phone calls to US

Posted By: sabidaddy

phone calls to US - 02/25/04 05:07 PM

Does anyone know the most innexpensive way to call back home to Wisconsin while on AC? Our cell plan is not nation wide. Are calling cards available or what is the best route?

Posted By: ga peach

Re: phone calls to US - 02/25/04 05:42 PM

I don't know, but be careful. I was in Costa Rica recently and had a family emergency at home and made a few credit card and collect calls home (8)short calls....cost me $ thing for sure. Never make a collect call from a pay phone.
Posted By: Phoenix East

Re: phone calls to US - 02/25/04 06:50 PM

They have calling cards around in machines you can use to call out, shouldnt cost too much per minute. Cheaper to use the BTL cards than an ATT because of how they have the contracts with there phone companies. They want you to buy there stuff, its cheaper and works as good. Little tip anyways, you can also rent a cell phone for a few days and charge it with a calling card, surprisingly not too expensive to do either and a nice freedom on the island.
Posted By: nybratt

Re: phone calls to US - 02/25/04 06:57 PM

I just returned from a/c and found the best bet was for $1 us per minute from the internet cafe. i just pulled my golf cart right up, they rang the number for me on their cordless phone. Got to love simplicity...
Posted By: Dan & Jan

Re: phone calls to US - 02/26/04 03:40 AM

We always go to Sam's club and buy a phone card to take with us. I think that we got one last weekend with 800 minutes for around $27. Works gread and you can always use them up at home if you have any minutes left.
Posted By: Redheada

Re: phone calls to US - 03/19/04 04:30 PM

Did the Sams Club phone card work in Belize?
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: phone calls to US - 03/19/04 11:59 PM

We are from Wisconsin - Milwaukee, will be in AC in April, when is your trip?
30 Days and counting for us !!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: phone calls to US - 03/20/04 04:42 PM

capt jeff goes to belize each month ,,here is for me the best option ,if you must call home ..go to# intown coconuts internet,cafe stves place next to mannelys ice cream or island internet ,chris from the boards place a few miles south of town near the new golf place .. only a $1us dollar a min, no hassels ,nice places no street noise clean and they have cold beer/fresh coffee good conversation and are a wealth of knowledge !! go pick there brain free about what to do on the island .. both will help you any way they can ... go live the dream and enjoy ...
Posted By: sandb

Re: phone calls to US - 03/20/04 06:29 PM

If you do a search on this subject you will find plenty of current info on calling home.
The former proprietor of Coconets Internet Cafe advised that recently one is unable to use Walmart/Sams cc from BZE.
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