Lady Erica early years, Oral History

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Lady Erica early years, Oral History - 08/05/20 05:29 PM

[Linked Image]Recordings of Lady Erica remembering the past...

Sometime back in the 80's we made some recordings of my grandmother Lady Erica Wolffsohn talking about her life and family stories. Here is a bit were she first talks about the daughter inlaw of her cook an then she goes on to talk about her great grandmother Mary Elizabeth Hume born in 1825 and who married Richard Henry Bowen.

Part two:

So here´s another soundclip, about George Hume born in the 18th century and some mahogony, a bit about the dangers of eating barracuda, the houshold on Regents street over a hundred years ago, horses and polo and a trip to Stann Creek.

Part three Boxing Day on the river in Belize City and days on St. Georges Caye

Part Four

Here is a story about entertainment and a riot in Belize, a shooting accident in Stann Creek and how the first Humes arrived in the Caribbean according to family tradition. How ever there are other possible storys as well.

Part Five

After a holiday, some technichal difficultys and a computer crash here is Lady Erica talking about their houses on Regent Street, huricanes, a waterspout, Punta Gorda and a volcano erupting on Martinique, King Edward the VII´s coronation and cahoon nuts.
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Part six:

Lady Erica talks about leaving Punta Gorda, Electricity arriving in Belize, the Boer war, a year in England, a storm at sea going back to Belize, starting school and the outbreak of World War I.

Part seven:

Lady Erica talks of her first encounters with the Wolffsohn family, also of Sir Arthur as a young man in the First World War, the retreat from Mons, being wounded at Gallipoli and the following addiction problems, life inside the tanks and finally after the war prospecting for diamonds in British Guyana and Venezuela.

Part eight:

A revolution in Venezuela and Arthur returns to the survey department in Belize, Lady Erica and Sir Arthur get married. Lady Erica talks about Belize in the twenties, to my father's great annoyance she has written it down in advance and you hear my father sighing in the background. Finally Lady Erica almost forgets about her son born in 1926.

Part nine:

Lady Erica talks about Sir Arthur and the Guatemalan border, about the birth of her daughter Philippa and ends with a cliffhanger, the next episode will be the 1931 hurricane.

Part Ten:

Lady Erica talks about the 1931 hurricane!
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