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Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 01:24 AM

How tough is it to drive to Cancun from the vicinity of AC.

Thanks, Joe G.
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 01:46 AM

Pretty tough...unless yer car is waterproof!
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 02:02 AM

maybe he has one of them Amphibicars
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 03:24 AM

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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 07:15 AM

Not too hard if you are already in Blz. Just go to Chetumal on the Mx Border fill out all that garbage the MX immigration wants about your car ect. (Dont' even think about taking one you don't own in your name). Then proceed North to Correo Puerto then on N. to the big fine new highway past the Mexican Riverea on up to Cancun. What are you going to drive? Why not just drop down from texas like I have 5 times. Interesting trip but dont expect to make but about 300 or 400 miles a day. Most people don't drive at nite.
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 03:57 PM

budnmary, thanks for your response.

Actually, I am considering a roundtrip from Cancun to AC in a rented mexican car during a 2 week stay south of Cancun in March, 2002.

My concerns were:
1. estimated driving time
2. condition of the roads
3. border crossing in a rented vehicle.

I would be on an American passport.

Regards, Joe G.
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 06:09 PM

Joe, AC(Ambergris Caye) is an island, you either fly there from Belize City(BC) or Corozal or take "water taxi" from BC. The trip from Cancun to Chetumal will take 5 1/2 hours on what we call here "the highway of death", you read between the lines. Crossing from Mexico into Belize can take as few a 30 minutes or over 3 hours depending when you cross, there is a free trade zone just across the bridge in Belize, on week end there are bus tours from Cancun and Merida using the bridge. With a rent car I wouldn't try it, you must purchase Belize auto insurance before leaving the border area, the trip from the border to BC will take 2 hr. +. FYI, gas here in Mexico is $2.50/gal. A bus from Cancun to Chetumal is under $35 US roundtrip, bus from Chetumal from Chetumal to BC cost under $30 US round trip. Now how can we help you...?
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 07:02 PM

You can also take the bus or rent a car in Mexico to the border of Belize. Once in Belize....either take a bus or a cab to's not far....and then fly from Corozal to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.
The flight from Corozal to San Pedro is $70 US round trip....and leaves 3 times a day....7:30am, 10:30am and 3:30pm. That is probably about a 30 minute flight or less.

You can visit Tropic Air at:
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/28/01 11:04 PM

Thanks everyone for your replies. It was exactly the info I wanted.

I knew that AC is an island (as is my home on Singer Island) and that the last leg would be by air or boat, but I did not know the jump off points of Corazol and Belize City.

On a tourist map, it looks like about a 250 mile drive on what looks like a decent highway. I had guessed about 5 hours and then a boat ride but it seems that my estimate was grossly optimistic.

Regards, Joe Galen
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/29/01 03:54 PM

Joe If you want to drive to Chetumal you can leave your car at my place.
The road from Cancun to here is good. There is some road const.between the Mahawal turn off and Bacalar. Just road widening the center pavment is untouched but some sharp drop offs.
The bus makes this trip in 5 hours. I am going to Playa Del Carmen tomorrow and expect it will take 4 hours.
Any thing else I can help you with email me at [email protected]
Dave White
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 11/30/01 06:57 AM

How about saving yourself trouble and money!Just drive to Xcalac stay there one or 2 nites, then get one of the friendly natives to take you down to AC in a boat. Ponga. it is a interesting ride and not horribly expensive. Yes you can clear customs there. Depends wether you go outside the reef or inside. When you get to Xcalac, find a ass..le named Marina Mike and he will help you arrange a boat. If you fall in love with the area just south of Boca Bacalar Chico (the river separating MX & AC) let me know. We may be able to arrange for you to have a 50x100' homestead on the beach.

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Posted By: Carlos

Re: Drive to Cancun - 12/04/01 05:45 AM

I am not sure that the mexican car rental companies will allow you to take their car to Belize
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Drive to Cancun - 12/04/01 04:20 PM

We were planning on renting an SUV, for when we move, and driving down...we will have 2 dogs that cannot fly, is this not going to be possible??? The vehicle would be full of stuff too. I've heard of other people driving down with no problems???
Posted By: budnmary

Re: Drive to Cancun - 12/04/01 05:31 PM

Yes you will have a problem! I had a car in my corporation name and it even caused a problem at the border. I have driven down to the Yuc 5 times and was loaded with stuff.
About 20 mi from the border you will encounter a check stop.. that's usually where some guy will tell you you have something that you did'nt pay duty on and that you have a problem. 20.00 us solved mine. Get used to it in MX. But it does not work at the border. ie. McAllen-Brownsville. The last time I went thru there is one in-between that was better. At least it is fairly aggravating (Fluent Spanish helps a lot--I had none). Take the eastern most route and dont' forget the insurance. Sanborn has a helpful guide.
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 12/05/01 04:48 AM

I don't think you can rent a vehicle in the U.S. and cross the border traveling on to Belize. There is a definate problem with insurance to the company ....most would never take the risk.

Been there....done the drive....won't do it again!

My recommendation is to have your stuff trucked down to Belize either by Sterling or a private trucker that does this regularly....(I have the contact info)....and you two fly down. Meet your stuff when it gets here.

You will save yourself a lot of headaches this way!
Posted By: Rocio

Re: Drive to Cancun - 12/05/01 05:14 AM

Well said Sandshaker, also SUV are high on list of stolen vehicles in all parts of Mexico, a rental would make a nice said in an earlier posting to this topic, getting a rental into Mexico, will be a big problem.

I don't know all the details, but I saw this done on my road trip down: Belizians had been to the US, bought small cargo trucks, old u-hauls etc., filled them up, put a car on tow behind. The truck is sealed and bonded when you enter Mexico and given a limited time to cross thru to Belize. Something to think about, see if someone in Belize needs to buy a truck or van, you split the cost of driving it down and your dogs can ride in your towed car.

Have some of your friends in Belize check there for you.

Good Luck Rocio
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 12/05/01 02:49 PM

Rick You shoud buy a cheap suv and drive it down. At the boader dont tel them you are going to Belize just say you are going to Chetumal.
They are not taking any mordea at the boader now. Tell them all the stuff in the van is for your holliday and they may let you pass with no duties. If they want some dutie just list a smallamount but with 2 dogs you will not be bringing much unless you pull a trailer.
I had a van full and towing another van full and I paid dutie on 200. dollars.
You just have to bargan a bit.
If you have paid a little dutie the second check point is no problem.
My friend came down and he was pulling a trailer with 2 motorcykles and he passed with no problems.
I have been coming down for16 years and this was the easyest yet.
There are dealers at th Belize boader that will buy your van. If you need any help I am here in Chetumal.
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Re: Drive to Cancun - 12/05/01 10:59 PM

Slight change of subject but same theme.

Does anyone know if you can clear customs at San Pedro airport if arriving in a light aircraft?

I have a pilots license and it looks like Cancun to San Pedro would only be a 2 hour flight in a Cessna 172 or Piper cherokee type aircraft.

Regards, Joe G.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Drive to Cancun - 12/06/01 02:11 AM

as far as i know, nyet. customs is only on the mainland.

i asked specifically about three months ago.

have to fly to the mainland and back.

that drive to corozal from cancun is awesome. then a short hop flight to San Pedro.

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