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cancun to belize city - 03/18/02 08:42 PM

I can manage a frequent flyer ticket into Cancun, but what options do I have for getting to Belize City? Is the trip even practical? The more reasonable in price the better.
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Re: cancun to belize city - 03/20/02 05:47 AM

You used to be able to fly from Cancun to Belize City on Aerocaribe, but that service has been canceled.

Check out this web page

Here's an excerpt from that page:
We've done the Cancun/Belize bus trip a few times. In our area, we can get some incredible deals to Cancun, as low as $176 RT from Detroit on the charter company (Northwest MLT). After arriving in Cancun and clearing customs and immigration, go to the shuttle bus/van ticket counter and purchase a ticket to the Bus Terminal (there is only one bus terminal). The busses to Chetumal leave Cancun about every hour, make sure you take the First Class (Premiere Classe) or Express bus, this leg of the trip takes 5-1/2 hours. However, if you get to Chetumal after 6-6:30 p.m., you'll have to spend the night, or go to the Nuevo Mercado (New Market) bus station and take a Venus bus (which is similar to the old style Bluebird School Busses). WHen crossing the border, ask the bus attendant to help you get a double entry stamp on your tourist card (costs 50 pesos) if you do not receve this you will have to give up your tourist card at the border and repay the $25 u.s. exit tax for Mexico again when you return to Cancun. (this tax is paid at any Mexican Bank, you pay the tax and they stamp your new tourist card.) I believe the earliest first class bus with Batty Brothers Bus Line into Belize leaves around 10 a.m. In Chetumal we stayed at the Hotel Ucum, for $10 plus a $3 cab ride. It was very clean and quiet, right around the corner from the more expensive Holiday Inn, but one block from the Mayan Cultural Center. When you return to Cancun via bus, remember to hold on to some pesos, because the bus companies will not accept U.S. or Belizean currency, and we had the misfortune of being there when the exchange was closed. We got the convenience store to exchange money for us, but at a much lower exchange rate, kind of a racket going there. If you get to Chetumal too late for the Beize bus, you can hire a cab to take you to Corozal, just over the border. If your ultimate destination is Caye Caulker, don't forget that you can fly from Corozal, and you don't have to go all the way down to Belize City.
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Re: cancun to belize city - 03/22/02 07:15 PM

canyon..ok just did that trip a couple months ago..what you do is take a early bus from Cancun to Chetumul (muey linda autobus) then about 5-6 hours you get to Chetamul either you can take a bus from there to belize city another couple hours or if you want to go to caye caulker you can get to Corozal in Belize by cab from Chetumal should be no more than 25 bucks US. I know a cab company that can pick you up in Chetamul when you get in and take you anywhere you want..we left from the corazol airport directly to caye caulker 35 bucks. But I have done this trip a couple times and definatly knowing the cab driver is the caye I mean Key. Specially thru the border, pay the 10 double entry stamp too saves money when you leave for home at the airport in Cancun. Let me know if you want more details or the phone number of Menzies Cab.
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Re: cancun to belize city - 03/22/02 07:21 PM

oh yeah by the way left at 6:00 am from cancun and drinking a beliken at 5 pm in caye caulker. The cab company is from Corozol and they come across the border every day...when I first got to Chetamul I did not really know what to do and my espnaol is mesa mano so when I found that Menzies Cab will come and meet you at the bus stop next time that would shave time probably 1/2 to 1 hr off and get you into Caye caulker earlier, belize city mind you is a bit away not sure if the aiport in Corazol leaves for the city..but the city sucks go to Caye Caulker..relaxing awesome people great atmosphere. Anyways good luck. I have done the batty bus ride the first time there...not doing that again...flying from corozol the border town close to mexico is the only way to go..and cheap.
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