San Pedro Independence Jump Up-Parade

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San Pedro Independence Jump Up-Parade - 09/13/18 06:01 PM

Sign up now! Join the parade and show how much you love Belize!

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Re: San Pedro Independence Jump Up-Parade - 09/19/18 06:44 PM

Friday is the Jump Up parade. Scheduled for 10am - should start around 11.30 or will be hot. It will be sweaty and it will be awesome. See you in San Pedro! Here's 2017 for a preview.
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Re: San Pedro Independence Jump Up-Parade - 09/20/18 11:57 AM

Kindly take note on the parade line up for this year's Independence Jump Up Parade! Those that signed up, please be reminded that line up is at 9 a.m. at your designated area.

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Re: San Pedro Independence Jump Up-Parade - 09/22/18 10:45 AM

Independence Celebration in San Pedro, Jump Up Parade

Independence Day Parade 2018

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Beautiful Belize Turns 37 Today: The 2018 Jump Up Celebration Parade

You might think I’m crazy but September 21st is my favorite day of the year. Yes, it’s INCREDIBLY HOT. Always. And it’s slow season. But Belize celebrates Independence Day is such a ridiculously joyous way, I can hardly get enough.

I have SO many photos…so I’ll try to keep this reasonable. This was my 12th parade and one of my favorites yet.

Each year I consider going to the biggest parade in the country – in Orange Walk…but I just can’t NOT go to San Pedro’s Jump Up Parade. It’s so ridiculously fun seeing all the people you know celebrating Belize.

It is most DEFINITELY my favorite September motto – each year on a national level a competition is held and one chosen.

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Happy Independence Day Belize! We hope everyone had fun for the parade and we thank you all for participating in the name of our country, Belize!

1st Place group winner: ABC PreSchool
2nd Place group winner: The Island Academy

Great job guys!
Long live Belize!

San Pedro Town Council

Belizeans on Ambergris Caye celebrated Belize's 37th Independence Anniversary with a grand colourful and patriotic parade!

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Working Hard Towards Former Parade Glory – Happy Birthday Belize

Yesterday was Belize’s 37th Independence day and countrywide the nation turned out in style to say “Happy Birthday Belize”. While it was always great the past few years, the parade has been a little light. This year it finally felt like it was getting back on track towards what it once used to be (but still nowhere near as big.) I say that because 12 years back and the next few years following, there were so many more parades, decorated golf carts, and big flatbed trucks for floats with increased giant speaker action.

I did not see any of the friends I had loose plans to meet and of course, I ran into many friends I had no plans with. The first two I saw when I came barreling down Buckaneer Sreet were Mary and Tamara from, our local newspaper and tourism magazine, My Beautiful Belize. This was fortunate on my part as those girls are also crowd cutting professionals and swiftly had us navigating through the spectators and parade to the other side. We made it to Front Street just in time to catch the full parade at one of the best parts when it disperses into the park and turns into a big party.

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San Pedro's Independence Day Parade ROCKED!

The residents of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize put on a FANTASTIC parade in commemoration of Belize's 37th Independence Day celebrations this past weekend. On Friday, September 21, Belizeans all over the country showed off their patriotism in many ways; San Pedro organized one of the most energetic and colorful parades. It was hot, but then it rained, then it was hot once again, but none of this made it any difficult for the revelers to put on a spectacular show full of color, dance and pride for Belize.

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Sherlette, Queen Of the San Pedro Jump Up Parade, IS BACK!
The 2018 Jump Up Parade for September 21st – Independence Day was extra awesome this year. It just seemed a little bit longer…a little bit more colorful…super fun. And despite the fact that it is always BLAZING hot in late September in Belize (think 100% humidity and temperature that feels over 100) and the parade always starts a bit late…I wouldn’t miss it for anything. There is a bigger parade in Orange Walk, Belize on the 21st – and ONE DAY, I keep saying, I will totally make it to that one. But I just can’t seem to rip myself away from San Pedro. This year it was SO GOOD to see some of the schools participating again. There has been a bit of controversy in years past…about kids and drinking (many of the floats have coolers and bartenders!) but I love to see Island Academy and ABC Pre-School parading again.

Belize Independence Day Parade 2018

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