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cancun caye caulker - 12/19/07 05:21 PM

Hello i arrive next friday in Cancun from France, whats the easiest way to come in caye caulker?
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/19/07 06:08 PM

My brother and his family are arriving in Cancun the same day as you. We did a lot of research and here is what they decide. In Cancun they will take a shuttle bus to Playa Del Carmen and spend the night. They will catch the ADO 8:00 AM bus for Chetumal. George & Esther Moralez transfer co will meet them at the airport and take them across the boarder. They have chosen not to get onto another flight from Corozal and will catch the 3:00 Triple J boat to San Pedro.
They are very interesting people and I believe you would like travel alongside them. She was born and raised in Slovenia and they have a farm there. My brother has lived most of his adult life working all around the world. They both speak many languages.
Good luck.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/19/07 06:24 PM

George and Esther Moralez Travel service

Tel 510-422-2485
Fax 501-422-3511

I could not find a website for Ado bus company.

(there may be information in past posts if you do a search)
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/19/07 06:31 PM
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/19/07 09:27 PM

A few pointers, if your plane arrives in Cancun after 11 pm the bus station at he airport will be closed. You will have to take a taxi to the bus station in Cancun. The buses from Cancun or Playa leave about every 90 minutes starting at around 4;30 am. very nice buses, movies etc.Their are some nice reasonable Hotels in Old Cancun near bus station $20 to $25 a nite. Its about 5 to 5 1/2 hours to Chetumal. There is really no need to pay for any service to meet you at the boarder. The buses from Chetumal to Belize leave about every hour, they stop for you to go through customs and will wait on the other side, if you get delayed another bus will be by soon. These buses are not as nice, but OK. You can then make the choice to get off at the Corozal Airport, or town to take the water taxi, be aware it only runs once a day and may not run everyday. Or you can go all the way to Belize City, this takes between 3 and 5 hours depending on all sorts of things.The last water taxi leaves the city at 4;30, 5;30 to Caye Caulker only. We have done this many times, its simple. I have never heard of anyone using a transfer service, sounds like a rip off to me, but I may be wrong, I just cant see what they would provide except taking your money. It is going to be very close if you leave Playa at 8am to catch the 3pm water taxi from Corozal, Its more like 6 hour if you have to go to Airport in Chetumal, that makes it 2 oclock already, big risk to get through customs and to your destination in less than an hour, always give yourself time for the unexpected.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/19/07 10:44 PM

When we went to Playa del Carmen to meet my parents last year our neighbor who owned barefoot books at the time recommended to use George and Esther because he said it is easier than busing it across the border and less waiting to go through all the necessary steps.

I forget the exact cost but our driver was great he knew exactly what to do and explained the stops as we went along. Got us from the airport in Corozal to Chetumal bus station quick and easy. He also helped us get some Mexican money along the way.

Cooper when you cross the border do you usually take the bus? From you post it sounds like it and that the bus may not be as bad as I was told which is good to know for future.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/20/07 03:28 AM

Yes we take the bus, time at the boarder is no more than 15 minutes even with a line, Its safe its easy, its all in English its like $5.00 from Chetumal to Corozal. I do know its a bit scary for first time visitors here, but this is not a scary place. On the most part people are kind, good and helpful. A lot of folks make a living on the basis first timers here are afraid of boarders, and officials, customs etc. Belize is such a great place, that if you feel more comfortable with the extra service by all means do it, we all learn things when we travel and your next trip will be easier due to what you learn on your first!!!!
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/20/07 05:47 AM

Iíve used George and Estherís services twice and I think they are worth every cent Ė and I donít remember how much it was. I talked to George Jr.ís wife Tanisha and she is the one who said that leaving from Playa Del Carman at 8:30 was plenty of time to catch the 3:00 Water Taxi in Corozal. I talked to Triple J a couple of weeks ago and they are running Saturday. No reservation necessary but I am going to call tomorrow and just give them a headís up that three are coming. It takes the same amount of time to get to San Pedro from Corozal as it takes from Belize City Ė so why go all the way south?
I donít thing that using a transporter is based on fear. For myself it was the personal service. Customs was a breeze using them
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/20/07 05:48 AM

Oh - The other thing is that the boat travels down the west side of Ambergris Caye - not out in the open ocean.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/20/07 01:30 PM

Well there you go, I said I could be wrong!!! I had no information on the subject. I just found the short bus ride from Chetumal to Corozal and going through customs so easy in itself I could not see using a service. I get alot of travelers through my shop and had never heard of anyone doing this.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/20/07 03:30 PM

We've always used a transfer service for making this crossing as well. Mostly because I could never figure a couple of things. One, is where you catch the bus to Belize once you arrive in Chetumal. A couple years ago people on the travel boards were saying that it left from the 'new market', not the bus station in Chetumal. I have no idea if that was true, or if it's true now.

My second concern was it was/is impossible to find a Belize bus schedule on the internet. Last thing I wanted to do was sit in Chetumal for several hours waiting for a bus.

The other part of it is I'm pretty much an 'over planner'. Plane tickets and hotel reservations in hand most of the time. Hoping more time in Belize will 'fix' that problem....

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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/20/07 05:50 PM

One of our friends got stuck a couple of hours waiting for everyone on the bus to go through the customs line up (I think was from Guatemala to Belize though) That is what got us to use transfer service as I do not like line ups ha ha.

Glad to know it does not take so long for Mexico Cooper.

How far is it that you have to go from Corozal airport to catch the bus to Chetumal?
Posted By: Cooper

Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/21/07 10:10 PM

About 1/4 mile, but you would have to wait on the road, their is a little rest stop for shade. Hey, I am sure at times folks get stuck anywhere!!! Back to transfer service now that I have a need to know, Can you only catch it at the Airport in Chetumal or at the bus station also. I looked at the website and no prices, I emailed them for info but no answer back The only thing I did not like about the bus was carrying you stuff, most people dont have much so its not so bad.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/25/07 03:44 PM

Hi Cooper

We pre arranged with transfer service to pick us up right at the Corozal airport and they took us straight to Ado bus station in Chetumal after getting us past and explaining stopping points.

On our return trip we called them from Mexico and they met us in Chetumal and brought is back to the airport in time to catch the last flight to San Pedro.

I forget what the cost was if I can remember I will let you know.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/25/07 03:47 PM

The transfer service we used would have picked us up anywhere from the Cancun airport to Chetumal. Of course, the price from the airport would have been several hundred dollars. They also said they would pick us up any time of the day or night. I know it costs more, but it sure is nice not to have to keep transfering bags from vehicle to vehicle.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/26/07 04:54 AM

I've used a a taxi transfer service between Chetumal bus station and Corozal airstrip ever since I emerged from the customs hall to find my bus had gone. Everyone else on the bus was a local and zipped through formalities, and the bus simply didn't bother to wait. A taxi then cost me more than a pre-arranged transfer would have done.
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/27/07 01:33 AM

I have used the Menzies... in Corozal for ever... they are also called Belize VIP transfer services and if enough of you will go all the way to Cancun for you.... and all the way to Belize City if them at [email protected] cheers Maralyn
Posted By: Cooper

Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/27/07 05:05 AM

After 4 emails to ask about prices and if they pick up at Chetumal bus station still no reply from Menzies
Posted By: Dita

Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/27/07 02:02 PM

Try George Moralez. My husband and I have used their service many times and have always been pleased with every aspect. Wonderful people. Their email address is: [email protected]
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Re: cancun caye caulker - 12/28/07 12:30 AM

I've used Leslie's Van Service and its $30 U.S. to go from the Corozal airstrip to the ADO Bus station in Chetumal.
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