Cancun-CC What is the Best route

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Cancun-CC What is the Best route - 01/08/02 08:07 PM

Hi, my girlfriend and I will be leaving on the 16th of January, and we will be getting into Cancun and from there getting to Belize, I have previously taken the (Awesome)Bus geting into Chetumal then taking the Batty bus to Belize...have to spend the night and then took the water taxi..well this trip I want to get in ASAP so was thinking of flying from Cancun or maybe taking a bus early in the AM and maybe grabbing a flight (not sure where) thats why I am asking...What is the best plan for me you think...???? Does anyone know when the earliest bus from Cancun leaves..I heard you can fly out of Chetumal..or Coracol (misspelled ..sorry) But just looking to waste no time on a bus or travelling to get there??? Any help would be great!!!!
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Re: Cancun-CC What is the Best route - 01/08/02 10:26 PM

Check or for flight times.
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Re: Cancun-CC What is the Best route - 01/09/02 12:22 AM

There should be a 6:00 AM bus from Can Cun to Chetumal. About $17.50 US.

You can have a Chetumal Taxi drive you across the border, preferably to the Corozal airstrip, but not sure if they are allowed to do this. You may have to get a local Cab at the border to take you to the Airstrip. About $10.00 US (Chetumal/Belize Border) + $17.50 US (Belize Border / Corozal Airstrip).

There is an EXIT tax at the Chetumal Border. About $18.00 US (or maybe that is Belize dollars! Not sure:-(

Flights from Corozal to San Pedro are twice daily on each airline: Maya-Island Air and Trpic Air. The cost is: $70.00 Belize dollars one way ($35.00 US).

There are also two flights from Can Cun to Chetumal (Mon., Wed. & Fridays); approximately $170.00 US One Way.
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Re: Cancun-CC What is the Best route - 01/09/02 12:53 AM

thanks mermaid...we leave Cancun Sunday Morning say we take the 6:00 am bus..not sure how many hours but when we get to Corosol will we make a flight to San Pedro??? And no flights on Sunday leaving Cancun at all to Chetemal???
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Mermaid or anyone there not a flight into belize from Chetamul, I heard there was planes that fly from there into Belize city..then just take a cab to the ferry and there you go..not sure if that is the way to go..what do you think..I know we will take a 6:00am bus into chetamul and from there either go Corosol and fly directly into caye caulker or fly right from Chetumal..?????????????????????????
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Re: Cancun-CC What is the Best route - 01/09/02 04:37 AM

There was service on AeroCaribe from Cancun to Belize and Chetumal to Belize but it is no more. They still serve the route Cancun to/from Chetumal. Look on the Mexicana Airlines website for the schedule.

In Chetumal cross the border and get to the Corozol airstrip, from there fly to San Pedro and on to Caye Caulker on either Tropic Air or Maya Island Air.

If you miss the plane take the bus to Belize City and then a cab to the Municipal Strip to fly or to the watertaxi for speedboat service.

Good luck.
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Re: Cancun-CC What is the Best route - 01/09/02 05:06 AM

Grant, I don't know what time you get in to Cancun Airport, but I would take the bus from the airport to Playa del Carmen, $7.00 US, for your overnight, make your bus reservations for the next day, eat dinner and chill out, this way you can sleep about an hours longer the next morning. The first bus out is at 6:15AM, the next at 7:15 the trip to Chetumal takes 5 hours +/-. Bus or Taxi to border and Corozal, there is a 3:30 & 5:30 flight to SP/AC, stops on CC are by request.

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