Question for Travel Agents

Posted By: Phil

Question for Travel Agents - 01/02/05 05:33 PM

Is there any way to tell from a guest's airline ticket if they have paid the departure tax as it seems most, but not all, have it rolled into the ticket price.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Question for Travel Agents - 01/02/05 07:03 PM

Almost all the airlines include the $35 departure tax now. USAir is the only one I am aware of that does not. If the taxes add up to about $80 or $90 or more, it is included (unless they have a lot of extra stops on the flights). If they add up to $60 or so, it is not included. The $35 BZ dept tax also breaks down into a few different taxes with code letters, one of which is the "FU" tax (really!) If you see that with a dollar amount before it, it is most likely included.

Should look something like this (with BZ dept tax included):
XT 27.40US 5.00YC 7.00XY 3.10XA
7.50AY 15.00FV 1.30FW 3.80FU
15.00BU 4.50XF
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Question for Travel Agents - 01/04/05 08:26 PM

there you go you heard from the expert!!!! thanks barb... I learn something every day happy new year ..
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Question for Travel Agents - 01/04/05 08:46 PM

I think USAir has just started to include it too. Last fare I checked on USAir for someone had taxes of $97.60 so looks like the dept tax is in there now.

Re: Question for Travel Agents - 01/04/05 09:16 PM

USAir now includes the departure taxes and has since at least November when we were there last. Sure has saved me a lot of the angst I used to have watching some young lady collect piles of US cash literally in a cigar box at the departure counter. I suspect somebody's got a cash flow problem they did not have a few months ago.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Question for Travel Agents - 01/04/05 10:14 PM

Funny story - once when I was departing I paid my dept tax, checked in, etc as usual. They gave us the tickets and we went into the shops in the lobby. About 15 minutes later we hear our names being paged. Someone from Taca came & found us and asked to see our tickets, etc. We gave them the envelope and there inside was all the day's departure taxes in cash. Several hundreds of dollars worth. We hadn't even looked at the envelope when they gave it back to us! Needless to say they were extremely happy they got the $$ back. So Belizean...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Question for Travel Agents - 01/05/05 02:23 AM

I've never even thought to check whether my departure tax was included with my airline fare. I've probably been paying twice over for a long time now.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Question for Travel Agents - 01/05/05 02:50 AM

Last time I flew US Air, a few months ago, they DID include the tax & fees.

Including the tax in the ticket is a great marketing ploy -- many people don't even know they're paying it and even if they do it's a lot less painful than ponying up the US$35 at the airport.

With the addition last year of the so-called airport fee, Belize's international air departure tax is now the highest in the region, and the land departure fee (US$18.75) is also the highest in the region.

--Lan Sluder
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