Payment Options in AC

Posted By: Ari

Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 05:04 AM

Like many others I am sure, I have been lurking around this board planning my trip to San Pedro and AC. Thanks to everyone for the great information about restaurants, hotels, and things to do.

My question is about payment options. Do most restaurants take credit cards (Visa, MC) or do they only take cash? Also, do the people running the tours (snorkeling, mayan ruins, etc.) take credit cards?

I am heading to Belize this July. Thanks for the help.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 05:35 AM

yes credit cards are widely used. most tour companies can take credit cards..... some smaller ones maybe not.... like alfonso for snorkeling, i would bring cash. folks going to the mainland for tours probably take them.
Posted By: reaper

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 05:36 AM

Most places take cc's and there is an ATM on the island also.

Search through the forums here and check out the restaurant advice and tour guide advice.

Have fun!
Posted By: DANZA

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 05:45 AM

It's been my experience that most restaurants, hotels, and tour business operators take Visa , MC. The credit card companys say to let them know where and when you will be in another country and they will put a note on the fraud alert. That way they won't deny a purchase when it would normally cause a fraud alert. I did just that last time and still had a problem but it was minor, just used a different card. The only cash I needed was tip money and departure tax at the airport. Have a great trip I know you will.
Posted By: JeanH

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 12:50 PM

Although many tour operators do take credit cards, at least some offer a 10% discount for cash. On a $150.00 trip, that's a good chunk of cash. Easy enough to walk to the ATM and get the cash.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 01:27 PM

Credit cards are expensive to accept, far more so than most people realise. That's why so many businesses break card company rules and charge an excess.
Posted By: ecodiver

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 08:08 PM

very few companies charge an excess fee, but as stated aboue they might give you a discount for cash. To my knowledge the gas station is one of the few who charges an extra 3% to use a CC
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 08:12 PM

Maybe I'm not understanding this thread but EVERY single place has charged me a fee while using my debit/credit in Belize. I hate to start naming all companies but it was litterally every time I used my card. I'd have the charge then a follow up small fee. I'm pretty cheap when it come to "extra" charges so now just use cash.
Posted By: Bill Mc Ghee

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 08:30 PM

TQ are you sure it's the merchant that is charging you the 3%? or is it your bankcard. most cards tack on a 3% charge for converting the Belize charge to U.S. Dollars
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 08:33 PM

Hey TQ - The small fee on your statement after every charge? That is an exchange fee from the CC company and not the vendor.

Beat me to it BiIl -- you bastard smile
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 08:37 PM

Ah, thank you, smart ones. Hopefully someone else will learn from my stupidity.

I love BofA though! Wouldn't change!!
Posted By: Bill Mc Ghee

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/25/07 09:27 PM

"Beat me to it BiIl -- you bastard "

Hey I resemble that remark!!
BTW thats SIR bastard. I am a shiny Knight after all

Posted By: button pusher

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/26/07 03:47 AM

Before you take out the CC, visa charged me an international fee of 3% on every purchase I made. I took cash once, and was charged $5 + 1%. The fees really added up.
I was only charged an extra fee once, and that was in Tikal.

Posted By: World Traveller

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/27/07 09:56 PM

It seems travelers checks are the safer alternative to cash and cheaper than using your CC?
Posted By: Houston guy

Re: Payment Options in AC - 06/28/07 09:20 PM

My family and I just returned from A.C. All the restaurants we went to took credit cards, at least Mastercard and Visa. I had learned that tour operators and some shops gave discounts for payment with cash so I brought travelers checks with me. Sure enough, both tour operators and some gift shops discounted the price 10% if you paid in cash. With a family of 4, it saved some money on the mainland tours.
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