San Pedro to Host LGBT Pride Week

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San Pedro to Host LGBT Pride Week - 06/19/15 10:41 AM

In news that will surely fire off much heated debate on the social media, News Five has confirmed that from September fifth to September twelfth, members of the LGBT community abroad will be painting the island of San Pedro in rainbow colours. Itís an event, the first of its kind and dubbed the largest ever, which is being called Temptation Island Pride Week, and the notice reads that there will be nightly activities like drag shows, toga parties, leather and lace parties, a masquerade ball and runway model shows. Like we said, the news is sure to set off a homophobic frenzy in many quarters, and will certainly be enough to launch a thousand debates on social media, and even on the local airwaves. Those participating in the Temptation Island Pride Week will be hosted, we understand, at the Caribbean Villas Hotel in San Pedro.

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Re: San Pedro to Host LGBT Pride Week - 06/19/15 03:46 PM

Our immigration laws forbid homosexuals, prostitutes, the deaf and idiots from entering Belize. Would be a grt time to force GOB to enforce the law they say is never enforced and so, why change it? I only wish Helen Keller was alive and gay and coming to Belize. Time for a show down.
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Controversy over planned LGBT event in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

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Just curious, isn't the name "Temptation Island" trademarked by ABC/Disney or Fox Network?
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Re: San Pedro to Host LGBT Pride Week - 06/21/15 10:32 PM

Fox still holds the trademark.....but they sold the show after big ratings failures after the first year. Currently running in Romania laugh and earlier this year in Italy. And previously in 17 other countries.
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Re: San Pedro to Host LGBT Pride Week - 09/25/15 02:37 PM

Caribbean Villas postpones Gay Pride event

The Caribbean Villas resort in San Pedro, which offered a tourist package marketed internationally as the the biggest Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans-gender (LGBT) pride event in Belizeís history, has postponed the even.

Caribbean Villas owner, Peter Lawrence told The Reporter that the event, which was scheduled to be held from September 5th to the 12th was postponed until May 2016 because the resort was unable to have all rooms booked out. According to Lawrence, of the 61 rooms at the resort, 45 were booked out, but as the guests were told that homosexuality is illegal in Belize, 28 of those rooms were cancelled.

Lawrence added, however, that he doesnít believe the churchís disapproval of the event in any way detracted would-be LGBT guests. According to Lawrence, he believes that the marketing for the event just wasnít right and subsequently, he has made the proper adjustments and will be marketing to a wider circle of men for the event now scheduled for Maybext year. He said he expects the new effort to be successful when he re-launches the marketing.

He also said that he has received backing from the government and the police department, who have said that there is nothing illegal about marketing and hosting the gathering.

Pastor Scott Stirm, Evangelical Association vice president, who opposed the event from its announcement, however, holds a different view. He told The Reporter that ever since the churches became aware of the event, they have mobilized across the country and led prayer missions to San Pedro. He believes that prayers are responsible for the eventís failure.

Stirm said, like Lawrence, they will also be rescheduling for May, mobilizing and praying in opposition of the event, which the church characterizes as immoral.

He urged hotelier Lawrence, instead, to offer similar packages for family oriented entertainment. He added that the church is also praying for Lawrence, that he may have a change of heart.

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