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US ATM/DEBIT CARDS - 10/26/05 09:28 PM


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I have a question for any of the US folks on the board. I'm coming to AC in November, and i'm wondering whether US ATM cards/debit cards work on AC, both in the ATM machines and at hotels/businesses? I've heard conflicting reports... Thanks, DS
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Re: US ATM/DEBIT CARDS - 10/26/05 09:32 PM

Thanks Jesse. Terrible with computers and the add topic button was not letting me create a new one. Hopefully someone can answer this for me.
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Re: US ATM/DEBIT CARDS - 10/26/05 10:49 PM

We used our ATM/check card to get cash (in Belize $) from the Belize Bank on Front Street. It works 24/7. You do have to put your card in a slot to open the door to the machine. Also, hotels and at least bigger restaurants and shops accept, but there is a service charge that varies. Remember, that's Belize $, so if you put in $200, you get $200 Belize.
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Re: US ATM/DEBIT CARDS - 10/27/05 05:54 PM

I second what kris48 said. We did the same - no problem.
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Re: US ATM/DEBIT CARDS - 10/28/05 03:33 PM

Awesome. Thanks everyone!
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Re: US ATM/DEBIT CARDS - 10/28/05 04:24 PM

Just remember there is a daily limit on withdrawals, 500 BZe per day, at the ATM
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