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sky - 10/31/06 02:24 AM

Am thinking of coming back in the spring. I miss hanging out on the beach with a drink in hand!
In checking out flights, etc, I ran across the sky site. It lists 3 participating hotels (SunBreeze, Bannana Beach and Journeys End.)
Has anyone ever used this site? Heard anything good or bad about it? Just wondering. I Am ready for more Belikins!!!

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Have used it be careful of add-ons (hidden charges) especially if you are bidding be sure you know all extra expenses before hand - look carefully. Having said that - bid and won a cruise (10 day)couple of years ago,total cost for two not including air to San Juan, was $576. pretty good I think.
Also did Banana Beach 2005, think price ended up close to the same as booking direct mighta saved couple of hundred bucks.
Probably wouldn't do booking again but would certainly bid on cruises or packages.
Capt Jeff might know more and his business may save you just as much. IMHO laugh
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Re: sky - 10/31/06 02:40 AM

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Re: sky - 11/01/06 03:18 AM

thanks for the replies!:-)
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Re: sky - 11/14/06 05:02 PM

We have used Sky Auction every time we have gome to Belize.(3 times now)You do have to be careful about the hidden charges. Be careful of the day you want to leave, they charge more for weekend travel. We always travel around September/October which is cheaper than the rest of the year. Check yoour departure city and verify if there is an extra charge from your city! We have had no problems with them at all. They use to add the departure tax from Belize in their price, but you might want to confirm that also.

We haven't been down in a couple of years, Tried Costa Rica for a few. I'm ready to get back and kick back at The Tides and do some diving!!!! Miss my One Barrel and Sprite!
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