Air Sale!!!

Posted By: cakelee

Air Sale!!! - 01/11/07 08:27 PM

I don't know how reliable this site is, but I thought I would share these links:

Chicago to Belize City, BZ from $348 - Save $110

St Louis, MO to Belize City, BZ from $348 - Save $251

It says that these fares are "new" and may not been added to online booking sites (Travelocity, Expedia, etc). I have not been able to find these deals yet but will keep looking. If anyone else find anything, please let us know!
Posted By: klcman

Re: Air Sale? - 01/11/07 08:38 PM

The fares are indeed "new" and usually are not available on any of the websites (including the airlines own sites) for several hours following the notification.
Posted By: cakelee

Re: Air Sale? - 01/11/07 08:40 PM

But, are they legit? I see that up to $180 extra in international taxes may apply, too. Thanks.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Air Sale? - 01/11/07 09:03 PM

Hey, I thought this was a new real estate site. Selling Ambergris Caye Air. I also thought that Reaper would have a hand in this - Ambergris Caye Air from 13,000 ft above!

Posted By: TIMO

Re: Air Sale? - 01/11/07 11:34 PM

the lowest fare i could actually find was...$575.50 pp, all-in. that was from chicago to belize city on continental. that is pretty cheap compared to what has been out there recently. the only hitch is there is only 33 minutes between flights in houston, and that doesn't seem doable.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Air Sale? - 01/12/07 12:25 AM

Yes, they are a legit company. They are not a treavel agent or booking site and.........

Reaper is not invested (a s far as I know smile )
Posted By: cakelee

Re: Air Sale? - 01/12/07 02:11 AM

WOW! It worked; it worked; it really worked! Booked 5 tix in June on the site. $348 plus taxes, for a grand total of $443.50 per person, including the BZ departure taxes! Yippee!!!

Also, Philly was $399 plus tax.
Posted By: cakelee

Re: Air Sale? - 01/12/07 02:16 AM

P.S. The 33 minute layover with Continental in IAH is do-able. Did it myself in July (after asking a helpful person from the board about her similar experience). Walked off the plane, took the shuttle to the next terminal and walked right on to the next flight! This was at 8:30am, and we were in BZ by 10:30am!
Posted By: cakelee

Re: Air Sale? - 01/12/07 03:32 AM

FYI - our same dates on are up to $619+ now. Some sale fares are still available on ($454 incl tx from ORD in April). Mid-week June flights from STL are up to $579 including taxes, but better than the $679 they have been running.

I feel like I'm talking to myself...
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Air Sale? - 01/12/07 03:43 AM

cakelee - I agree 33 minutes is possible and don't doubt you did it just fine.


I would guess that an international connection at IAH would be missed 50% of the time. I wouldn't purposefully book it.
Posted By: Don Greife

Re: Air Sale? - 01/12/07 04:43 AM

I've done the "quick" shuttle also as late as last November
Posted By: cakelee

Re: Air Sale? - 02/09/07 09:23 PM

FYI - New Low Roundtrip Prices (loaded in 1-6 hours on purchasing sites)

Chicago to Belize City, BZ from $359 - Save $30

It appears to be on Continental for travel thru May but isn't showing up yet on booking sites.
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