2012 Kinich Ahau Art Festival

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2012 Kinich Ahau Art Festival - 02/17/12 03:06 PM

This coming Sunday, NICH and Kinich Ahau Art Committee will be holding another festival under the Maya 2012 calendar of activities. The Mayan temple of Altun Ha in the Village of Maskall is the venue to showcase the wood carving industry and the works of the carvers in the area. The artists will also participate in a live wood carving competition. Shari Williams, Press Officer of NICH says it’s an event for the entire family.

Shari Williams, Public Relations Officer, NICH

“The Kinich Ahau Art Festival is scheduled for Sunday the nineteenth in Altun Ha. The purpose behind it was to kinda reintroduce wood art as a viable creative art in Belize. For years, the artists of Altun Ha and Maskall Village Area have been creating masterpieces of wood art and so we felt that it was important to ad this as part of the Mayan calendar this year. this is the second event for the Mayan calendar this year. we are asking everybody to come out and to experience would art carving at its best. There is going to be a competition for wood carvers. And besides the competition we will have live performances, food music. So it is a day to really come out; bring out the entire family, relax and enjoy and see the artists at work in their natural environment creating these beautiful pieces of art.”

For those wishing to attend the festival, a bus leaves Pound Yard Bridge at ten-thirty a.m. and there will also be buses leaving from the villages of Maskal and Crooked Tree at nine-thirty a.m.

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NICH plans Kinich Ahau Festival

Kinich Ahau Festival coming up

On Sunday February nineteenth the grounds of Altun Ha Mayan Site will be the location for the Kinich Ahau Art Festival that is being sponsored by the National Institute of Culture and History through the Institute of Creative Arts and in conjunction with the Kinich Ahau Art Committee. It is also the second event held under the Maya 2012 Calendar.

Transportation will be provided for those attending the festival.


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