driving the mainland

Posted By: HiddenRest

driving the mainland - 10/03/04 01:17 AM

My wife and I will be making a driving vacation of the mainland during the latter half of October. Are there any things/situations I should be aware of or avoid??

Pretty general question but mostly interested in places we shouldn't try to get to. Not as much of a site seeing tour as it will be an information gathering tour.

Posted By: Barbara K

Re: driving the mainland - 10/03/04 06:58 PM

Nothing really to avoid. The coastal road looks like a short cut but it isn't. make sure you know where the jack & spare are as flat tires are common. Watch the speed bumps before & after every town. Don't drive in Guatemela without a driver who knows it and speaks Spanish. Pick up a copy of the Driver's Guide to Beautiful Belize when you get there or before you go. Have fun - enjoy!
Posted By: HiddenRest

Re: driving the mainland - 10/04/04 01:46 AM

Thanks Barbara K. Know of anywhere that I can pick up the Driver's Guide before I leave? I tried but couldn't find it.

Posted By: Barbara K

Re: driving the mainland - 10/04/04 08:01 PM
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