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Discount airfare - 12/06/00 02:50 AM


Went looking for good rates in October and found . 627.00 per seat from Portland Oregon. We booked for a March return (anniversary) for one week in Cayo.

We have recently decided that we would like to extend our stay a few days and return to San Pedro as well. Turns out there is an $150.00 charge per seat to change return dates, plus whatever difference there might be between early rates and todays... Seems strange in that extending our stay would put our departure in mid-week.

Tried to go to Continental Airlines, but they said it was our problem with our ticketing agent and that it was out of there hands.
Read the fine print...

We will pay the extra freight; I am sorry that I didn't look more carefully at the fine print on this discount brokers website...


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Re: Discount airfare - 12/06/00 03:00 AM

You would have had a similar charge from any carrier or agent. They typically charge a fee in that range for changes on non-refundable tickets. Knowing the details before you sign on the dotted line is always good advice, but don't worry - you didn't get treated unfairly.

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Re: Discount airfare - 12/06/00 03:25 AM


Talked to the agent and they recommeded that we fly to Belize and then change our departure date. Said it would only cost $75.00 per seat. Makes us a bit nervous. Do not understand their logic either.

We pay up-front for our stay in Cayo, and Coconuts on Ambergris would appreciate knowing in advance how many days they have to put up with us as well.

Could end up in SP without a firm return date. I am self employed, but my spouse works for the state and feels the need to be home on time.

You are correct; it is the travelers responsibilty to read (and understand) the fine print before they sign on the dotted line.

Airefares are tricky, thank you for helping me understand them; and make others aware that the best price is not always the best deal...

Will cost a bit more, but we will return to Belize this year...

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Re: Discount airfare - 12/06/00 04:38 AM

I make the run back and forth all the time. Usually fly American, but have used all the carriers that serve the Belize market. Depending on your purchase code the rate to change the ticket is set. K or above means no charge. The cheaper your ticket, the more it costs to move it. Basic economics. I change my time Stateside a lot. Therefore I pay more than people who fly less often. I need the flexibility. You did not get ripped off. It's just the nature of travel these days.
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Re: Discount airfare - 12/06/00 11:42 AM

The recommendation that you can fly to Belize and change your ticket is correct. We have done this occasionally and a couple of times been able to do this with Taca actually at no charge. (You must present a pretty good storyline of the reasons you have for showing up on a different day of depature.) The figure of $75.00 to change the ticket is the amount that we were charged last time.
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Re: Discount airfare - 12/06/00 04:02 PM

I have changed my dates in SP a number of times. The travel agents there are VERY used to people deciding they need more time [Linked Image] It has cost me $75 a time, which was less than the airline charged. I have to have flexible travel dates, as I can never seem to make myself leave!!
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Re: Discount airfare - 12/06/00 05:05 PM

Thanks All,

We (Wife and I) have discussed the extra cost and it is acceptable. Our only remaining concern is that in March, bookings get a bit tight and we would like to spend our extended stay in an hotel room. Is Fido's open all night? (yo howde). Works for me...

We plan to stay at Coconuts again. David, Karina, Margie and Ada are terrific, but they can't pull an extra room-night out of the proverbial hat. Anyone have the recipe for that banana/rum drink?

All this concern relates to last March when there were more passengers than there were seats available on American Airlines flights in and out of Belize.

I could sleep on the beach; Sherry says "no way".

We are going back to SP after our week in Benque. Gotta swim with those sharks and rays again. Will trust to the sun gods...

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