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Pets - 08/04/06 05:16 AM

I hear it's pretty easy to bring a pet (ie. a dog)to Belize, but how difficult is it to bring them back to the US?
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Re: Pets - 08/04/06 10:36 AM

I brought my dog, Cosita, back with me this past June. It was fairly easy. I adopted her from SAGA Humane Society. They provided health and vaccination certificates. Your main challenge might be the flight home. American does not allow dogs in the cabin in the Belize region. I am not sure about USAir. When it reaches a certain outdoor temperature the airlines will not carry the dog in the cargo hold due to the danger of the heat. So, fairly easy to take the dog out, assuming you can get a flight for your new friend. SimonB, Kathy at Pampered Paws and Dr. Heather and staff at SAGA were all wonderful resources. Good luck. We love Cosita. She is a part chihuahua who looks like a tiny golden retriever.
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Re: Pets - 08/04/06 11:17 AM

Correction, Cosita looks like a tiny yellow lab.
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Re: Pets - 08/04/06 12:45 PM

Last July we adopted a 6-8 week old, 4 1/2 lb. puppy abandoned on the streets prior to hurricane Emily. We got her shots, a airline ticket and carried her right on the plane. We put her and her carring case under the seat in front of us. That was Continental. Oh by the way we named her Emily. She's now about 40 lbs.
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Re: Pets - 08/04/06 04:52 PM

It was easy for me. I took mine on Continental in July of last year, I believe they accept the animals between the two countries year round, none of the others do. If the dog is under 20 lbs or so you can take it in the cabin with you.
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