Be Prepared for New Tourist Fees & Taxes

Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Be Prepared for New Tourist Fees & Taxes - 03/31/04 10:32 PM

Tourism is booming in Belize, and Belize politicians, like pols everywhere, are ready to take advantage of that fact, especially since tourists don't vote locally. Here are some of the new fees and taxes you'll face:

International Airport Departure Tax & Fees: US$35, up from US$20, effective April 1, 2004

Hotel Room Tax: 9%, up from 7%, effective mid-2005

Sales Tax on Most Items: 9%, up from 8%

Archeological Fees: US$5 at most sites, including Xunantunich, Altun Ha, and Cahal Pech, up from US$2.50; at Caracol, fee is US$7.50. Effective April 1, 2004

Marine Park Fees: US$10 to $15 per person per day, depending on the park, effective November 1, 2004.

Land Border Exit Fee: US$18.75, up from US$13.75, in effect now.

There is some good news, though. Visitors going to Mexico from Corozal for less than seven days will not be charged the US$21 entrance fee by the Mexican government.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Be Prepared for New Tourist Fees & Taxes - 04/02/04 02:45 PM

Be Prepared for New Tourist Fees & Taxes

Ohhhh man .... BUT at least it didn't say "tourist fleas" ... hate those pesky lil things!

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Re: Be Prepared for New Tourist Fees & Taxes - 04/02/04 03:00 PM

Are WE There Yet....Did you even go to sleep last night? Or were you spending the night on this board checking it all out? You're up earlier than me...and I usually slleep in, that is , until I ound this wonderful board that can be oh sooooooo addictive. Just as Mikell...I've senn here lurking here befroe & after her trip....which I hope to be doing as well laugh laugh

So what about the new taxes....guess it all from this board and everyone talking about this wonderful corner of the world acalled Paradise wink Perhaps more peple will end up staying having to pay to get out wink

Sooooo...what did you decide on....ARE WE THERE YET??? Or are you going to hang around like I did asking all these wonderful boarders tons of questions so as to plan the best vacation on could ever dream of? Good luck...and I'll have an extra Jumbo Martini to celebrate your arrival laugh laugh ...Goody
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Re: Be Prepared for New Tourist Fees & Taxes - 04/02/04 03:02 PM

appears as if I already had that Jumbo Martini by all the slurring going on in my previous post.....just naturally buzzed as the time gets nearer & nearer to our departure laugh laugh laugh
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