belize

Posted By: Marty

The Mennonite History in Belize - 03/29/13 02:01 PM

A video documentary of life in Spanish Lookout, Belize, from 1958 to 2008.

from a friend....

Very interesting videos on the immigration of Mennonites into Belize and their sheer perseverance to survive the tough tropical rain forest environment. This is truly a history lesson especially for those of us who were living in Belize in the 60's and remember their first ventures into Belize City selling peanuts, honey, chickens and furniture on North Front St., decked out in their blue coveralls and white hats and they probably still dress the same way today.

If you are able to watch it on a big screen TV, it will be even more inspiring.

I was mesmerized while watching it and so appreciative of their hardships while supplying most of the nation with produce and other food products. BTW, when in season the papayas I purchase here at Costco in California, are from Belize and produced by the Mennonites in Blue Creek. They are absolutely delicious. When you are able to wholesale any product to Costco, you have truly arrived.

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