Flights from Honduras?

Posted By: Bobber

Flights from Honduras? - 07/03/05 02:48 PM

Our group is in the process of putting together our winter vacation, tentatively a week in the bay islands backed up by a week in Ambergris to wind down. Anyone have any idea on the best way to get to Ambergris from the Honduras?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Flights from Honduras? - 07/03/05 04:46 PM

TACA airlines would be my bet, $211US from Guat City to Roatan, Saturday's only. Tikal Jet from Belize City to Guat City.

I think there is also a ferry from Punta Gorda to Roatan, or at least to Puerto Barrios and then on to Roatan.
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: Flights from Honduras? - 07/03/05 06:05 PM

A year ago May I did that same trip. Two weeks on Roatan then one week on AC. I just went to the Roatan airport (no reservations) and caught a flight to San Pedro Sula on Islena Air. Islena is owned by Taca. It's very similar to Tropic and Maya Island flights.
I made reservations for the SAP to BZE flight as there was only one flight a day. They might have added more since then. An overnight at Microtel Hotel and catch the early morning flight to Belize City. The hotel is a short cab ride from the airport and has a restaurant onsite.
There is a ferry from La Cieba to Punta Gorda I believe. Several local people told me it was an easy trip. It might be something I will do on future trips.
I'll be happy to give you more details if you want. smile
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Flights from Honduras? - 07/03/05 07:13 PM

$161 RTB to SAP, $228 SAP to BZE = $389

$211 RTB to GUA, $155 GUA to BZE = $366

Not much of a difference either way but at least Islenutt has done the trip so you know what to expect.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Flights from Honduras? - 07/03/05 08:00 PM

Thanks for the input. We are still in the planning stages, so this info will come in handy.
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: Flights from Honduras? - 07/04/05 06:18 AM

However you do it... getting to AC is worth the effort. laugh
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