Tourist visa needed....??

Posted By: Moon

Tourist visa needed....?? - 10/21/05 01:20 AM

I was just reading a post by Jesse responding to the residency requirements for AC and he mentioned:

".... If you simply come here and stay, renewing your tourist visa every 30 days ......"

We have our first trip booked to AC for early December and I haven't done a thing about getting a visa - is this necessary for a 9 day holiday (2 coming from US, one w/US passport, one w/UK passport)?

As I've booked the trip myself w/o travel agent I hadn't thought about visas, only any medical requirements.

Could someone point me in the right direction linkwise or let me know on the board here if we should also be obtaining visitors' visas?


Posted By: SimonB

Re: Tourist visa needed....?? - 10/21/05 01:49 AM

When you enter the country you're stamped with your arrival date and your expected date of departure. That's your tourist visa. If you want to stay longer you go to the immigration office to get it renewed.

Posted By: Moon

Re: Tourist visa needed....?? - 10/22/05 02:25 AM

Thanks Simon! I had visions of us getting all that way and being rejected before we got there, if you see what I mean!!!

Glad to hear Wilma's not trashing you from the other posts!

All the best,


(Another 2 weeks and we can start crossing days off on the calendar, once we get to 30 days before our trip..... can't wait!)
Posted By: Hon

Re: Tourist visa needed....?? - 10/22/05 01:52 PM

Moon, you know that you need a passport, right?
Posted By: Moon

Re: Tourist visa needed....?? - 10/22/05 05:02 PM

Yes, thanks Hon! I'm on UK passport, husband on US. I always take mine if I leave the US - even to Canada, although it's not necessary! Plus which, I like all the stamps!! LOL!! That way in my dotage I can see where I've been!


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