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Posted By: tofino

ATM machines - 02/10/04 05:31 PM

Where will we be able to find ATM machines? Waited too long to order Belizean money from my local bank, so will have to depend on credit/debit cards and cash. I assume we can exchange money at the airport in Belize City. Can we use our cards to get money in San Ignacio? How about San Pedro? Any other ideas most appreciated. Thanks. Leaving one week from today. Can hardly wait.

Posted By: ilandhoper

Re: ATM machines - 02/10/04 05:44 PM

From reading this message board, most people are saying that nearly everywhere on San Pedro takes American dollars and you do not need to exchange. Apparently the exchange rate could make you a dime on the dollar if you know where to get money exchanged, but is not neccesary. I was in San Pedro in 1996 and did exchange some money, but used mostly american dollars. I am not sure about using money from any other denomination. Have fun.......
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: ATM machines - 02/10/04 07:39 PM

As noted, U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere in Belize at 2 BZ to 1 US. No need to exchange money. You'll often get change in Belize dollars, or a combination of Belize & U.S. You can usually do a little better than that rate if you exchange at a casa de cambio, but for small amounts the net difference may not be worth it. The Belize dollar is essentially worthless outside Belize, so except for souvenir purposes don't go home with a lot of Belize currency.

Belize Bank's ATMs (about a dozen around the country, including one in San Pedro) now do accept ATM cards on the PLUS and CIRRUS networks. But ATM machines can be down, so don't depend on them completely. You'll get Belize dollars from the machines.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: MN Jeff

Re: ATM machines - 02/10/04 08:48 PM

My $0.02 worth:

I believe travelers checks in American dollars to be the best bet, assuming you can get them at home for no service fee (local credit unions, AAA, etc, usually offer them free for members). They're safer than cash, and still get you something like $2.05-2.07 BZE for $1.00 US at places like Milo's (a money changer in town). You just don't want to end up with too many BZE dollars at the end of your trip...

Credit cards and ATM's are convenient, but each carries fees that end up getting you less than 2:1 in the end... Just my opinion.
Posted By: klcman

Re: ATM machines - 02/11/04 01:53 AM

And no matter how hard you try to leave with minimal BZ in your pocket, it's virtually guaranteed that over the next month, they will multiply and you will have more than you thought.

Me thinks they are impregnated with special magic stuff to do that so you must go back to spend them!
Posted By: JeanH

Re: ATM machines - 02/11/04 01:59 AM

We ended up short of cash during our trip last June. I ended up going to the bank and gettng a cash advance on my credit card. Sort of expensive, but nice to know there's another way to get cash.

Posted By: California Girl

Re: ATM machines - 02/12/04 06:30 AM

Our recent experience (January '04) is that Traveller's Cheques are great - easy to change at the Banks and easily used at restaurants and stores. Credit cards are also good for purchases. We bought some Belize dollars at the currency exchange in Houston on the way through for tips and the grocery store, etc the night we arrived, then went to Belize Bank on AC the next day. Spent the Belize dollars down the last day and used the last of them at Jet's Bar at the airport. DON'T FORGET THE DEPARTURE can use up your Belize dollars for that, if you need to.
Posted By: Elise W

Re: ATM machines - 02/22/04 04:09 AM

Belize Bank's ATM was working and accepting US ATM cards as of 2/13 (when we were there). But traveller's checks and US cash will work fine almost everywhere.
Posted By: Mambo

Re: ATM machines - 02/22/04 12:47 PM

How much is the departure tax? (Need to be sure we're not out of cash!)
Posted By: seashell

Re: ATM machines - 02/22/04 03:00 PM

I always tuck away my $20 US someplace special in my wallet or luggage to cover my departure tax and have it handy. Of course, this plan was not too effective the time that I had tucked it away so carefully, I couldn't find it until I got home. Now, it's been a few months since I was last there but I've heard unsubstantiated rumors that the departure tax is now $21.50?
Posted By: California Girl

Re: ATM machines - 02/23/04 03:17 AM

Seashell - I think the departure tax is still $20, but there's "Security Charge" to pay for the additional screening they need to do at the airport. When we were there recently it was $1.50 or $2.00. It will probably fluctuate as their costs do. Have fun in Belize!
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