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customs - 02/11/04 04:51 PM

Here is a question to answer. Are there any problems with bringing taned hides into Belize? I have several pieces of hides that I want to bring to my guide or should I send them via mail?
Posted By: captjeff

Re: customs - 02/11/04 05:20 PM

ed I would think not.. if there small just wrap them between your clothes ,if they ask tell them thats your davey crockett outfit for the masquerade fishing party ????? sounds good to me !!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: customs - 02/11/04 05:40 PM

davey crockett! huh! Well that works for me. Hey I can not wait to spend the day or should I say days! on the water with capt. Bicho and son. 31 days and I will be there again it is just too bad we will not be fishing again capt. Jeff but a-lass I guess there is always next year to share a boat! and the good times. Keep your pole in the water and your feet dry! Your friend Doublee
Posted By: captjeff

Re: customs - 02/11/04 05:52 PM

great his son inlaw charlie is runnig the new flats boat catching lots bone fish now ..the weather is now so/so but when no rain showers and winds are calm he says fishing is outstanding ??will be down the 7 to the 15 just will miss ya ..tight lines and good fishing !!!!
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