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Posted By: akafiend

Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/13/03 01:57 AM

Have any of you guys heard of them? Are they any good? I e-mailed them for info and they came back with a price for the Sunbreeze which they say includes a single supplement. Now the price they gave me really wasn't bad, especially considering it's high season, but I got on Sunbreeze's website with a link from here and the rack rates show that the rate for a single is actually LOWER than for a double! So why is this travel agent charging me a single supplement? I'm flying from NJ, can anyone recommend any other travel agents? Or do you guys all think it's cheaper just to book the air and hotel myself.
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/13/03 02:04 AM

I have nothing against TA's and there are a couple of good ones hanging around this board, but I personally always book my own, quite happily.

I think you might have already found your answer wink
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/13/03 02:16 AM

Ask hotels you are considering if they have reduced rates should you book directly without a travel agent. Hotels may not advertise that discount on their web page, but they give it when they know that no travel agent is involved.
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/13/03 02:20 AM

Capricorn is one of the oldest and best.I used them a good number of years ago on my first trip..They took care of plenty of details that its nice not to worry about on your first trip.Since then I have happily made my own arrangements.Come on down look around and you will get a good idea of where you would like to stay next time.Not that you can go too far wrong anywhere on the island..
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/13/03 04:17 AM

Take an example and it will make sense : a single room is 40.00 usd (so for one person) and a double is 50.00 usd (so 25.00 per person).... you pay more per person if you are alone in one room than if you were 2 sharing one single supplement... Does it make sense ? :p
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/13/03 01:29 PM

This is how I started to stay at Banana Beach, they do not charge a single supplement. You pay for the room or suite, one price.Which I have found it a better way to go!!!
email me if you need any more info:
[email protected]
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/13/03 03:46 PM

!!! Sunbreeze doesnt charge a single supplement... But the way the travel agent explained it confuses people...
Let's take your example Jackie... You (travelling alone) pay 68.00 for a "verandah room no kitchen" at Banana Beach... 2 people sharing a similar room will pay 34.00 PER PERSON (68.00 per room)... So you paid a single supplement compared to what they paid PER PERSON...
I hate that stupid way of saying "single supplement". People always believe that they pay more than the price of a double room... frown
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/13/03 04:19 PM

With all the info available via the web, I'm amazed that TA's are still in business. I find it very easy to book all hotels & airfare on my own. I actually enjoy doing the research, and finding a good deal. How are TA's staying in business anyway?? The internet must have hurt the TA industry in a huge way.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/14/03 12:07 AM

I am a wholesale travel agent who only deals with Belize. I do not charge a single supplement but many of the larger agencies & wholesalers do. If they show packages with a per person rate, they usually have a supplement for singles for those reasons stated above. I always quote "per room" not per person. Most hotels charge the same or less for a single room. Some of the jungle lodges do charge a supplement for a single room, but none of the hotels on AC do as far (as I am aware.) Feel free to contact me for more info. I am pretty generous with the Belize info and answering your questions (even if you book it on your own!)

Capricorn in general is good. I used to book through them when I was a regular TA - before they became the competition!!LOL.

It is hard for most TA's to stay in business these days. The internet has hit the industry hard and the airlines, car rental companies, etc. have mostly stopped paying commissions too. I am surviving (swamped actually!) because I just do Belize and hit the niche right when tourism to Belize was just taking off. Many people still book through me even though they could do all the research and book it on their own (sometimes even for cheaper) because I have actually been to all or most of the hotels & sections of the country, and try to give honest assessments of the properties and what I think the client would like based on the criteria they give me. Every place looks good in the brochures (or on the websites!) but many people value the description of someone who has actually been there. Plus I do all the work coordinating the transfers, tours, etc. I do not have a service fee - I just do it out of the goodness of my heart, my love for Belize and of course the commissions I get from the hotels & airlines! wink Plus my husband has a real job!! ha ha
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/14/03 12:47 AM

Thanks a bunch for all the info everybody! I appreciate the help.
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/14/03 03:33 AM

I like that discussion !...
How are TA still in business ? A specialized agent has not problem, Barbara K. just showed it...
Just one example : try to get on the net an airline ticket with multiple stops in different continents... laugh
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/14/03 04:20 AM

How does a travel agent stay in business? SERVICE! It's work but somebodys gotta do it! I still prefer an agent for a first time outing or when there are details that are not easy to handle. A good travel agent is worth it..I have a good one
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Re: Capricorn Leisure Travel Agents - 02/15/03 01:39 AM

We have nothing but great things to say about Capricorn. They deal w/the airlines and Capricorn in particular has a great knowledge of Belize. I believe they used to be part of the Belize Tourism board. Two great trips and zero problems. Jenny Pask @ Capricorn is who we/ve used and she is great!!
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