Justice for Laddie Candlelight Vigil

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Justice for Laddie Candlelight Vigil - 07/20/21 10:32 AM

Happening this Wednesday 6:30PM at Central Park

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Re: Justice for Laddie Candlelight Vigil - 07/21/21 11:12 AM

Permission denied to use Central Park for Vigil. Now to be at the Lion's Den.

Statement by organizers

Unfortunately the elected council has denied us access to use the park for a vigil that calls for justice for Laddie. This town has been certified a child friendly municipality and calling for justice for a child that was murdered at the hands of police is our civic responsibility of every citizen. Furthermore, it's a constitutional privilege of every Belizean to have the right to assemble peaceful and within the previews of the law.

It is heartbreaking and disappointing that such decision was denied under the excuses of a spike in COVID-19 cases, when graduations and parties have been allowed all over the island on the beach and at bars on a weekly basis, without our authorities stopping or saying anything. This is about Laddie and we will carry on honoring the life of Laddie. As such, Notwithstanding , we are happy to say that instead, we will have a drive-through vigil at the San Pedro Lions Den.

We will call for justice for Laddie at any cost!

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Re: Justice for Laddie Candlelight Vigil - 07/21/21 05:24 PM

San Pedro Justice for Laddie event still on at Lions Den…

We urge you to wear your mask, keep your social distance, drop off your candle/flowers and move on, to give as much people a break to pay respect.

Bring your hand sanitizer, if possible but water and soap will be provided to ensure we abide by COVID-19 safety protocols.
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Re: Justice for Laddie Candlelight Vigil - 07/23/21 01:03 AM

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San Pedro holds a wake in protest of Laddie Gillett’s unjustified death

Concerned Belizeans across the country are protesting and calling for justice after police corporal Kareem Martinez allegedly shot and killed 14-year-old Laddie Gillett. His life was cut short when the teenager and his family were visiting Placencia in southern Belize on July 14th. Reports are that Gillett and some friends were running on the beach trying to beat the 10PM curfew when he was killed. The incident has sparked outrage among the Belizean public, and in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Gillett was remembered with a pass-thru candlelight vigil.

Under the hashtag #justiceforladdie the event was held on Wednesday, July 21st, at the San Pedro Lions Den from 3:30PM to 9PM. Several people that drove by blew their horns and stopped to leave a candle, a flower and pay respects to the life of the fallen youth who had a bright future ahead of him. A group of teenagers showed their solidarity with protestors across Belize, showing placards and calling on the authorities to punish the responsible officer.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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