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Posted By: 1BKeeper

Delta Flights - 01/08/06 02:51 AM

Any problems with and/or accolades for the fairly new (since Dec. 15) daily flight on Delta from Atlanta to Belize and/or back? I want to be prepared. 32 more sleeps!
Posted By: Arcadia

Re: Delta Flights - 01/08/06 09:37 AM

Check your flight times. Delta has changed ours twice, the last change gave us about 10 minutes to catch our connection in Atlanta. Now we leave SP one day and get home the next.
Posted By: marge

Re: Delta Flights - 01/08/06 04:07 PM

Me too! Our flights were changed too and we hadn't even landed yet in Atlanta and our connecting flight to Belize was already gone. I called their toll free number and they changed my flights to better times and gave us premium seats (up front) at no extra charge. Call!!!
Posted By: 1BKeeper

Re: Delta Flights - 01/08/06 04:59 PM

Thanks, Chivas and Marge. So far our flights have been changed once and our connection times shouldn't be a problem....other than a long one (over 5 hours in ATL) on the way down. I figure we will be able to eat breakfast and lunch and have a good nap there! Coming home it is about an hour and a half. I will keep checking until time to go.
Posted By: Mystkl1

Re: Delta Flights - 01/11/06 03:24 AM

We flew down on Christmas day and back on New Years day.
Our flights were booked online back in the summer. After the bankruptcy filing we were concerned so we double checked our schedule and completely freaked out when we went online to review our itinerary. There were some conflicts with flights like everyone has mentioned before, but we caught them early enough (sometime in October) and called their toll free number. They were very accomodating, and subsequent checks on our online itinerary continued to show us "confirmed" for the proper flights. The flights themselves were fine.
I would suggest just continuing to confirm the flights.
One other mention an hour and a half layover and I'm assuming that this is in Atlanta. When we landed, there were thunderstorms, so the baggage handling crews were sent back inside for safety reasons. This delayed our checked items from getting into the baggage claim area. When we finally claimed our luggage, we were kind of scrambling to get through customs and get our luggage rerouted back to our flights. We made it, but it reinforced the "carry-on" philosophy.
Posted By: marge

Re: Delta Flights - 01/11/06 04:07 AM

No I'm concerned about our dive gear bags making it on the same Tropic Air flight. I envy vacationers you can travel with carry-on only. We can't. Two suitcases with all our dive gear and two suitcases for clothes, shoes, etc. Will all our luggage be allowed on the flight with us on Tropic Air? Two bags each.
Posted By: 1BKeeper

Re: Delta Flights - 01/11/06 06:24 AM

Marge, we have always taken the baggage limit and it all went on Maya so I assume the same for Tropic. I have never been very good at packing lightly. If for some reason they don't, the flights followed each other pretty quickly it seemed.
Thanks, Mystkl1. I will continue to check the times. I'm just glad the hour and a half layover is on the way home and not on the way down! If there is a problem, it won't be as painful! Rather than your thunderstorm, I have my fingers crossed against snow/ice for February. It worries me that we are having such mild weather in VA right now. I want to get winter over with!
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: Delta Flights - 01/11/06 06:51 AM

Marge, I hate not getting my dive gear and clothes when I arrive somewhere!! It really delays your fun. Have you ever tried packing your dive gear and some clothes/necessities into a travel on and having the rest i.e.bath items/clothes, etc in a Backpack? It works as a seconadry carry-on. Just use it like a purse!!
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Delta Flights - 01/11/06 09:02 PM

Yep. I bought a baseball sports bag for a carry on. It's long enough for fins, mask & snorkel. Meds, a change of clothes and some personal items. That way if checkin luggage was delayed, you're not totally stranded, and you can still have fun in the water.
Posted By: john robertsdenver

Re: Delta Flights - 01/15/06 07:41 PM

Marge, not to worry, all your gear will follow you if not on the first flite then on the next flite 30 min later or so...john in denver
Posted By: marge

Re: Delta Flights - 01/15/06 09:59 PM

Will we have to wait at the airport to collect it or will someone deliver it to us?
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