Driving to Belize

Posted By: DebbieandTom

Driving to Belize - 01/28/01 07:58 PM

Has anyone driven to Belize?? Just researching for now, but looking toward a long stay of 6 months or so. Got a wife, a Jeep and 2 dogs. Thinking it might be easier to drive with some of our "stuff" than fly and get there with nothing.

Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: Driving to Belize - 01/29/01 01:06 AM

Yeah I've made the run a couple of times through Laredo and back through Matamores. It's a long haul. Super Highway from Laredo to Moterrey, and then it slows down quite a bit. I suggest the toll roads whenever possible. They rip you off a little but I think it's worth it for time saved and wear and tear on the vehicle. Figure 4 days. You can do it in less but thats a tough run in places and you'll have dogs that need breaks and a wife as well. Don't know everything about trasporting animals through Mexico. I brought my cats on the airplane directly to Belize and had to have shot records, quarantine affidavites from my vet and a few other things to get them in legaly. Probably the same for dogs, plus whatever Mexico needs. They have a comprehensive site on all requirements to go through on the web. You can find it on a standard search. One clue that you will not find there...Come on a tourista visa with a destnation in Mexico. You can always change your mind and come to Belize. Don't go the transito visa if at all possible. Mucho delays in getting started and full inventory in triplicate of every thing you carry. A major hassle. Good luck and be careful. If you don't speak spanish, learn now! It will help you immensely at stateline searches and the occational Druggo inspections. Exspect routine checks on your paper work at each state line. You should not have to pay mordita along the way, so don't fall into that trap. Have fun, the Mexican people are wonderful and friendly.
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