Water taxi schedule

Posted By: sammy17

Water taxi schedule - 01/05/04 09:53 PM

I did a search and wes not able to find if there is a schedule for the water taxi from belize city to AC?? Thanks so much!
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Water taxi schedule - 01/05/04 10:08 PM

Go by plane from the municipal airport= cost 50bzd one way-far quicker and both airlines fly on the half-hour from 7.30am to 5.30pm
Posted By: sammy17

Re: Water taxi schedule - 01/05/04 10:16 PM

I am trying to figure out the costs. If we come from Tikal to AC, then to fly the entire way it is $88 + $46 (we will be at BZE). If we take the bus ($25) and then fly ($26) or water taxi ($12), it is much cheaper. It is $134 x 2 = $268 for the two of us to fly the entire trip or Bus and water tax ($25 + $12 = $37 x 2 = $74 total for 2 of us). That is a savings of almost $200US. I don't know. That is a lot of money to me!! Any other thoughts??
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