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Posted By: krehfish

tropic air info - 06/14/05 10:56 PM

Does any one have an alternate website/email for tropic air? I'm rerunning the problems I had last March trying to schedule a reservation. I did try the link on this site w/o luck. Also tried e-mails and reservation forms on a couple of google results which came back undeliverable.
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: tropic air info - 06/14/05 11:03 PM

This e-mail has worked for me in the past... [email protected]
Posted By: klcman

Re: tropic air info - 06/14/05 11:44 PM

kreh - where are you staying? Most hotels will book it for you and simply add to your account. Same fee (and will have a taxi wating for you as well).
Posted By: Placidguy

Re: tropic air info - 06/15/05 02:49 AM

Just curious... we're arriving on a Saturday in late October.. are reservations really needed to fly from BC to AC at that time of the year... ???
Posted By: klcman

Re: tropic air info - 06/15/05 02:53 AM

$100 US says you can walk right to the counter & get on a plane....within an hour
Posted By: Sam Scuba

Re: tropic air info - 06/15/05 04:26 AM

I recently went on their website and requested reservations for two passengers. Then I was contacted by email ([email protected]) by a nice woman named Lizzet who faxed me a credit card payment form. We had an exchange of emails over 3 days, but we finally concluded our business by email and fax. I was actually buying tickets for someone else's travel next month. When I travel to San Pedro, I let the hotel make the reservations and add the cost to my bill. I'm just risk averse enough to need to have reservations, but Tropic Air seems to be very accommodating to anyone who needs a ride.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: tropic air info - 06/15/05 12:58 PM

They have an 800 number smile
When in doubt.... call
Posted By: E&T

Re: tropic air info - 06/15/05 01:49 PM

Placidguy---I,m arriving with a group of about 45 on a Saturday in late October. While it's not usually busy that time of year, if your there at the same time as us without a reservation, it could be a long wait. Usually takes Tropic about 2 hours to get us all over to the island. Just in case, I'd make the reservation. It only takes a couple of minutes to be safe. If you arrive earlier than expected, they'll move you up to an earlier flight to the island.

Re: tropic air info - 06/15/05 02:05 PM


As usual just make sure you leave the place clean when you depart. Arrive 11-2, tell Charlene to put one on my tab.

Posted By: krehfish

Re: tropic air info - 06/15/05 02:41 PM

Finally got through on the e-mail address above. thanx
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