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Malaria - 03/24/04 09:05 PM

Hi, My hubby and I have 21 days before we arrive in San Pedro smile smile smile We went to the travel medicine clinic and got our Hep A shots and the Dr. said that according to her CDC book the only place in Belise that is malaria free is Belise City. For those who you who malaria an issue in San Pedro.

Thanks alot. Also this board has been amazing in helping us plan our trip.Thanks to everyone for their postings.

Dorothy smile
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Re: Malaria - 03/24/04 09:08 PM

No to malaria on Ambergris Caye. Try a search (upper right) for extensive info.
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Re: Malaria - 03/24/04 09:11 PM

We concur. There will be no malaria problem in San Pedro. No worries.
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Re: Malaria - 03/24/04 09:26 PM

Thanks......San Pedro sounds like an amazing place...Dorothy
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Re: Malaria - 03/24/04 09:50 PM

malaria is bad for you...
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Re: Malaria - 03/25/04 12:58 AM is that why San Pedro is good for you?
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No issue with malaria, but you will with your spelling-BELIZE
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Re: Malaria - 03/25/04 05:03 PM

Rego...We are first timers arriving in 10 days & had concerns about mosquitos in general (which so happen to be the spreaders of malaria) With the help of this board and internet research there seems to be a safe way to deter mosquitos from biting with the use of Vitamin B1 (also called thiamine) Taking over 100mg daily will release sulfur from the skin which these pests dislike. We are taking 200mg daily for 2 weeks prior & continuing throughout our stay. Will let you know how it goes wink
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Belise is used often, don't know when/where/why.

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Re: Malaria - 03/26/04 05:56 AM

Belize in English= Belice in Spanish
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