Posted By: stugatz

Malaria - 12/28/04 04:35 PM

Hello all. I am coming to belize in May and staying at Victoria House and Maruba-Jungle spaand resort for a total of 2 weeks. Absolutely can't wait to visit this pearl of a country. However, upon my visit to my local doctor he recc. taking preventative malaria pills before i go. I really rather not because of the potential side effects. Does anyone have any advice on whether to take the pills or not?? I mean i'm only going to AC and Maruba which is near the coast as well but technically in the jungle. Please all, help me out so i can put this issue to bed. Both resorts say it's not recc., but wanted to get everyone's thoughts, because i hear malaria isn't thatmuch fun.Thanks so much.....
Posted By: wonderwoman

Re: Malaria - 12/28/04 09:43 PM

cool You don't need malaria pills for the places you are going...only if you are going deep in the jungle near Guatemala. Side effects of those are awful too! I got malaria in the jungle up in Mt. Pineridge about 6 years ago...took my pills for 2 weeks and no more problems. But we don't have in A.C. and don't know of anyone who has gotten from Maruba area.
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Re: Malaria - 12/29/04 03:48 PM

My family took our first trip to AC this past October and we took the pills. We had no side affects. My father tried to give blood last week and he was informed that AC is one of the worlds hot spots for Malaria and he would have to wait a full year to give blood. He enjoyed his first trip to AC that he lease a condo for the next ten years. I guess the blood bank will have a long wait.
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Re: Malaria - 12/29/04 04:08 PM

Well.... I've been to AC more times than I can remember and have never had a malara shot. I can't think of one person that I know that has had one. I do know people that have gone into the interior of Belize proper for extended periods and have gotten the shots.

Regulars? Am I wrong here? If so let me know.
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Re: Malaria - 12/29/04 04:52 PM

I have now made over 20 trips to BZ, most lasting 3-6 weeks. Never had the shots, never taken the pills.
My husband has been a full-time resident for almost 3 years now and he got the pills before he went, but never took them.
I did however, get the hepititus series. Not a bad idea anywhere you are, but Belize does have a high incidence of hep.
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Re: Malaria - 12/30/04 01:33 AM

There is no malaria on A.C.!!!!
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Re: Malaria - 12/30/04 07:27 PM

Thanks all. i appreciate the info. What do you all know about Maruba? I've been hearing great things. any advice/knowledge/etc...? also, since im not familiar with the geography, is Maruba considered "inland" or a part of the jungle that it would be wise to get the preventative malaria pills?????
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Malaria - 12/30/04 08:14 PM

Maruba is inland but no malaria pills required or suggested for a short stay.
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