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Phones? - 02/10/05 12:43 PM

I have a US cell phone (digital and analog), and a European cell phone (works throughout most of the world except US). Which one works on AC?

Re: Phones? - 02/10/05 04:04 PM

Neither. You need to make arrangements with BTL and use their phones (rental). At least that's the way it's been for the past years. I tried to use one of the worldwide rental services three years ago and the only two countries that they could not provide you a phone for were the Bahamas and Belize. Not allowed.
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Re: Phones? - 02/10/05 07:19 PM

Sorry CHOOCHOO, GSM 1900 phones have been working here for quite some time. You always see tourists on their cell phones these days. Not all phones work but most do. If your provider doesn't work but your phone is GSM then you can buy a pre-paid chip for $50BZ (including a $10 calling card) at C's, Sea Turtle or BTL and you're all set. I have a Nokia 7210 that I purchased unlocked in the states and it works fine.

Re: Phones? - 02/10/05 08:39 PM

Well I'll be diddle dogged damned. So what you are telling me is since I have a new Motorola GSM 1900 protocol phone that all I need do is go to the BTL office in SP (that in itself is an interesting experience), buy the $50BZ prepaid chip, jam it in the back of my phone and it should be good to go? What is BTL's minute charge for cell phone usage?

This could be interesting.

Re: Phones? - 02/10/05 09:09 PM

Well, well, well. My carrier (Cingular) would be just more than happy to register my phone for international use. Calls to and from my cell phone in BZ would only be $2.00US a minute. I'll stick with the internet phone hookups, thank you.
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Re: Phones? - 02/10/05 09:39 PM

C's Phones and CDs across from Milo's Money Exchange on Middle Street offers SIM Packs (prepaid chips) and also GSM phone unlocking.

Most providers lock their phones to their network. Unlocking unrestricts this feature not affecting your US based service.

Some providers offer roaming.

Phone rentals are also available here for $US10 per day.


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Thanks. Does that SIM chip from C's act as a temporary connection to the BTL network? In other words all I'd be interested in is having my cell for local in-country BZ calls which would still have a toll, but not at $2.00US a minute.
(You know, now I'm beginning to wonder what the hell I'm doing. I've been very happy in SP the past twelve years or so WITHOUT my cell phone. In fact the difficulty of my business calling me from the States, or me calling anybody else, was always one of the irreplacable charms of AC.)
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Re: Phones? - 02/10/05 10:26 PM

now you're thinking!
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Re: Phones? - 02/11/05 12:57 AM

ChooChoo I live in the only dead air space in Florida (took me 2 days to convince AT&T of this)some things are mean't to be.. wink
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Re: Phones? - 02/11/05 01:25 AM

Your GSM phone with a BTL prepaid SIM will work on the local network. You will be able to receive calls for free (Int'l) for any length of time.

You will have a local number like 601-xxxx. From the US 011-501-601-xxxx.

Local calls can be made for $US.43 (max/peak) per minute.

Credit Card calls are free also.

Calls to the US are not cheap, but reasonable.

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Re: Phones? - 02/11/05 01:56 AM

With the new developments with Prosser and BTL, I think we can all just make our payments directly to the Belize government officials. Or should I not say that?

--Lan Sluder
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