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Posted By: Maresman1

Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/20/05 06:12 PM

Well after reading such great reports on this board, we (wife,daughter and I)are headed to AC on June 13 for 2 weeks. Really looking forward to the adventure.

We will be staying at Banyan Bay. My question is how do we get to AC via ferry or water taxi? Did not find any schedules. I would rather fly, but my daughter will not get on a small plane and says that the water taxi should add to the adventure laugh I know that bad weather can make the water trip messy, but flying with her on a small plane in bad weather is more risky wink

What would you suggest? Thanks for the help.

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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/20/05 07:42 PM

As an aside, small planes are actually much safer than the big ones. They also offer a very good ride, if the weather is not too bad, and a tremendous view. Also, one of you may just get the co-pilot seat! That would also add to the adventure.
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/20/05 10:26 PM


Thanks for your comments, I agree with you. However, I cannot convince my daughter of this. She insists on going by water taxi.
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/21/05 01:14 AM

Caye Caulker water taxi departs from Belize city down by the swing bridge, leaves at 8am, 9am, 10:30am, 12noon, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm. 17.50 us per person one way, you will have to take a cab from International airport to Bze city, cab costs around 20.00 us. I hope this info is current, if not someone will post the correct scoop. Have fun. laugh
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/21/05 03:08 AM


Thanks for the info. I will continue to try to talk my daughter into flying, but this option will help her feel better.

Thanks again, MM1
Posted By: tymish

Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/21/05 08:57 PM

I flew to AC on the 14 passenger Tropic Air. First time in a small plane. It was a very nice flight since the weather was perfect. Like floating compared to a big jet. You can see so much more. Leaving Caye Caulker we flew back to Belize City in a tiny 3 seater. Again great weather and a smooth flight. The water Taxi can be a hot, crowded, long and bumpy ride but it can be fun I guess.
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/21/05 09:27 PM

I have the same feelings about small planes as your daughter however now that I have made the flight to AC from the international airport it is one of my favorite things about visiting Belize. The flight only takes about 20 minutes and the view is absolutly beautiful. She will be enjoying looking out the window at the teal/transparent waters so much that she won't even know she's in the air.
Posted By: Clock

Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/22/05 04:20 PM

Maresman 1,

Like your daughter, I am not a big fan of small planes but will be taking the tropic flight out of international on june 12 I see it as part of the adventure. Will be at seven seas until the 26th, let's hookup so I can hear your daughters thoughts on small plane or water taxi. This is my first visit and I cannot wait.
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/22/05 10:29 PM


This will be our first visit also. Maybe we can get together at BC's or somewhere else in town for a cold one. I am still working on her to see if she will try. She has never been on a prop before and she heard about the Tropic Air incident a few weeks ago.

See ya there, MM1
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/22/05 10:37 PM

Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/22/05 11:38 PM

It was terrible the drinks attendant broke her fingernail -I have never witnessed so many tears-I believe she had to have three weeks off work.

Under the new Bywarren dictatorship- Pedro/Tim gov. -crying is not allowed and all women have to go by boat
Posted By: Maresman1

Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/24/05 06:15 AM


My daughter saw a report on the internet that stated that a Tropic Air flight trying to land at AC crash landed in the water just short of the runway about 2 weeks ago. Reportedly due to wind sheer from a moving storm. No one was killed but people were injured. This kind of put her off on the flight to AC. Don't know if it's true or not. But it def put her off on puddle jumpers.

Posted By: JeanH

Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/24/05 02:40 PM

Actually, I think the plane went down right after takeoff from the municipal airport. I'm sure it was a terrifying experience, but I somehow find it reassuring that there weren't any serious injuries. That sure doesn't happen when the jets go down.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/24/05 03:03 PM

One more thing, the last boat from Belize City, does not go all the way to San Pedro, it stops at Caye Caulker. The last boat going to San Pedro leaves Belize City at 4:30 p.m.
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/25/05 02:11 AM

I don't know if this will help, but I do not like to fly at all. I have to take a valium to get on a jet! For this reason, we took the water taxi from Belize City to AC. First of all, the taxi car ride from the airport to the water taxi terminal was more terrifying than any plane ride I have been on, the guy drove like a lunatic! The water taxi ride was not fun at all, it took 1 1/2 hours in the hot sun. The seats are not padded, they are fiberglass and after a long day of travelling it was not a good experience. We took the Tropic Air puddlejumper back to Belize City at the end of stay and it was a fine experience. I did take my usual valium, but I was even looking out the window the entire time (after take off). It was an awesome experience. Not sure how old your daughter is, any chance she can get a prescription from her doctor for valium or something else of that sort that would relax her?
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/25/05 02:01 PM

Eureka, I think that we have done it. Thanks for all of your suggestions and comments. My daughter has agreed to fly. Special thanks to Reaper who sent me a PM that explained alot. I passed all onto my daughter and she said let's give it a try. Now I have to make arrangements with Tropic.

Thanks again, MM1
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Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/25/05 03:37 PM

Congratulations to your daughter, see you in SP in june for a cold one.
Posted By: Maresman1

Re: Belize City to AC Ferry - 04/25/05 09:29 PM


Thanks, that's a roger. Soon as I get all of the arrangements in order, I will send you our contact info. See ya there.

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