Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15

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Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/18/05 04:28 PM

America Hits High Gear in Time For Winter Travel
Flights to Antigua; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Managua, Nicaragua are among new routes on sale

ATLANTA, Nov. 17, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- In one of the largest one-month expansions in its history, Delta Air Lines this weekend will accelerate the pace of its growth into the Caribbean and Latin America with the inauguration of the first of seven hot new routes scheduled to begin within the next 30 days. New daily non-stop service between Atlanta -- and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic leads the expansion on Saturday, Nov. 19, with additional sizzling new service to six more destinations scheduled to begin by Dec. 18. Other new routes include:

-- Atlanta-Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (effective Dec. 1)

-- Atlanta-Barbados (effective Dec. 8)

-- Atlanta-Managua, Nicaragua (effective Dec. 15 (See note))

-- Atlanta-Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (effective Dec. 15)

-- Cincinnati-Los Cabos, Mexico (effective Dec. 17 (See note))

-- Atlanta-Antigua (effective Dec. 18)

Note: Subject to foreign government approval

In addition to these new routes, during November and December Delta also is increasing service to many of its other popular Latin America and Caribbean destinations:

-- Atlanta-St. Maarten (expanded to daily, effective Nov. 19)

-- Atlanta-Mexico City, Mexico (third daily flight, effective Dec. 1 (See note))

-- Cincinnati-Montego Bay, Jamaica (expanded to five times per week, effective Dec. 1)

-- Atlanta-St. Lucia (expanded to daily, effective Dec. 1)

-- Atlanta-Belize (expanded to daily, effective Dec. 15)

-- Atlanta-Santiago, Chile (second flight three times per week, effective Dec. 15)

Note: Subject to foreign government approval

To highlight these great locations, for a limited time Delta is offering special low air fares to each of these destinations.

Sample one-way sale air fares (based on a round-trip purchase) Atlanta to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $149 Atlanta to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic $129 Atlanta to Barbados $180 Atlanta to Managua, Nicaragua $162 Atlanta to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico $206 Cincinnati to Los Cabos, Mexico $251 Atlanta to Antigua $158 Atlanta to St. Maarten $229 Atlanta to Mexico City $176 Cincinnati to Montego Bay, Jamaica $154 Atlanta to St. Lucia $242 Atlanta to Belize $192 Atlanta to Santiago, Chile $347
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Re: Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/18/05 04:34 PM

Just checked this out. Some great deals if done before thend of Spring 2006. Thanks Simon!
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/18/05 04:57 PM

But, be careful
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Re: Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/18/05 05:20 PM

Wow, haven't read the onion in years.
Happy to see it hasn't lost that sick and twisted slant. :-)
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Re: Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/18/05 05:31 PM

But, be really careful. Yesterday, one of their attorneys, Jack Dahleger (sp?), said this on NPR's Morning Edition:

"If we don't get our costs down to a level that they match our revenue, then the future is bleak."

I dunno, maybe it's just me. But I run a couple of businesses (successfully, so far) and just making costs match revenues don't exactly, say, feed the kitty. wink
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Re: Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/18/05 06:48 PM

Well, if Delta stays in business for a bit longer I can take advantage of frequent flyer miles just given to me by a friend who says he's through flying (he just retired). I have a free trip somewhere in the caribbean or Central America! Wooooo Hooooo! laugh
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Re: Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/18/05 07:55 PM

Wooo Hooooo is right. Just booked my "free trip" to AC for August. Cannot believe that AA Advantage awards are booking that far out.
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Re: Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/18/05 08:46 PM

Found that if you can not get your free ticket when you call in, call again in a few days, early in the day if you can. Have also found that the phone is better then the internet for Frequent Flyer awards. The agents seem to be able to look at more variations, such as partners, alternative dates and such. I have had this work even last minute.
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Re: Delta Goes Daily Effective Dec. 15 - 11/20/05 02:47 PM

LOL doesnít that just figure! I have 400-500K Delta miles but had to book with AA since Deltaís Saturday only schedule didnít work for our group!

Oh well if AC lives up to itsí rep on here Iím sure Iíll be backÖ

10 days and countingÖ
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