Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro

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Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro - 11/27/19 02:59 PM

Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro Today

World-renowned Olympic Champion and Gold Medalist, Simone Biles, will receive the symbolic keys to San Pedro Ambergris Caye from Mayor Daniel Guerrero during a brief ceremony to be held at the Pineapple Restaurant at Ramon’s Village Resort at 7:00 pm, today Wednesday, 27 November, 2019.

Also present at the event will be Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation.
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Re: Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro - 11/28/19 11:36 AM

American artistic gymnast, Simone Biles is in Belize for the Thanksgiving Weekend. She received the symbolic keys to San Pedro Ambergris Caye from Mayor Daniel Guerrero during a brief ceremony last night at the start of her six-day private visit to Belize. She is resting as she gears up for Tokyo 2020. 22- year-old Biles is the country with her Belizean family members and arrived on Wednesday.

During the ceremony, Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation, also presented Simone with a token of appreciation.

Simone arrived around midday on Wednesday and travelled to San Pedro to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving break in Belize. During her stay, Simone will be enjoying several reef and rainforest activities, and is looking forward to a relaxing week with her family.

Biles, at 22, is the most decorated artistic gymnast of all time winning twenty-five World Championship medals, 19 of which are gold; five of her titles were won at the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany in October. The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan is in her sights, and it is expected that she will be one of the most highly anticipated athletes at the games.

Simone holds Belize citizenship through her mother and refers to the Jewel as her second home. The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) takes this opportunity to extend Simone a warm welcome and wish her and her family a relaxed and memorable vacation. We are sure she will enjoy Belize’s myriad natural attractions, excellent cuisine and the exceptionally warm hospitality of her fellow Belizeans.

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Top photo: Simone poses for the camera along with Minister Heredia, Mayor Guerrero and other well-wishers.
Second photo: Mayor Daniel Guerrero presenting the keys to San Pedro Town to Simone Biles during a brief ceremony at Ramon’s Village Resort.
Third photo: To mark the occasion, the Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation, also presented her with a wood carving of Belize’s Coat of Arms.
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Re: Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro - 11/30/19 10:49 AM

Simone Biles In San Pedro

Morning Matters With Simone Biles
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Re: Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro - 11/30/19 11:13 AM

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On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, in a short ceremony at Pineapples Restaurant inside Ramon's Village Resort, Olympic Gold Medalist, Simone Biles, was presented with a symbolic to the Town of San Pedro..

In the short ceremony, Mayor Daniel Guerrero presented Simone with a plaque and a key which read: "THE KEY TO SAN PEDRO TOWN Presented to SIMONE BILES to express our deep appreciation for your extraordinary accomplishments, unwavering motivation and enduring commitment and love for Belize, Belizean people and Belize culture. Presented on the 27th of November, 2019.'"

After the presentation, Simone presented the Mayor with a gift, which was a framed autographed picture of the athlete with her gold medal from the previous Olympics.

Following Simone's presentation was Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation. Hon. Heredia presented Simone with a hand carving made of wood of the Belize Coat of Arms.

Simone also presented the Minister with an autographed picture of herself at the Olympics.

Lastly, before the ceremony ended, Simone Biles posed for a group picture with Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Councilors of the SPTC and a few local athletes - some managed to get individual pictures with the athlete.

Simone Biles is visiting Belize as part of her Thanksgiving vacation which is part of her journey towards the 2020 Olympics which will be taking place in Tokyo. Her journey, including her visit to Belize, will be documented and aired prior to her trip to Tokyo.

The San Pedro Town Council would like to thank Simone and Mrs. Nellie Biles for the opportunity of this occasion, Mr. Einer Gomez and his staff of Ramon's Village Resort for assisting us with the venue and setup, the Belize Tourism Board for facilitating the visit, the media for covering the event and being cooperative and lastly, our local athletes for being a part of this occasion.

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Re: Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro - 12/02/19 11:32 AM

Gymnast Simone Biles performing flips at the Split on Caye Caulker.

US gymnastics idol Simone Biles has wowed her social media followers by posting a video from her Belize vacation where she landed her signature double-double dismount off a diving platform and into the sea.

Biles, the most decorated gymnast in US history, is seen standing on the edge of a diving platform before hurling her jaw-dropping combo high in the air and splashing into the Caribbean Sea.

“Never be too (sea)rious,” Biles captioned the video, which she proudly shared on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Some users even asked the Olympic champion to take the plunge with the US diving team, where she could bring some gold medal –winning moves in a sport where the US has been less than dominant.

The 22-year-old American, who is preparing for her second Olympics, was the first gymnast to execute a double-double dismount on a beam and extreme triple-double combo on floor.

Biles is the number one candidate to clinch the all-around, vault, beam and floor title in Tokyo, where she is also expected to lead the US squad to yet another team gold.

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Re: Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro - 12/05/19 12:08 PM

Some great photos here in the Daily Mail...

They Belize in love! Gymnast Simone Biles puts on a VERY passionate display with boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr. as the bikini-clad Olympian enjoys a romantic Thanksgiving getaway
Simone Biles has put on a steamy display with her boyfriend of over two years, as the couple took a break from the real world over Thanksgiving week to travel to Belize with family and friends. The Olympic gold medalist, 22, took time off from training to go on a tropical vacation with her boyfriend, former gymnast Stacey Ervin Jr. During the vacation, Simone shared a sweet snap of herself and Stacey, 26, enjoying the beaches of Belize in swimsuits while wrapped in an intimate embrace.

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Re: Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro - 12/06/19 05:42 PM

Simone Biles meets former gymnast champion Alexandra Nicholson

[Linked Image] On her last day on Ambergris Caye, Sunday, December 1st, world-renowned gymnast and Olympic champion Simone Biles visited the Maruba Beach Klub at Secret Beach where she met with proprietor Alexandra Nicholson, a former gymnast champion who was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in August 2002. Biles was accompanied by a U.S press group, who are filming a documentary on her journey to Tokyo. They followed her as she visited a few places around the country, and after a stop on Caye Caulker Village, the Olympic champion decided to visit Secret Beach to meet with Nicholson.

This was the first time either met, and Nicholson said she felt privileged to share some time with her. Nicholson stated that everyone at her Maruba Beach Klub had a wonderful time during Biles’ presence. She felt that she connected with Biles immediately, as they both share experience in the discipline of gymnastics. “Flexibility, and concentration are key when it comes to gymnastics,” said Nicholson. According to her, Biles extended an invitation to visit her gymnasium in Texas, and Nicholson is looking forward to do so before the summer Olympics. Nicholson is former champion in gymnastics and was highly acclaimed by the World Acrobatic Society in 2001 where she was honoured with the title of ‘Acrobatic Legend.’

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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