Maui to AC.... HELP please...

Posted By: denverdan

Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 12/30/05 06:07 AM

Aloha all... laugh
We think we may actually come back to the Island 03/10 - 03/16 or 03/25 - 03/31 (it's about frickin time too)!!! If you can help us find reasonable airfare with decent stopovers (as we may have Maggie with us) I would certainly appreciate your help. I found a $900+ fare from here to LA to El Salvador to BZE. Anyone ever do the San Salvador stop?
Hey Barb... any help from you is greatly appreciated too as we may need to actually look for accommodations this time. wink
Mahalo a nui loa mon,
Hope cool
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 12/30/05 02:17 PM

Wish you were coming later in the year, I'd love to do an accommodations trade but it would have to be in August.
Posted By: skullyboy

Re: Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 12/30/05 02:42 PM

Hey Hope, I'm planning on being ther at the end of March first of April. I would love to see you and Dan again. I hope all is well. Thanks again for all you have done. D.C.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 12/30/05 02:54 PM

Book'em Danno smile

(sorry I couldn't resist)
Posted By: sandb

Re: Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 12/30/05 03:17 PM

You could try breaking the flight in two. Around those dates:
OGG-LAX $453+
LAX-BZE $432+
Would have to be two seperate airlines and you would have to allow lots of time for the connection...if the first is delayed, the second airline would have NO responsibility...considering your other routing, I think it's worth exploring.
Good luck.
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Re: Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 12/30/05 05:18 PM

Hey Hope!
We do the LAX to San Salvador to BZE - the redeye flight on TACA. Never had any problems and are very happy with the airline. Flights are generally cheaper than domestic airlines and our experience has been the prices drop about four weeks prior to departure date. San Salvador layover is less than an hour, small airport.

Re: Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 12/30/05 05:53 PM

E-mail me with phone number and time that we can reach you guys over New Years.

Same email address that you have. We are now on EST so give us the LOCAL EST time to call in a format that our collective "intellect" can understand.


Bombs away as usual
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Re: Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 01/02/06 05:32 AM

CC you OLD OLD MAN YOU!!! Did you go to bed at 8 on New Years Eve? Too many bombs? Geeze even we lasted till 10 honey! :p
Hey CuuCheeCoo ( laugh ) thanks for the info. Will keep checking the flights as we are going for the latter mentioned dates and OHMYGAWD... $$$
Skully, we would love to see your smilin face! If you can arrange your dates around ours you'll even meet the "husband" of Anne Child and see her too I think! Miss V is thinking of coming out as well. Now that will be TROUBLE!!! hehehe
Thank you sandb I'll also start checking splitting up the flights.
SIMON... there you are! August is way to hot for me on AC. HOWEVER... if you’re ever looking for a place here let me know as I host a few properties on Maui. I'm sure I can get ya a heck of a good deal, or if ya wish we have a VERY big lanai you can use too! laugh You’ll need to bring a case of Marie Sharp's hummm… and maybe some Belikin with ya as well if ya opt for the lanai. wink
Come on MARCH and get me off this rock and onto the sand!!! cool
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Maui to AC.... HELP please... - 01/02/06 05:37 AM

I have stopped in San Salvador, too. Not via LA but did have a layover/plane change there. Nice airport, very easy.
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