packing question

Posted By: wannaBEthere

packing question - 04/20/04 04:01 AM

okokok ... all kidding aside about ovah packing, I do have a couple of questions:

One, the pics that I've seen in some of the tour ads show folks just a rambling thru the jungle (on their way to the ruins I gather) in shorts ... common sense says "oh my soul a skeeters paradise" ... am I wrong? AND ... if going to Lamanai, sneakers, right?

The other one is, when attending church, how casual is casual? This can be a touchy one, depending on what the local folks wear.

Posted By: NYgal

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 01:26 PM

Sneakers and bug repellant.

Casual dress or attire of choice. No one is out of place, in church. I would think respect is first, clothes a close second smile

No bathing suits without proper coverup. JMHO
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 01:57 PM

Bug repellant????
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 02:12 PM

Thanks NYGal

Wonder if they "edited out" all the skeeter bites that the folks in the pic had to have gotten - yikes!

The church question came as it's been my experience that even in some of the remotest of locations you're still expected to wear a simple dress to church (hmmm ... should clarify that, GUYS excluded)

Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 02:44 PM

It's nice when visitors take care to pay respect. Wear a dress to church.
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 03:38 PM

Tevas or sandles are fine at Lamanai. As long as they are sturdy--socks in a pinch are good
Posted By: larsteph

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 05:08 PM

I actually found that the San Pedrans were better dressed than the tourists. People seem to either wear sandals or no shoes during the week and you see locals wearing shoes to church. I really think there is such a thing as "Sunday-goin-to-meeting" clothes. Nice shirt, sandals and shorts do work though for tourists.
Posted By: goody2shuz

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 05:31 PM

Something I really got a kick out of (& could kick myself for not getting a picture of) was observing the teenage San Pedroan girls and boys in town on a friday night...hanging out in two huddles across the street from each other doing what I would call the "courting" thing. This was on the corner by the ice cream shop on front street. The girls were decked out in their finest...consisting of mini skirts/dress pants with dressy all done with makeup on and what I got a kick out of, high heeled shoes covered with the dust of the streets!!! The boys were across the way in long pants...nice sneakers/shoes and button down shirts. Both groups were doing the giggling thing and going by pairs to each others huddle and then returning to their genders huddle giggling etc. I was fascinated by this scene and could have sat there all night taking it all in laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 06:41 PM

It's not what you wear that's important... it's what's in your heart that's important. I've seen many, many, MANY well dressed heathens in church on Sunday morning. Likewise I've seen many, many, MANY poor souls that didn't have 2 nickels to rub together sitting behind the Sunday morning, best dressed to kill people in the first row.

Now darnit... where's my picture of the sermon on the mount with all those people wearing Gucci and Yves St. Herod?

I know I've made enemies here now... laugh.. Come on we go to church to be dressed up? Who are we impressing?? God?? Remember he delivers us on this earth naked. :rolleyes:
Posted By: evening

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 07:19 PM

Are We There Yet - nope, haven't noticed intense mosquito action at the ruins of Belize...maybe in thicker jungle??? No mosquito bites after spending hours walking around Lamanai in shorts; no mosquito bites after walking around Tikal 2+ days in shorts; 3 Mexican ruins in 3 separate trips - not a one; no mosquito bites in a week at a Belizean atoll; or a week in Ambergris Caye. And, yes, plenty of mosquito bites in non-jungle beach NY environment - so they do bite me.
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 07:34 PM

Did not see one skeeter on AC. Now come to my house 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean north of Boston in August & they almost carry my wife off the porch!! Go figure
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 08:30 PM

I honestly think it's in your genetic makeup. Of all the times I've been down there and in the jungle on tours or whatever... I don't think I've ever been bitten. But I've seen other people, wearing jeans, etc, being bitten left and right... and people sitting right next to them not getting so much as one bite.
Posted By: taagbu

Re: packing question - 04/20/04 09:46 PM

We were there last July and the mosquitos were really bad only when we went mainland. Especially at the zoo!
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: packing question - 04/21/04 04:08 AM

Well hello there Mr Denny, I totally agree. It is the "inside" that's important and I believe the Lord doesn't care one iota what we have on. I also think that it's a "when in Rome thing" and shows respect for a culture when worshipping with them. AND ... gotta love those heathens -they keep my husband in a job! (Plus those of us who slip up every now and then).

Sneakers out ... teva's in!

Skeeters are all gonna be heading to the East coast (USA) and might not know that I'm there.

AND ... remember to watch the the courting behavior of the island lads 'n lassies (take camera so to get a pic for Goody!)

Posted By: evening

Re: packing question - 04/21/04 08:35 PM

I wouldnt go climbing any ruins in Teva-type sandals - talk about potential for injury...

Sneakers with good treads (not the slippery soled Puma type) will serve you a lot better.
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: packing question - 04/21/04 10:08 PM

Climb???? I would have thought that they'd at least have the elevators finished by now.

Sneakers back in .... !

Posted By: klcman

Re: packing question - 04/21/04 11:29 PM

my Tevas have better tracking than sneakers
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: packing question - 04/22/04 03:26 AM

ohhhh myyyyy .... I have it. Sneaker on one foot and teva on the other!


Any bets on which foot gets elevated? Send only small bills pleezeee.
Posted By: evening

Re: packing question - 04/22/04 03:11 PM

klc - was thinking more about the enclosed, support issue than the traction when it comes to Tevas... Shared a wall with a (whining, moaning) woman at the Jungle Lodge last year, who injured herself climbing the ruins in Tevas (I'm talking about the sandals, not the enclosed shoes they make).
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