which airport?? to my surprise ...

Posted By: idcanadian

which airport?? to my surprise ... - 03/13/03 07:05 PM

Hi everyone, and thanks for your advice from Canada.

I have started searching and there is more than one airport to arrive in? I have checked out the AA website and trying to make my first time ever trip a reality.

Gail, if you could I wouldn't mind the name of your travel agent. ( I'am from Toronto)

I am right in assuming Ambergris Caye is the preferred place to go?

Anyway, thanks for all replies.
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Re: which airport?? to my surprise ... - 03/13/03 07:53 PM

Dear idcanadian, There is only one international airport but if you are flying from AC to another city it's cheaper to go via the municipal airport even though they stop at the international (you can't get off ther if you've only paid for the municipal trip) Also, although AC is a great place, Belize has other areas that are worth a visit.
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Re: which airport?? to my surprise ... - 03/15/03 12:20 AM

Her name is Christine and she can be reached at
[email protected]
I am at work right now.. ok, just leaving and will get her 1-800 for you later tonite or on the weekend.

As was already mentioned, the International flights all fly into Belize City, International airport, but you can also, go over to the municipal airport and fly to other parts of Belize for a cheaper rate. In my own opinion, it is not worth the hassle, lugging the bags (I always have too much!! hee hee :p ) and the hassle of getting into a cab, going over, lugging the bags again to check in... etc etc.

For those that travel light and have a big group, it could be worth the difference in price. Each to their own on that decision, but me, I just want to get to San Pedro.. cool

I usually go in Feb or Mar but would dearly love to go more often, but still think I would avoid hurricane season. Heard too many stories about that and saw the impact of Keith. There is a saying 'caribbean' rhyme about hurricane season that goes something like .. June too soon, July ... I'll get the full rhyme and post it here later.. it's cute..
Good luck.. and keep us posted on your plans.
Gail smile
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Re: which airport?? to my surprise ... - 03/15/03 09:46 AM

Well, waddaya wanna do? To anwer your question if AC is the place to be...if you want to hang out, dive, snorkle or sun, AC will work. But, do keep in mind, there's a whole, beautiful world inland that you might hate to miss if you have the time to do both. Whatever you do, have a wonderful time.
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Re: which airport?? to my surprise ... - 03/17/03 04:07 AM

In Toronto, call The Adventure Travel Company, they have some great rates with US Air...
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Re: which airport?? to my surprise ... - 03/17/03 05:16 AM

Hi again, IDCANADIAN.. as promised, the number for Christine at Travel Edge is


Best of luck in your trip planning.. Hey, maybe, we'll end up in San Pedro at the same time! laugh
Cheers Gail
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