Belize City?

Posted By: shotzjc

Belize City? - 11/16/07 09:30 PM

Hi everyone - what a great site - it's been incredibly helpful! We're coming to visit Feb. 15-24 staying at Pedros from the 18-24 we were thinking of spending our first 3 nights in Belize City - but it doesn't sound too interesting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - should we just come directly to San Pedro & skip the city?

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: indygal

Re: Belize City? - 11/17/07 02:16 AM


If you want a breif look see, take a taxi to the water taxi and come by boat to the island. Those who live here or come often go to Belize City now and then and don't mind but it is not a pleasant place to use days of vacation.

Posted By: shotzjc

Re: Belize City? - 11/17/07 10:35 PM

Thank you for the advice!!

Can't wait to get there - it sounds amazing!!
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Belize City? - 11/17/07 11:12 PM

I agree w/the above. I spent a week in Belize City one night.
Posted By: ida_y_vuelta

Re: Belize City? - 11/18/07 07:17 AM

yeh one nite in the city was enuff for me! spent the rest of my time on the island!
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Belize City? - 11/18/07 10:42 PM

If you want to see the city you can always do the colonial city tour coupled with visits to a few of the museums.

Many people stay in the city for a few days because it is a central place to be based from for visits to some of the Maya Ruins and places such as the Belize Zoo.

But if you are there on a cruise ship day it can be quite hectic.

I love the island and only stay in the city when it is absolutely necessary.
Posted By: Dan Carey

Re: Belize City? - 11/19/07 12:01 AM

&nbsp shotzjc,
I spend time in Belize City every now and then. It's okay, but not a place to spend a few days if you don't have to. One option would be to catch a bus up the Western Highway to San Ignacio instead. That's a good place to hang around for a few days. You might enjoy staying at the Trek Stop, near the Guatamala border. Another trip you could do is up the Northern Highway to Orange Walk Town or Corozal.

&nbsp I'm just guessing that you're the backpacker type, since you're heading to Pedro's. If you're into tramping around you'd be better off riding the bus to someplace interesting, as opposed to hanging out in Belize City. The City is funky in a Latin American Urban way. I like it there, but there's not enough going on to hold your interest for three days.

&nbsp &nbsp Dan

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