Tropic air question

Posted By: jaybug

Tropic air question - 01/09/06 03:29 PM

When it is time to go home frown how much time do I have to allow myself at the San Pedro airstrip before the Tropic air flight to BZE airport? And for that matter at BZE? I know here in the states they say 1 1/2 to 2 hours, I am just wondering how that goes in Belize?
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 03:43 PM

To be safe, I would allow 30 minutes at SPR and 1:45 minimum at BZE. My wfe and I only allowed 1:15 at BZE and it was too close for comfort.
Posted By: jaybug

Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 04:21 PM

Thanks Otteralum!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 04:29 PM

If you have a reservation on Tropic to go back to international in Belize City 15 minutes is adequate. However, if you are coming down from the north you MUST allow for as much as an hours delay at the pull ferry. At the international they insist on 2 hours and people have been refused check in if they cut it less. Better be safe than sorry as you can't just 'hop on' the next flight out.
Check in and go through security and browse the gift shops inside - I found the best buys in there.
If you want to eat, check in but do not pass through security and walk (no elevator) upstairs to the restaurant upstairs. Decent food, good service and no gouging on the prices.
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Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 05:26 PM

Thanks Scuba Ldy. Do I have to figure in the hour on the pull fairy if I am taking the island ferry from my resort dock? Or if that doesn't fit into my time table a water taxi? I really can't see us dragging our luggage the 5 miles down the beach to the pull ferry!
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Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 05:28 PM

fairy! I am silly...ferry is what I meant. Although it would be nice to have a fairy take us around!
Posted By: clover

Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 05:36 PM

Be careful what you wish for! I don't want to go anywhere with a fairy!
Posted By: jaybug

Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 05:57 PM

Clover! Be nice... smile
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 07:03 PM

Definetly need a good hour and a half-two hours at BZE!! It can take a while to get everything taken care of there.
Posted By: jaybug

Re: Tropic air question - 01/09/06 08:20 PM

Thanks all. Just to be safe I am going to give myself 30 minutes in SP and 2 hours in BZE. I would rather be safe than sorry...I am not going to want to go home anyway so no matter what time it is it is going to stink.
Posted By: Mystkl1

Re: Tropic air question - 01/11/06 03:45 AM

Our flight times didn't seem to present any problems and we checked in with Tropic 1/2 hour prior to our flight to Belize City. This put us in about 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to departure. The problem several of us had was that one of our pieces of luggage did not make it on our Tropic flight back to Belize City. If you are checking baggage, make sure that all of your pieces are on the same flight that you are. We had to wait over an hour for our last piece of luggage. By this time, we were within 45 minutes of flight time. Since we still had to go through security and check in for our flight, it was cutting it WAY too close.
BUT, it all worked out!
Posted By: marge

Re: Tropic air question - 01/11/06 04:16 AM

Oops, I posted this same question on the Delta question. Here goes. Can we take all of our luggage with us on the tropic air flight. Two dive bag suitcases and two suitcases for two people?
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