Anyone been to Roatan???

Posted By: Seaislegal

Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/11/03 10:19 PM

We've done AC recently in May of this year and also last year and loved it. But my little crew is itching to try somewhere new for next year at least, though I don't doubt we'll be back to AC shortly after that.

So since this board has been SO incredibly helpful the last two years, and the Roatan ones I have found have been pretty sucky compared to this, I wanted to see if any of my fellow AC fans have ever been to Roatan or have any insight into where to stay there.

So any input is of course appreciated. You can always e-mail me directly versus clogging up this board, and my e-mail is [email protected]

We are looking to stay in the West End / West Bay area and are looking for something with beachfront and definitely A/C, a fridge or kitchen. We stayed at Banana Beach our two times on AC so liked having the fridge and such. We are looking for something like a cabin / cabana or a villa / apt type of accomodations as we'll probably have about 10 adults or so in our crew again.

Anyone know whether you can get Belikens down there??? Still craving the darn things since we got back from AC and I have no idea what type of local beer Roatan has.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/11/03 11:13 PM

you totally boring fart Roatan sucks,and before you ask yes I have been there it is over priced,over there and no fun as it all resort orientated.You will hate it and the beer is crap-all my love Peter
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/11/03 11:17 PM

Come here and stay with us-maybe I will drink another couple of jello shots
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 12:03 AM

Andrea - You just had to expect that from your #1 fan! laugh
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 01:33 AM

Pedro, what a &%[email protected]#$# jerk you are. I take back the one decent thing I said about you. Andrea, I will send a few tips on Roatan. :rolleyes:
Posted By: toad

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 01:39 AM

i hear the skeeters are some bad mofo's
Posted By: seashell

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 03:53 AM

It's the sandfleas, toad.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 02:50 PM

LOL.. wouldn't expect any different response from Peter!!

Heck, we may be back in 2005 or even late 2004 if Delta will ever get its butt in gear and fly to Belize (thats where all my FF miles are).
Anyway, if anyone does have real input about Roatan and hotels in the West End area I'd appreciate it!

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 03:43 PM

I stayed at Anthonys Key with a dive group. The diving was good, but Peter is right about one thing, the vibe of AC just isn't there. If you are going because of diving, go to Utila.

Maybe this will help

you can also access the message board
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 03:51 PM

I've been to Utila and loved it. It's tiny, dirt cheap, and extremely laid back (most of the people we met were European back-packers). Much less civilized than AC, and I dare say, the snorkeling was much better in Utila - you can swim right off the island and find AMAZING creatures and coral. However, I prefer AC for its character and the friendly peeps.
Posted By: Chris

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 04:35 PM

Went to Utila for a few days last year for the first time. Dirt cheap hotels, dirt cheap diving, bloody AWFUL food, all the menu's are the same, greasy fish sandwich, burger, chicken sandwich. And, the MOST expensive Internet cafes I have every been to. $11.00US an hour, all the places there have fixed their rates. No mercy, but there are always lines of backpackers waiting to get on to the Internet....the same people who won't pay more than $5.00US a night per person for a hotel will happily go on line in Utila for 3 hours for 33.00US!!

And, they have their traffic problems too....recently 4 wheelers, golf carts, scooters and pickups have exploded on the island....they do have paved roads, but the roads are about 1/2 the width of the streets here on A.C. Pedestrians find themselves constantly having to step aside to make way for speeding vehicles. There is a lot of resentment about the traffice situation from people who want the old, peaceful Utila to return. You see signs on front yards like "Parking strictly prohibited, offenders will be prosecuted and shot" or "This property is not a U turn zone."

Decent beaches out of town, no beaches to speak of in town, no sandfly problem while I was there, but it was dry season. VERY hot, though.

Good jogging territory, a little hilly, forested, shady in places.

And, did I already say.....AWFUL food. Some things just stick in the memory....
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/12/03 04:49 PM

so Chris, how was the food? haha
Posted By: Eracsder

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/17/03 06:16 PM

I am also planning a trip to Roatan. The link that dbdoberman posted is good but certainly not as informative as this one. Seems like most people opt for the all inclusive. I prefer winging it. So I'll keep an eye out for any other helpful info.

Hasta luego,

Posted By: Ms. Coconuts

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/17/03 07:15 PM

Hi Andrea. I too have been doing research into Roatan and it has been very frustrating! We are definitly spoiled by this incredible site. (How did people plan vacations before the internet?) Anyway, i wanted a place similar to San Pedro, but was someplace new. Roatan seemed too big and touristy so i'm off to Utila. Have you considered it? I'll be back in a few weeks, in case you might want more info on it.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/18/03 01:47 AM

Do some searching on West End, Roatan. I think you will find a place that is not so touristy as you might have thought.

There certainly are a number of dedicated dive resorts on Roatan, but West End is a quaint little village with quite small hotels.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/18/03 02:47 PM

From what I have found and read, Roatan appears more rustic than AC (and their websites prove it). Since only about half of our little group are divers we are looking for somewhere near West End since thats where the nightlife is. Utila is probably too low key for my lot, which is why we like AC versus Caye Caulker. We need a decent selection of bars and restaurants. Anthony's Key looks nice but isn't for us, too isolated and we don't like the all-inclusive thing. It takes away from getting to experience the island as a whole and the different restaurants and bars it has to offer. Lets hope AC continues to stay clear of the AI bandwagon that so many places have gotten on!!

We figured we'd hit Roatan next spring as, since Temtaption Island 3 is filmed there (and the recent UK and Frenche TI's as well), it will probably blow up development wise after that so we wanted to go before that happens.

Some hotels I have found that look decent are Lost Paradise, Luna Beach, Coconut Tree and Posada Arco Iris. West Bay has a great selection but folks keep saying their nightlife is pretty much zero and its expensive to take cabs to west end at night. All the websites and photo links suck compared to this AC site though, which makes it harder to research! Plus their message board doesn't have such colorful personalities.. like Peter's for example <g>

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: Miha

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/18/03 05:23 PM

We are in the same boat as you. We went to A/C last year and loved it, but were looking for something new this year. I have found the following website helpful (but not nearly as much as this message board).
It is a clearing house for Roatan resorts, restaurants, etc.

We can't decide between the small cabanas of Banarama, or the more deluxe digs at Island Paradise.

Keep us posted on what your research turns up.
Posted By: SubmersiErgoSum

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/18/03 11:56 PM


The diving is top notch!

We stayed at the Bay Island beach Resort. And it was terrific.

And I must admit, Im in the same boat as you. looking for a place with a good combination of nite life and rusticness. Which is why Ill be visiting AC in a little over a week. If youll wait till after july 4th Ill give you my unbiased opinion and objective comparison.

Staying at BIBR, it was a hassle catching a cab into town. We visited Luna Beach many times on our morning surface intervals. We got to meet the owner and look around. If they have their dive operation up and running, (it coulda been the owner just talking smack, but who knows?), it should be a quality operation.

Posted By: deano

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/19/03 03:16 AM

There is regular weekly boat service From Placincia on weekends.. We made the trip and it wasn't bad. We stayed on the west end.It is less Tourist infested.There are several reasonable places to stay and the Diving was great. Our only problem was that we only spent the weekend. (The boat leaves Placincia on fri returns on mon) Next time we will stay the week.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/19/03 04:06 PM


How did Luna Beach look accomodation and amenity wise? Is it in walking distance to West End as its noted as being a "stroll to west end" whatever that means!

Posted By: SubmersiErgoSum

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/23/03 08:29 PM

<<<<<<<<How did Luna Beach look accomodation and amenity wise? Is it in walking distance to West End as its noted as being a "stroll to west end" whatever that means!>>>>>>>>>>

OK...None of the resorts from what I saw are luxurious by our standards. But the place looked very comfortable and it looked like they were working hard to add amenities. The big screen TVs were going in while I was there. Comfort and ameneties-wise the place is definitely aimed at we Yanks. Personally, I may be inclined to book there were I to be looking to book another Roatan trip.

As for the stroll they talk about, it IS a fairly long walk, again, by our standards. But its only about 20 minutes. So if I were to be looking into Luna Beach I wouldnt be put off by it.

As for the places to go in West End. There are a few and you can barhop from one to the other in a matter of seconds. As you walk north along the beach from Luna youll find a locals mostly beachside place called Loafer's. Youll then get to the outskirts of town and trek thru till you get to what could be called downtown West End where youll find hostels and bargain hotels where all the europeans hang out. At the southern most end youll find the Swinging Monkey Bar (I believe thats what its called) One 20x20 foot bar and as many chairs, tables and swings as you can fit around it under one little roof. As in...Not enclosed. Further north there are two more large restaurant/bar Carlos N Charlie type place on piers over the water. Maybe one of them is called Fosters??? On weekends these large mega bars have a few "working girls" working so be careful. Then theres the Twisted Toucan on that beachfront street across from those places. Very small and social. My favorite of all these places. Semi enclosed as in only one wall and part of two more.

Hope you have fun,
Posted By: trina

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/25/03 05:16 AM

Roatan is fun. Prettier beaches than Belize. Snorkeling/diving is fantastic. Lots of sandflies though, and town generators (West End) went out 3-4 times when we were there. Make sure you stay in a place which has it's own generator, unless you want to deal with no lights nor fans for hours at a time. Dont' recommend Fosters, it was a bit "iffy". Too high a price for what you get. Check some guidebooks; it was 2000, and I can't remember the names other places to stay. Also, make a reservatin BEFORE you get there. We had lots of trouble finding a place in June. It's a very popular spot for budget scuba divers. wink
Posted By: BrianH

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 06/25/03 12:21 PM

Anyone have comments on Bananarama, good and bad? I'm not a diver, but I do enjoy snorkeling. I'm considering Roatan for next March.
Posted By: SubmersiErgoSum

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 07/14/03 06:58 PM

OK....Now Im back.

I got back from Ambergis last week and Im here to report, It was great.

Comparing AC to Roatan: As much as I loved Roatan, AC was more developed. There were certainly less of the euro-backpacker crowd and more Americans. the absence of the europeans has a tendency to take away from the feel of beinbg somewhere truly foreign.

If I was to go to AC again, I would definitely book a place just south of the cut. The really nice places to stay on AC are north of the cut like Journey's End (where we stayed) but are just too inconvenient to be taking water taxis into town every nite. However this still might be an option as the prices at the resort restaurants can get a little steep. Sixty bucks for a beach bbq buffet for two!?!?! Are you insane!?!?!?

The people on AC are very friendly and I would gladly go back.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 07/15/03 01:00 AM

??Sixty bucks for beach BBQ? Would that be $60.BZ or $60.US?
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 07/15/03 06:54 AM

I noticed a $199 round trip from New Orleans to Roatan advertised by TACA. Rate good until the 1st week of August, I believe.
Posted By: Mel S

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 07/15/03 04:57 PM

Utila was really nice. The fishing and the snorkeling was great ! There were some serious biting insect problems when we were there, because the winds were dead. We traveled via chicken buses started from Chiquimula, Guatemala and ended up jumping on an ancient cesna sky-cab. The Honduran people are very wonderful. With the exceptions of the Honduran soldiers, as they tried to shake me down numerous times to get money, when we were on the road. Overall, I would give the bay-islands a good thumbs up. best-wishes, Mel.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 08/26/03 04:31 PM

I'll be armed with bugspray next year then for sure!!!

One of our group who didn't make it to Belize with us this year is going to stop on AC first, and then go on to Roatan. Wish I had the $$ to do that as well but just bought a house!! AC and Roatan in one trip would be awesome!

Temptation Island starts this Thurs and is filmed on Roatan. One of the hotels they used is Luna Beach so I look forwards to checking that out on TV.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: River Shark

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 08/27/03 05:52 PM

Debbie and I are toying with the idea of Roatan for a week and Utila the next week (hopefully to see whale sharks).
It looks like we are staying at Fantasy Island 5/1-5/8 on Roatan and Laguna Beach Resort 5/8-5/15 on Utila.
If you guys are on Roatan the first week of May maybe we'll run into each other.

The Shark
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 08/28/03 03:09 PM

Yep, we plan on being at Luna Beach first week in May with my crew who were at Banana Beach this May plus some newbies from our friends at home and a couple of other boarders who are wanting to try Roatan as well. Fantasy Island is a nice looking place (went there on a cruise ship stop a few years back) just far from everything. They have a nice beach though and you can always rent a jeep to get around.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: BobS

Re: Anyone been to Roatan??? - 08/28/03 10:49 PM

How is Roatan and Utila pronounced anyone?
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