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Posted By: 1BKeeper

Delta Flights - 03/28/06 09:20 PM

I just tried to check fares on and it said that Delta only goes to BZE on Saturdays.
Have they really stopped the flights on other days or does the website need updating? Do they just make daily flights during peak season? (We flew Delta in February and neither day was a Saturday.)
Has anyone else seen this?
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Delta Flights - 03/28/06 09:24 PM

I can't answer about Delta but will say that I have noticed several of the airlines adjusting thier schedules due to the peak or high seasons. It's very common.
Posted By: Gela

Re: Delta Flights - 03/28/06 09:55 PM

I know American airlines has added and removed flights to Belize depending on season from Dallas. Doesn't surprise me that Delta would also. Last year we had to modify our visit because they eliminated our flight that day.
Posted By: GBZ39

Re: Delta Flights - 03/28/06 10:23 PM

We were rescheduled from Wed to Thursday at the beginning of this month from BC.
Posted By: bennyboy96

Re: Delta Flights - 03/28/06 10:42 PM

My friends were taking Delta in on a Thursday and out on a Monday, and Delta changed to only Saturday flights. We had to change to Continental.
Posted By: JeanH

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 12:44 AM

Continental is a great choice, if you have Continental at your local airport.....
Posted By: hschim

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 12:47 AM

US Air just cancelled our flights (including our wedding guests), now the price has doubled :-(
Posted By: catdog

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 01:39 AM

hschim, your post concerns me as i will be flying USAir for the first time.(I'm usually a Continental flier). Had you already booked and paid for your flight and now you have to re-purchase at double the price? If you could take a moment to tell me what happened I would appreciate it. thank you
Posted By: hschim

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 02:02 AM

Here are the details - I just hope you aren't flying US AIR during a weekday this summer!!!

About 12 of us booked on US Air in the beginning of Feb for the week of June 20th (various times). Price was $344, from BWI. Early March, one of our friends randomly logged onto USAir to look up what time our flight was so she could do some advance planning. She got worried when it showed only the first leg of the one stop flight (Charlotte). She called US Air, and they tried telling her that she only booked a flight to Charlotte.

After THREE hours on the phone the first night, then a couple more the next day, with different answers from the reps, I found out they have cancelled mid-week flights to Belize during the summer (they flew during the week last year). They were not helpful in trying to help us find alternative flights on other carriers. They wanted me to rearrange our schedules so we could fly during on a Saturday with them! I explained our rehearsal dinner was on Friday night...they told me to move it!??!?!

NO ONE EVER CONTACTED ANY OF US. One of my friends just called for her refund the other day - she never got a call from them. Thank goodness for my friend checking on the time, I'm not sure if they would have called us!

Needless to say, after many hours of headaches, and not to mentioned each of my wedding guests spending time on hold trying to get a refund, we are hoping prices come back down on the other carriers. As of right now, one stop flights that week are about $700!!

Yes, I'm bitter ;-) I would DOUBLE and TRIPLE check on your flight, especially if it is early June (which is when I think it is effective)...not sure when weekday flights are to resume.

Good luck.
Posted By: 1BKeeper

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 02:16 AM

Thanks, All.
Our trip isn't until next February, so maybe the daily flight will resume by then. Our airport is small and only has Delta and USAir, and last year USAir was high and Delta was higher and only had Saturday flights. Then in November the Delta rates went down and they started making reservations for daily flights beginning December 15. I hope that it will happen again.

We had hoped for USAir again because CLT is so easy for our connecting flight, but those prices stayed too high from our airport. It would be great if those fares would go down at some point this year. I check the rates often! A couple of our friends flew out of DCA on USAir (the prices dropped for up there in December) and got better fares than the rest of us did on Delta and American.

We have flown American with no problems either, but had to spend the night in Raleigh the night before and then were very late getting back to our hometown after the trip.

Gela, I hope that it added a day to your trip and didn't take a one away!
GBZ, I am sorry that you lost a day of your trip.
bennyboy96, I hope that the change to Continental was a good one!
hschim, I am sooo sorry to hear that USAir canceled your flight. I would think that they would do something to make it right for you!

Thanks for your replies.
I am going to look around to find the closest place around here with Continental!
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 11:34 AM

1BKeeper, where in VA do you live? We get great flights out of RCI, and DCA. We are an hour from Richmond, and two from DC. But, the flights start early, and last allllll day (at least it seems to be all day). We got a USAir milage card this past summer, but even though we have enough miles for at least one ticket, we can't book one, because of their cancellations. AA has always been a good server, and we'll definitly go back to using them again. Last check, Travelocity had fare from $355 (of course, plus tax) from DCA to BZE. We wanted to go through Charlotte cuzz we have kids and grandbabies there, but no go. From RCI it's over $600. But, the prices always come down after holidays, and Easter/spring break will be over soon. It might be worthwhile to wait until after then to get your tickets. Airlines can sure screw up plans, can't they?
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 12:08 PM

Continental has RT from DCA for 448.10 total, right now via travelocity. It's worth a look.
Posted By: lakegirl

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 10:55 PM

We had to change our flight mid march from Delta to Continental because Delta changed the schedule and had us spending the night in Atlanta which we wanted no part of. We received a full refund and booked on Continental which turned out to be cheaper!! We had never flown with Continental and thought they were great, no problems down or back, we will fly them again!!!
Posted By: ldydiver

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 11:09 PM

We are leaving next week and booked on US Air. I just re-confirmed my flights (2nd time) and found out 2 things

1. My flight out is leavnig 15 minutes early. Not a big deal, but you would think they'd let me know

2. My connection in Charlotte just got squeezed to 25 minutes. I would imagine there is no way I'm going to be able to get off my flight from Belize and make it to my next flight in 20 minutes. There doesn't appear to be a later flight.

Am I correct that the flight from Belize will land at Charlotte's International Terminal? Does that mean I have to go through customs in Charlotte?

Had I not seen this thread, I wouldn't have even checked. One would think one confirmation would be enough. There has been NO communication from US Air. Now I have to do battle and try and get a different return flight. Either way, I'm going!!
Posted By: mrav8tr

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 11:10 PM

There are 5 of us coming in May on Continental and they have been changing the departure times on all of our flights (One has been changed twice already). The last change only allowed us 6 minutes to get through Customs in Houston and board our connecting flight. They didn't contact us to tell us, I just happened to check on our flights (anxious I guess). When I called the options were 1) Come home 2 days earlier 2) Stay overnight in Houston 3) Cancel and get a refund. We got a really good rate so don't want to do that. We are staying in Houston overnight and they are putting us up in a hotel. Strange things going on.
Posted By: clover

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 11:36 PM

I book my own flights through Continental and the flight times have never changed. Are you booking through a travel agent?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Delta Flights - 03/29/06 11:54 PM

Ldydiver - yes you will clear C&I in Charlotte
Posted By: mrav8tr

Re: Delta Flights - 03/30/06 12:58 AM

We booked our flights direct with Continental. Haven't had a problem before but this time they just keep changing things around.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Delta Flights - 03/30/06 01:07 AM

TACA! same flight every time - no long layover, sleep on the flight and ya don't loose a day travelling or your luggage!
Posted By: ldydiver

Re: Delta Flights - 03/30/06 01:24 AM

I suppose that is what I get for using miles. I'm flying 3 of us "free" on US Airways (United partner). I'm going to look on the bright side... since I didn't pay for these tickets I have money to buy a future ticket!
Posted By: Danni

Re: Delta Flights - 04/02/06 05:03 PM

My boyfriend and I booked airline tickets with Delta . Our vacation dates are a Monday to the following Tuesday and they called me a month before we were to leave stating they were not flying during the week. I was told I would get my money refunded which still hasnt happened!! I have purchased tickets now through Continental and glad to hear so many positive comments about them. And the best part is the Continental tickets were about $300 dollars cheaper per person!!! Two more weeks and I will be there!!!
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