Water Taxi or Plane?

Posted By: Barb(ie)

Water Taxi or Plane? - 04/23/03 05:00 PM

Which do you prefer, Taking the water Taxi out of Belize City or flying out of the airport on one of those little palnes? I myself enjoyed the water taxi, but Belize city is not one of the countries most beautiful places. Which one would you take if you were bringing a friend who has never been to Belize before?
Posted By: seashell

Re: Water Taxi or Plane? - 04/23/03 05:14 PM

The plane, the plane. There's nothing like seeing the reef from the air. A great way to start your vacation.
Posted By: nameste

Re: Water Taxi or Plane? - 04/23/03 07:53 PM

I took the water taxi to AC and the plane when leaving so I would recommend doing that and you can enjoy the water, see the reef up close & personal and then see it from the air when you leave or vice versa
Posted By: clevelander

Re: Water Taxi or Plane? - 04/23/03 08:30 PM

how does one get a water taxi from the Belize City airport to AC?? how much does it cost?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Water Taxi or Plane? - 04/24/03 12:12 AM

use your search feature - upper right - asked & answered 1000,000,000 times
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